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Alice saw something... Something she wasnt meant to. Bella was being attack by vampire But before she knew it, she got the shock of a life time. Who would have guessed that Forks would become the home to Werewolf Teens, Rouge nomad Vampires and a Hybrid Vampire.

Hey guys... was in a wierd mood the other day and i this story just came out of no where. enjoy and tell me what you think REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW

1. An unwelcomed vision

Rating 4/5   Word Count 721   Review this Chapter

I was not looking for it.

I had promised Edward i would not look for her, but i had to choice. I was sucked in.

I knew I could do nothing, nothing but watch.

I watched as Bella stumbled back as the vampire lunged at her.

“NO” I heard her scream, her face ashen with fear.

His laughter was loud, almost taunting.

“He left you” he taunted “Weak human”

“No” she whispered brokenly “He left to protect me”

“Protect you, Ha. He left you because he didn’t want to have to take care of you, you are a burden”

I watched as her body shook with silent sobs, her arms encircling her chest.

“You can’t even defend yourself” he hissed “Weakling”

I was shocked as a new voice entered my vision, the boy looked familiar but I couldn’t place him, but what shocked me even more was the four men that were behind him, making a V shape. “I wouldn’t call her a weakling”

The Vampire turned and smirked at the new comers “And what are you going to do about it or better yet what is she going to do about it”

The leader turned to another one of the boys, this one I recognized, Jacob Black. “Do you think this one is just plan stupid or just has no sense of smell?”

Jacob laughed “Properly both, I could smell him a mile away”

I was shocked, what were they on about, insulting an angry, more importantly a hungry vampire.

If the current situation wasn’t serious I would have laughed at the vampires face, red with rage, I didn’t know a vampires face could change colour.

“What are you on about human” he spat.

“I don’t see any humans here” the elder boy laughed “Do you boys”

Each boy laughed while the vampire froze, I was in shock no humans, but Bella.

The sight of the vision flew to Bella, it was at that moment that I realized that it was not silent sobs that were racking her body, but her body was shacking with anger and she was trying to control herself.

Her body stilled, I would have fallen over if I was standing in the field with them, Bella raised her head, her eyes were Black and her teeth were protruding over he lips.

"I didn’t think you boys would wait" I didn’t recognize her voice, it sounded so distant so volatile. "I thought you would ignore my 'screamed NO, I tried to make it as dramatic as possible" her face become innocent "Did it work"

The boys laughed, I was too stunned and so was the vampire.

"What is going on" he hissed.

"Oh, Nuke." Bella laughed "Didn’t you think I would get you back"

“For what?" Nuke hissed

I watched as Bella sauntered up to Nuke and whisper in his ear "Think Nuke, who did you kill last week, just a lunch time snack"

"The cop, your coming after me because I killed some loser cop, what was he... your donor"

I heard the boys growl and a roar from Bella "HE WAS MY FATHER"

"Well, if it makes you feel better, he was delicious" I knew it would happen but I never in all my ‘knowing Bella life’ expected to see Bella attack someone, Nuke was on the floor with his right arm torn off and lying besides him.

"YOU FUCKEN BITCH" he yelled "I’m glad that bastard left you"

"Just because you read someone’s journal doesn’t mean you know all about them Nuke" I was surprised...Bella kept a journal “or was it Irina who told you about him, did she send you after me because I got her little boyfriend killed"

"Irina is worth a hundred of you" he hissed

"Irina is weak; she should fight her own battles instead of sending someone else to do them"

“Irina would never lower herself to your standards” Nuke laughed “But Tanya did tell me about you, how Edward” he drew out Edwards name as far as he could “left you, how he didn’t want you anymore”

I could see the boys were getting restless at the mention of Edward and Irina. I could feel that something bad was about to happen. But what I saw next, will haunt me until the day I die.