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The Almost Opposite: Setting Sun

It seemed as if things could get better after the three years of waiting for it to change. My mind was beginning to forget all the pain and open up again. Maybe not to love but to at least happiness. To forgivness. Then, the owner of the Volvo, Regan Atwood, a girl who's differnt in many differnt ways, comes to find Edward with the key to moving on. This story is for the people who didn't like Breaking Dawn. Hope you enjoy. It's off the wall and really really fun for me to write so I hope you really relaly like it.

This story is very off the wall. I thought of it while at a jazz cafe and there was an amazingly good looking guy and he was talking to his friend ((not that i was evedropping O.O)) about how this girl was the key to moving on and blah blah blah. I'M RAMBLING. I hope you enjoy the story. Because I love it!

3. Difference is Good

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Carlisle left my room without another word. He simply tucked the ring into his pocket, grinned, and then left. Immediately I heard the house buzz to life with thoughts. Even Jasper's mind began to churn with ideas, which was unusual for him. I sighed and thought about Regan, realizing then that I had never learned her last name. I internally scolded myself. She must have thought I was a prude.

Then a sound struck my ear- Bella's voice. I ran down the steps, as they creaked with rebellion against holding my weight. I reached the bottom of the steps and looked around to see Alice, speaking into the reciever, along with Rosalie, who had her arms crossed over her chest in a state of disgust. While Rosalie glared at me, I realized, with annoyance, that Bella was nowhere to be seen.

"No, Isabella I just nee-" Alice said, then stopped mid-sentence when she heard my feet hit the floor.

"Hello?" Bella's voice sang from the phone. However, it was her annoyed voice and I felt a smile hit my lips but I tore it off before Alice or Rosalie could see. "Alice! Are you there?"

"Yes, Isabella I'm here." Alice said, focusing on her conversation again but not taking her eyes off of me. "I need to know the girl's name who bought the Volvo."

I heard Bella scoff in more annoyance, "Why?"

"It's important. Just tell me her name." Alice said, letting her voice melt which worked to persuade people who hadn't been around vampires for longer than a year.

"Nice try Alice but I want to know the real reason." Bella said, her voice growing in more frustration.

"Edward wants to know." Alice said, letting her voice become dull and final. "Are you going to tell me or am I going to have to do some searching?"

"Regan Atwood. She lives in Seattle." Click.

I looked at the phone as Alice threw it down on the couch. The redial button was right on the side of the phone and it could easily be pressed. However, I didn't see any reason why. A year ago I would be on my knees begging for Alice to let me call her back. At this point I wanted nothing to do with her. Nothing at all.

"Regan Atwood." Alice said, pointing towards the door.

"Excuse me?" I asked, throughly confused by Alice's demand.

"She lives in Seattle. You heard Isabella." Rosalie said, rising from her spot on the couch to walk passed me and up the stairs. I was, surprisingly, hurt when I saw that the glare had never left Rosalie's face. However, I put my focus on the problem right now.

"You both want me to go find her?" My brain was sort of scrambled when I asked my second question. They both must be joking I concluded to myself after a moment.

Alice sighed, "Her name is Regan Atwood. Her name is unpopular there can't be that many of them. She's probably the only one."

I looked at Alice and raised an eyebrow. Her stern face concerned me but I wasn't about to go search for a random girl just because she said so.

"No, I don't want to go find her Alice." I said, shaking my head in disgust. "Nice try though."

"You-you..." Alice trailed off once again on her sentence. I knew I was upsetting her and it hurt to do that to her but I couldn't just go search for Regan. I'm sure she was already terrified of me with her odd behavior from earlier. "You're selfish."

I looked at her, hurt. "Excuse me?" I asked for the second time. Alice was being vague today and I didn't like it. It was becoming an annoyance.

"You heard me! You're being selfish!" Alice's voice rose and I heard the lights from overhead tickle against each other because of the reverberation.

"How am I being selfish?" I shouted back and I heard the light tickle again but I didn't care. She was being ridiculous. "You're the one trying to push this random girl on me." I battled with myself, knowing I wanted to, deep down, but also fearing hurting Bella anymore.

"You don't even understand..." Alice said, her words vague, and her mind not helping the cause at all. Like always.

I sighed, as Alice sat down on the couch and set her head in her hands. I could tell she was worn out from all these years of routines and trying to get Bella out of my mind.

"What don't I understand Alice?" I asked after deciding to play her game of ambiguity.

There was silence for a long while. I knew Alice was going to give me an ear full after she was done thinking for so long she I stood there, still as stone, waiting for her answer.

"You don't understand what it's like to watch mope around, trying to keep up the pretense that everything's fine. It's a disgusting habit, and I'm sick of being a bystander while you tempt yourself into pushing the 'self-destruct' button."

With that, Alice rose and walked up the stairs, not saying another word to me. My head reeled and I sat down on the couch, soaking it all in. The words she had said, hit me harder then I thought they would. She was right, Alice was always right. The only way you could beat Alice in any game is if you were random about your choosing. Once again, I sighed. I hated it when she was right.

The house was quiet in sound but not in thoughts.

"Should I comfort her, or would that upset her more?" Jasper thought, his inner turmoil and instinct going seperate ways.

"Why doesn't he see? Why is he so selfish? I never knew it was possible to be so giving and concieted at the same time," Alice internally ranted, all the while digging through her closet and staring at her clothes in disgust.

"Maybe I should talk to him..." I heard randomly. It took me a moment to realize it was Emmett. I wanted to laugh. Emmett almost never cared.

"He's ruined my wedding ideas. The couples were planned perfectly; the nerve of him! I wonder if he does this on purpose. Honestly, why would he even think to act like he's selfless?" It was these thoughts that affected me most. The first set of malicious and 'to- the- point' thoughts I had heard all night. I didn't count Alice, because there was the off chance that she was being irrational.

"Esme, Edward needs to understand that Alice is right." I heard Carlisle say conversationally. I strained myself, eavesdropping while they discussed me. It made me uncomfortable, but seemed like the only way I would ever get the truth out of anyone. Without their knowledge, of course.

"Carlisle, Alice called me about the girl too. She seems lovely. But we can't force Edward to be around her." Esme's voice came from a cellphone, so I could barely make out the words she seemed to rush through, "Edward is our son," Esme paused, then returned to the phone with a choked up voice, "I don't want to see him hurting Carlisle..."

I stopped listening after that. Esme was my mother, not biologically, but I considered her my mother. She supported me through the Bella episode and now, she was on my side after it. Anyone or anything that has the ability or want to hurt Esme's pure soul in anyway is a monster. I was a monster and I was kidding with myself when I was with Bella. I was just trying to live a lie and walk past the truth like there was nothing wrong.

"Hello Edward," It was Esme's voice behind me and I turned to see her smiling face. Though she was younger then me by age she was much older in maturity and wisdom. Somehow she always thought in ever situation. Not me, I reacted on instinct and whims.

"Hey Esme," I replied, smiling at her in my usual fashion but I knew she could tell I wasn't myself.

"How are you?" She asked, still smiling brilliantly, no wonder Carlisle and her fit so perfectly.

I sighed, "I'm doing much...better." I replied, but she her smile wavered on my hesitation.

"Liar. Why does he have to lie to me?" Esme thought regretfully to herself.

"Alright. That's good." She said, then turned and walked up the stairs where I heard her open and shut her bedroom door where Carlisle waited.

I didn't bother listening to the conversation. It would hurt too much.

The clock struck four o'clock and I realized not much time had passed since Regan has left. Her scent would most likely still be fresh, easy to track. I heard the jingle of keys and then the soft thud of them on the couch seat next to me and I looked up to see Carlisle with Esme at his side. Plus, to let me know that they all knew, Alice stood jumping up and down at Carlisle's other side, obviously happy. The others stood by, waiting.

"Please?" Esme asked, stepping forward, scooping up the keys in her hand, and then held them out for me.

I thought for a moment. Regan had been different. Much, much different then Bella. Change and difference was usually looped into the bad emotions category for me but this time...difference was good. The old was bad for me. I smiled at Esme then took the keys.

"I'll go say hello to her." I said to Alice's shrill shriek of joy and Esme's soft smile.