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The Almost Opposite: Setting Sun

It seemed as if things could get better after the three years of waiting for it to change. My mind was beginning to forget all the pain and open up again. Maybe not to love but to at least happiness. To forgivness. Then, the owner of the Volvo, Regan Atwood, a girl who's differnt in many differnt ways, comes to find Edward with the key to moving on. This story is for the people who didn't like Breaking Dawn. Hope you enjoy. It's off the wall and really really fun for me to write so I hope you really relaly like it.

This story is very off the wall. I thought of it while at a jazz cafe and there was an amazingly good looking guy and he was talking to his friend ((not that i was evedropping O.O)) about how this girl was the key to moving on and blah blah blah. I'M RAMBLING. I hope you enjoy the story. Because I love it!

1. Tainted Black

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Bella had been gone for sometime now. I gave up on counting the days. Even though I knew the exact days, hour, and minutes ticked away in the back catacombs of my head. Truly, I didn't think it was fair that she was in my head for eternity and I was out of hers in a flash. It's amazing what magic love has. I would call what they had love. More like an intense energy. Whatever you wanted to call it; to me it wasn't love. It wasn't anything. I broke her heart. He broke her hand. She broke my heart. Maybe, one day, I would break his face. Though I would never because Bella was happy with that...thing. I just wasn't sure how I got the short end of the stick.

The worst it that if I had a heart it would be breaking. The only good thing about my breaking heart was that my whole family left me alone. I shouldn't say whole because everyday at 3:14 when Alice and the others got home from school I would get a knock on my door and little Alice would poke her head in just to check that I was alive and that there were no dead bodies with me. Even Carlisle stayed away from me, only speaking at me to tell when it was necessary to hunt. Even Rosalie and her smart mouth were quiet, thankfully, she never even bothered to say that she told me so because she knew it hurt to bad.

It had been a week before the wedding. The entire month before that Bella had been complaining of two things: that I was distant and the I was too smothering. There was nothing I could do to make her happy and I had eventually just summed it up to she was nervous and was under a lot of stress. I had been making excuses for her and I hadn't meant to. The number one thing I wanted for Bella was for her to be happy. For her to be with someone who made her happy not someone who she was used to being happy with. Ever since she arrived at Forks she was happy with me and my presence became more of a habit then a need.

Her leaving was a flurry of words that struck me to the core. The last I remember of Bella was her saying that I would find someone and then taking my Volvo and leaving. Three years ago.

Emmett would joke about about suing Bella for theft. Of course, I would smile and nod at his joke. But truly, all I wanted was my Bella back. The Bella that made me smile with joy even when all I wanted to do was scream. The Isabella that made me want to scream with frustrated me with her ability to trust and her enthusiasm for ending her life. My Bella and only my Bella.


"Edward?" It was Alice at the door, tapping lightly with one finger. "Can I come in?"

I looked up at the clock; 3:14, right on time.

"Yes, Alice you can come in." I said, looking up from where I sat alphabetizing my CDs by song titles on the floor where Bella's bed had been. An unfortunate accident, involving me losing control of my rage and throwing it through a window was how I had all the extra space in my room for alphabetizing. Emmett always says that's the only reason I did it.

Alice stepped into the room with a smile. It was the smile that meant she was thinking of something that most likely would please her and not necessarily please me.

"How are you today?" Alice asked in the same tone as everyday but she emphasized the word today this time. I guess after three years of the same routine, in the same place even Alice could get a little annoyed.

It was shock to the family when I had refused the option to move away. Bella had left when it was the beginning of Alice's junior year so it was two years for her to end school and just after that Emmett and Rosalie were getting married. Plus, just to entice me more all the others loved it here and Rosalie had sent out their wedding invitations to the town (a full eight month in advance I add). It was in a couple of months away now. Unfortunately, it was my turn to be the best man.

"Better." I said for the first time. Usually it was fine or terrible. However, today my world seemed not as lost and alone. Today it seemed dreary and incomplete.

"Oh," Alice said, her voice a little thrill with surprise. "Well..."

My face fell; I told you I knew what her smile meant.

"What is it Alice?" I asked, rising from my cross-legged position on the floor without the creaks that people usually have.

Alice smiled once again, as if it would weaken the blow of what she was about to say. "There's a girl coming here."

I raised an eyebrow and sighed, taking a few steps away from Alice and turning my back on her. I had suspected the family would do something like this. Try to force me to have interactions with other vampire women just to have the fleeting idea that maybe my heart didn't entirely belong to Bella.

"Why did you invite her? Just so you can try and force Bella out of my head. It's been three years and I know it's a long time but I'm dealing with it." My voice rose slightly and I looked back at her, expecting to see the usual burning of fear in them. She hated it when people got angry. However, I turned back to a look of pure frustration from her.

"No Edward, amazingly our family is a little better then that. Do you remember who your family is Edward because I have this strange feeling as if you don't." Alice said, her aggravation brimming up and boiling over the edge. "I saw it in a vision. She is the girl that bought the Volvo from Isabella recently. She needs to speak with you."

Just as the words had left her mouth I heard the brakes of my old car. Then Emmett opening the door to speak with her. I honed in on her mind and my eyes went wide with shock. There was complete and utter silence. As if, it was Bella back to rescue me from my pit of-

"Edward! There's a girl here to see you." Emmett called from down at the bottom of the stairs. I tuned into the Emmett's brain and found that he was looking at her butt. I rolled my eyes and stored that away to hold it against him if necessary.

"Alice-Alice I can't hear her thoughts. I can't see her Alice. Can you go take care of this for me?" I asked, not wanting to be around another human female ever again. Mainly, one that had the same sick and twisted talent the Bella held.

"You-" Alice started to say something but thought better of it.

Alice shook her head and walked out the door, letting it close with more force then she ordinarily would have done. I sighed, saddened at myself and at the fact I knew Alice was upset with me. A girl like Bella with her thoughts unread is not my idea of a good situation. I turned back to window and stared. Finally, my brain started to quiet itself again when I focused in on the ominous sound of footsteps. Before I could react I heard my door open and then a smell hit my nostrils with such force I nearly growled and bared my teeth.

"Hello, your sister told me to come up here. I told her-" The girls interrupted herself and sort of snorted, laughing at herself, "Never mind. Are you Edward Cullen?"

I was burning with pain but not as much as had expected it to be. Being around Bella so much had made me immune to some of the smell. However, it wasn't enough to completely numb the thoughts. I had let my mind wonder to much and the smell of the girl hit my nose again, this time with not as much force but I did get more hints of her personal aroma. Apples; bright, sweet Macintosh apples with a hint of some sort of berry or candy. Plus, the very, very faint smell of the Volvo (Bella's strawberry smell included). The smell was nothing like Bella but just as, or sadly, possibly more enticing.

"Yes." I croaked, forcing myself against my habit of 'breathing' and starting up the habit of holding my breath again. I had hunted just yesterday so my brain wasn't on full monster mode.

"Ok, good." The girl said, "Are you alright?" Her voice seemed concerned and maybe even a little wary. Most likely, because I hadn't face her yet and held a defensive stance towards the window.

"Yes." I croaked out again and hoped the girl got to her point very soon. In my attempts to focus on not killing the girl I sucked in more air and I let my hand flash out and grab the windowsill, allowing it to creak under my strength. The smell wasn't nearly as bad this time and released the sill almost immediately from my clutch. "Can I help you with something?" With that I turned around and finally saw the girl.

She was different. That was the first thing that came to my head. Not a bad different, however. Her hair was brunette and hung just past her shoulders, her eyes a light, caramel brown, very similar to the color of mine at the moment. She wasn't that short maybe standing five foot five or six. Simple jeans, gray converse, and a gray zip-up hoodie laid against her pale skin. She seemed correct and comfortable in this environment, even though it was new to her. I still loathed the fact I couldn't hear her thoughts but she was readable as comfortable and confident by her body language.

Her eyes went wide when I turned around and I grinned at that. I was used to girls sort of being wide-eyed at me. However, this girl didn't stay that way for long. She simply smiled and shifted her feet slightly.

"Um, this is probably going to be an awkward conversation. I'm Regan by the way." She said, smiling again. So far so good with my control though her smell wafted towards me. "I bought a Volvo from a women last week. And, while I was cleaning it out today; I found this."

The girl, who had now named herself Regan, pulled an envelope out of her pocket and opened it, letting a ring with a note attached to it slip out onto her pale hand. My eyes went wide and my nostrils flared as the familiar scent of strawberries and freesia hit my nose faintly. It was the smell of my Bella, she was back in the form of a note and the all too familiar ring. Regan held it out to me and I carefully picked it up, making sure not to touch her skin.

Dear Edward Cullen.

This is the ring you gave me. I don't want it. I'm sure it has value to you. I didn't want the car. I'm sure whoever gets it will find you and give it to you.

-Isabella Black

My mind went blank as I focused on the last word. Black. It was an hated word. It meant darkness, evil, vile and there is was right in her beautiful name. The Swan wiped out forever to be tainted with hatred and disgust. And most of all; Tainted Black.