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Second Thoughts

I had a random idea to write a story about Alec and Jane from her point of view, and this is what happened :D sorry it's really, really super short. BUT it is over 500 words long, so... ;D many, many thanks to Christy for the title!!!


1. Chapter 1

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Alec sighed. I looked at my twin brother, with my usual apathetic face. “What is it?” I asked quietly. We were walking through one of the long marble hallways in the castle here at Volterra. Our long grey cloaks swirled around us while we strolled gracefully at a slow pace.

“Nothing, really,” replied Alec. He looked ahead, and his face was thoughtful. “I was simply wondering if there is more than this.”

“More than this?” I responded, surprised. How could there be anything more than this life we had? Alec and I were members of the Voturi’s guard, valuable members at that. Anyone could see that our position was a high one, and something many other vampires coveted. We were both respected and feared by the entire vampire population. What more could there be?

My brother looked at me. “Yes, Jane. More than this.” He sighed again. “I know that you are satisfied with this life, but have you ever felt the least bit guilty about what we do?”

“Guilty? Why should I feel guilty for keeping our world safe?” My eyes narrowed. What had gotten into my brother today?

“We do not merely keep the peace, Jane. We control our world. Haven’t you noticed? Aro has his rules that he so carefully keeps, and yet he allows exeptions to those same rules. He can make new rules or abolish old ones whenever the mood strikes. Don’t you find that a bit odd?” I pulled on his hand, forcing him to stop. He looked at me with questions in his eyes.

“Odd?” I replied sharply. “No, Alec. I do not find that odd. This is what rulers do. It is perfectly acceptable that there should be a ruler of our world, and natural that Aro should be that one. What I do find odd, however, is that you,” I stabbed a finger at his chest as I spoke, “can talk of such things when you know that Aro will hear every word as if you had spoken them directly to him.” My eyes softened a tiny bit, and my voice was gentler. “Alec, how can you do this to me? You know what will happen if -no, when- Aro discovers your thoughts. I can’t…hurt Aro,” I struggled with the painful words,“but…I can’t lose you, Alec. Don’t make me choose.” I looked down.

“I won’t let that happen, Jane. I’ll run away.” His voice was desperate. I looked up at him, and his face matched his voice.

“You sound like a ten-year-old child,” I scoffed. Run away. What was he thinking? “You’ll just run away from home, like a child. Where will you go?”

“I don’t know,” he admitted. I sighed, and we resumed our walk. We walked in silence for a while, each thinking our own thoughts. I worried about my brother. Aro would surely see our conversation, and when he did, my brother’s existence would indisputably be jeapordized. Through him, my position, if not my life, would be put in danger. How could he do this to me? What was he thinking?