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Little Differences

When Edward and Bella are straightening out their relationship after Edward comes back, Severus and Lily are ruining theirs even more. Time flies by, Edward and Bella fly to London for a well-earnt holiday. Little do they know the company they will recieve when they arrive. Twilight and Harry Potter* based. *During the Marauder's time (as in, James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black etc.)

Disclaimer!: I do not own these characters! Stepehenie Meyer owns the Twilight characters, and J.K. Rowling owns the Harry Potter characters. The time frame of the story is after Edward comes back, and him and Bella are sorting their relationship out.

2. Kissed

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Edward POV
The wind blew fiercely at me as I cut through the trees. I was hurrying to school. There was absolutely no way I was to miss school today. Bella expected me, and I had agreed to go. Just for her. Reaching the school parking lot, the thoughts of people around me began to get louder.

Great. Cullen’s here. That was Mike Newton, the ignorant fool who had wanted Bella from the very start of her life in Forks.
Oh. My. God. Edward’s back! Maybe he’s changed his mind about Bella… It wasn’t much of a change; Jessica Stanley’s thoughts were always a bit shallow.
Rolling my eyes at the rest of their thoughts, I blocked them out, they were only curious after all.

I smiled to myself when I saw Bella’s old Chevy. She was here. And waiting. Rushing out of my Volvo, I brushed past Bella’s truck, and there she was. Sitting inside, obviously waiting. I knocked on her window, but she had already seen me.

Bella POV
Oh, he was amazing. More beautiful than ever, if that was even possible. I knew he would keep his word, I knew he would come. The crooked smile, my crooked smile, it was right. Perfect. Nothing was different. I felt on top of the world. If I had died just now, I wouldn’t have cared; I would have had my happy ending.

Immediately, I jumped out of my truck into his arms. We embraced and kissed. It was magical. It was the first kiss (that I believed was real) after he came back, alive. I noticed a few faces staring, looking jealous and curious about Edward coming back.

Taking his hand, I wrapped my fingers around his and headed for the school building, ignoring the looks that were given to us by our surrounding schoolmates. I was so excited, I could barely breathe, but I thought of Jasper and tried to keep calm, hoping that I wouldn’t make him go insane.

Lily POV
I couldn’t believe my eyes; I thought it was just some trick. My sleepiness wasn’t too dependable in these kinds of situations. The first few moments, I stared blankly at the boy sitting there. Finally, I figured out the identity of the kid. It was Severus Snape.

I turned my head away from him, intending to walk away, but he spoke first. “Lily, I know you don’t want to talk to me. But I am truly sorry. I never should have called you that.” When I stood there, still as a statue, he kept going. “It was just… he got on my nerves. And it got even worse when you defended him. To me, he was always just the bully. Always picking on me. He was my own personal bully.” He chuckled darkly at the last sentence.

The tears in my eyes seemed to have doubled at his words. I was breaking. I was almost ready to forgive him, but I held strong. I turned back to face my ex-best friend, whose face now shone with tears too. “SEVERUS. YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND.” He tried to interrupt, but I wouldn’t let him. “AND WHAT DID YOU DO? YOU CALLED ME THE WORST THING YOU COULD’VE SAID.” I just had to get that out. Now, I looked down at him, with a calmer expression on my face. “I don’t care if you were jealous of James Potter. You knew I had expressed some interest in him, but that was no reason to call me names. Oh, and Severus?” Severus’ face looked at me, hopeful that my change of tone would be good. “I know you liked me. More than a friend. And I bet you still do, but I’m sorry. I hope we can still be best friends, but I’m all for James now.”

Severus POV
“…I’m all for James now.” That hurt. I swear, I could feel my heart split into two. She wouldn’t even give me a chance. She may have before, but I had ruined everything. I felt my face burning with tears. Lily sat next to me, hiding her head with her arms. She looked beautiful, as always. For the second time in my life, I wanted to be James Potter.

Trying to keep my tears away, I bravely nodded and started talking again. “Okay. I understand, but I will keep fighting. For you. Always, until I win.” I almost saw Lily smile at my words. I embraced her into a hug and for once in these past few days, I felt happy again.

Then, someone ruined the moment. I guess I had thought too soon. James Potter was leaning against the wall, his eyebrows were raised and he wasn’t smiling. I crossed my toes and hoped that I wouldn’t lose Lily to Potter again.

James POV
I couldn’t believe my ears or my eyes. Stupid Severus Snape was sucking up to my girlfriend. Sure, they had been ‘friends’ for a few years, but still. He had called Lily a ‘mudblood’. I stood there silently, as I watched and glared at Snape, hugging Lily. I decided not to yell at him. Yet.

“Hello, Snape.” I announced my arrival with a cold voice. Snape had looked up, and I smiled sarcastically. Lily stood up, stepping towards me. I held out my hand, she grabbed it, pleading for me not to blame ‘Sev’. There was a long silence as I was thinking about what I should do.

Ever since the first time I met Lily, I had a crush on her. Although my arrogance and childishness had always taken over, in my heart, I had always loved Evans. She was my soul mate, as some would’ve called it. Then, I found out that her best friend was Severus Snape, the greasy-haired Slytherin. I hadn’t really minded before I had seen them together, he was just another person in the way; all I had to do was get rid of him. But the task proved harder than I expected. It was because Snape had loved Lily too. I just didn’t know how much.

Edward POV
We reached our maths classroom before anyone else, so we used our time ‘wisely’. I pulled her towards me, embracing her again. My lips ended up on the top of her head, but I longed for her throat. I knew it would have looked strange if anyone walked in, so I held my breath, uncomfortably. Then, she made a move which I would have never expected; I suppose she learnt that from the werewolf she was hanging out with so much. We kissed, it was unbelievable. In fact, I felt that every kiss we shared from this morning onwards was unbelievable. I had missed Bella so much.

The first people who walked into the classroom apart from Bella and I, was that vile Mike Newton, followed by his posse, Jessica and the rest of his friends. They glared at me, but shot confused glances at Bella. I could hear their thoughts, all of them just like the rest: confused and jealous.

When our teacher walked in, everyone stopped chattering and sat down. I groaned softly when I heard what we were doing today. Although the work was easy enough, I didn’t like the pairings. Everyone had already partnered up for the assignment, everyone except for Jessica Stanley and I. Argh, even her name sounded annoying.

As the class listened to today’s task, I could feel Jessica staring at me when our teacher announced that we would be working together. Bella frowned at me, sympathetically. She knew that I wouldn’t do anything, but she knew Jessica too. It was going to be tough. Luckily, Bella hadn’t partnered up with Mike Newton, or any of the boys in the class. She was with Angela Weber, which I was happy with. Angela was a nice girl, who wasn’t anyone like Jessica Stanley.

Bella POV
I heard Edward groan and I knew today’s lesson involved something bad, either for him, or for me. Then, the teacher announced what we were going to be working on. I looked beside me at Edward; he had to work with Jessica Stanley, since everyone else had already been paired up. I frowned at him with sympathy. I knew how Jessica was like; she wanted Edward to pay attention to her. But I knew he wasn’t going to do anything stupid, I trusted him. Plus, he could read her mind, so he would know if she was to try anything.

Reaching for Edward’s hand, I squeezed his fingers and nodded once at him, before moving over to work with Angela. I looked across the room at Jessica, who was moving rather quickly to get to my usual seat. Even though I couldn’t mind-read, I knew exactly what she was thinking. I could even feel her mood, though I wasn’t like Jasper. I smiled, thinking of how much longer I would have to wait to become… one of them.

Jessica POV
Well, well, well. Edward Cullen and I were partners in this little assignment of ours. I practically jumped out of my seat when that was announced. I looked over longingly at Edward, who was exchanging glances with Bella. I noticed she was sympathetic, and I wondered why. Didn’t she know that I was going to steal him away from her? Did she even care? Nevertheless, I made my way over to Edward’s side, bouncing into Bella’s seat right after she sat down with Angela.

God he was gorgeous. I looked at him, and almost collapsed. It was a wonder how Bella didn’t just jump on him and start kissing him during every class she had with him. I managed to stutter out a few words, “Hey Edward…” I tried to sound seductive, but it failed. “Hello Jessica.” Edward said, coldly. I really don’t know why he was so… distant from everybody. “So, what should we do for the assignment?” There was nothing else to say to him. He wasn’t going to give in on Bella. But I had a few weeks. You never know. Miracles can happen in a few days, even.

Lily POV
I watched James carefully, studying his every movement. I knew he just wanted to wrap his hands around Severus’ neck and strangle him, but I knew that he could hold back. “… James.” I whispered, I reached for him, twisting my fingers around and securing my hand to his. I couldn’t let him hurt Sev, nor could I let Sev say anything to James. I just had no idea what I needed to do anymore.

“James, just leave it. Let’s go.” I tugged at James’ hand, dragging him with me back to our common rooms. Luckily, James didn’t try anything stupid, he followed me, glaring at Severus the whole way. When we got back inside the common rooms, I collapsed onto a chair. James did the same. He didn’t look angry at me, he just stared.

I was first to break the long and awkward silence. “I’m sorry.” I apologized sincerely, though I hadn’t any idea why I had apologized. “For what?” James raised his eyebrows and I shrugged, keeping my eyes on his face. “It was all Snape’s fault, anyway.” I didn’t dare disagree, he was already so stressed already. So, I left it. I moved to sit beside him, our hips were practically touching.

James turned his head to face me, I reached to touch his hands. He leaned in, and we shared a kiss. Our first kiss, ever. Although we had been going out for a few days, we hadn’t actually kissed yet, but it was amazing. We broke off, and I smiled at him. “Goodnight, James. I love you.” And that, was that. I ran up the stairs into the girls’ rooms, leaving James there with a surprised expression on his face, like he had been slapped.

Severus POV
I felt as though I was about to die. In fact, I wouldn’t have minded that. Suicide was even an option at the moment. Lily, she had just dragged Potter into the Gryffindor common rooms, I wondered what they would do in there. I had disturbing images of them, and strangely enough, I imagined myself as James.

There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for Lily, she was my ‘rock’, I thought of her as my soul mate and true love, but I knew that she wouldn’t ever feel the same about me. Of course, I had already tried a few things, making rumors here and there, but nobody ever believed them. Because, most of them were about James, the ones I made up, and he was popular, unlike me. My entire body trembled with anger as I thought. I hated James Potter, hated with all my guts.

I stood up, not wanting to get into anymore trouble than I already was in. Stumbling towards the Slytherin common rooms, I snuck quietly, but stopped dead in the tracks of Professor Dumbledore.