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Alice saw something... Something she wasnt meant to. Bella was being attack by vampire But before she knew it, she got the shock of a life time. Who would have guessed that Forks would become the home to Werewolf Teens, Rouge nomad Vampires and a Hybrid Vampire.

Hey guys... was in a wierd mood the other day and i this story just came out of no where. enjoy and tell me what you think REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW

3. An unwelcome visit

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“He will come for your now” Paul hissed pacing along side the double bed I sat on.

“Do I care if he comes” I replied calmly

“I care” he growled, his giant form shaking.

“Do you think I will leave, go back to the man who destroyed me?” I hissed, standing up and stalking towards him.

“You. Are. Mine” he growled, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me into a passionate kiss.

“I know that, and you are mine too” I hugged him close as the kiss broke apart “Nothing will ever make me leave you, I am yours until you imprint” I whispered the last part. It was my worse fear, for Paul to imprint onto another person.

“Don’t say the ‘I’ word Bells” he said sadly. I knew he prayed that he would never find someone else but we both knew he would, every one else in the pack had imprinted on someone, even Leah had imprinted on someone much to the packs amusement. I had an uneasy feeling that his imprinting was going to happen within the next year and I knew that no matter what happened he would not be able to stay away from her. No matter how much we loved each other.

“Paul, it took the pack a year to calm me down and control my depression after my change and another six months after that for you to stop hating me for my vampirism. Do you really think that I would go back to him or his family? Like I said earlier today in the field, I run with the wolves now”

“I didn’t hate you” he lied causing me to laugh.

“How many times did you try push me out the house into the sun light because you thought it would burn me alive before you realized that it didn’t work, I don’t even sparkle for goodness sake” I laughed “Or how many crucifixes did you buy and place around the house before you realized that, that wouldn't work either”

“Ok, maybe I did hate you.” He laughed “But I don’t hate you anymore”

I pulled him down on the bed next to me, snuggling up into his warm side, I do not know how long we laid there in a comfortable silence but it was rudely interrupted when Sam came and knocked on our bedroom door. “Dinners ready” he called through the door “Come get it while it’s still hot and there”

“I doubt anyone will steal my dinner” I grumbled.

“Ah, don’t forget about Seth. He did try your…dinner that first night he came over for dinner thinking it was wine”

I burst out laughing, I would never forget Seth’s face as he realized what he had put in his mouth, I was shocked as he had just taken a large mouthful of very hard to get bear blood. “Ok, well I don’t think anyone tried to steal my blood after Seth’s attempt of stealing red…wine”

“I guess that’s why Emily tells all her guest that no red wine is consumed in her house” he laughed “Just incase someone tried to take a sip”

We quickly made our way down to the kitchen, only to stop dead in our tracks when we saw Rosalie Cullen sitting at the table looking very uncomfortable.

“HELL NO” I yelled “GET OUT, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE” I stalked over to her and yanked her out of the chair, wanting to rip her head off, but I would settle for an arm.

“Bella wait” I heard Sam yell at me, I paused to look over at him,, my eyes narrowing, warning him to stay out of it. “Do you really think Emily wants leach blood all over her kitchen?”

I realized he was right, Emily would kill me for messing her kitchen up; I forcefully pushed Rosalie away from me and stalked out the room, yelling over my shoulder “Get that leach out of the house or not even Emily’s kitchen rule will stop me from tearing that whore apart”

After a few minutes of stiff silence Rosalie spoke up. “Is she always like that”.

“If you want to live past 8 o’clock I suggest you leave” Sam said calmly.

“You’re stinking up the house” Jacob growled causing Rosalie to growl and stand.

“Look, if you care about Bella you will convince her to speak to me and soon, her life depends on it, all your lives do”

“Are you threatening us” Paul growled, advancing towards Rosalie.

“Its not me you have to be worried about” Rosalie gasped out in pain as Paul grabbed her arm “Vampires are coming for Bella and they will kill all of you, even your human friends and family to get to her”

Paul stopped immediately “what”

“A large group of vampires, they are like leaders of our world. They have found out about Bella’s … uniqueness and want her”

“Why do they want her, who are they” Paul yelled, turning Rosalie around to face him and shaking her.

“They want her to join their guard, even if she says no they will force her to comply, every vampire in their guard has a talent. Talents that not even your mutt brain could not comprehend. Even if she doesn't agree there is a high chance that they will force her join.”

“WHO. ARE. THEY” Paul growled again, shaking her harder.

Before Rosalie could say anything I spoke up, hearing the whole conversation from the other room “The Volturi”

“You have heard of them” Rosalie asked shocked

“Laurent, you remember him” At Rosalie’s nod I continued “When he changed me, all his memories of his vampire life were transferred to me. I know all about the Volturi”

“That’s not possible” Rosalie gasped, “memories are not transferred from one vampire to another”

“Do I look like a normal vampire Rosalie” I snapped “I got them all, I know about Aro, Caius and Marcus; I also know about the little cow Jane and her twin Alec plus two muscle side kicks formally known as Felix and Demitri”

“Well I never” Rosalie whispered.

“Why are you coming to tell me all this Rosalie, you never liked me”

“Carlisle sent me, no one else knows I am here” she replied.

“How did you find me” I asked, changing the subject “I have been so careful not use my powers to often or too much incase they could trace it”

“It was actually our fault”

“Excuse me” I snapped.

“We were staying in Italy for a few weeks and we were visiting the Volturi when Alice had her vision, well you know Aro’s power he wanted to know what her vision was so he touched her arm when we were leaving and he found out”

“It has not even been twenty four hours since that slut invaded my life and I have people wanting to kill me”

“Don’t you dare talk about Alice that way” Rosalie screeched

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the pack and their respective partners back away from me and Rosalie while trying to melt into the walls, knowing what was about to happen.

I felt the anger flow through my body and I willingly let myself succumb to the beast that dwelled within my body. I felt the transformation; the pain that ripped through my body was the same every time. I felt the wings emerge from my back and my fangs and nails extend. I heard Rosalie’s frightened gasp and I smirked.

“Would you like to repeat yourself” I hissed.

“I…I…I don’t wan…want you t…to talk about Ali… Alice that way” she stuttered backing away from me.

“I will talk about anyone I please; any bloody way I want to” I snapped, a loud growl rose up from my chest and I hissed “I would like to see the Volturi try to take me”

“They will bring hundreds Bella, you must flee” she pleaded with me.

“I believe you should be the one to flee Hale or you will be my dinner” I snapped at her “You can tell your family that if they ever come near me again I will tear each of them apart…slowly and the same goes for the Volturi, only I will be starting with Aro”

“They will kill you if you try” she squeaked, shocked that I would even want to try.

“Why do you think they want me Rosalie, it’s because I am powerful and would properly be able to take down the whole of the Volturi by myself”

“No one is that powerful” she protested.

“Are you looking at me Rosalie, I am a hybrid vampire. I am more powerful than every vampire.”

“I understand that Bella, but taking on the Volturi, isn’t that a tad dangerous.”

I heard the pack laugh, having seen me in action with other vampires who dare cross into Forks and surrounding areas.

“Do remember Victoria Rosalie”? I asked, pulling a chair out from the table and sat down.


“Dear Victoria thought it would be a great idea to create a small vampire army like they did in the south all those years ago. Her plan was to send the new borns to Forks to find me and kill me.”

“And” she questions ?

“She created an army of over 30 vampires. I with the help of the pack took them all down, killing each and every one of them”

“What about Victoria” she asked curious.

I smile played on my lips and I heard the pack laugh “I had fun with Victoria”

“What did you do to her?”

“I skinned her alive, I do believe there was acid, an aerosol can and matches involved too”

Rosalie looked at me in horror, “Ho...How could you do that to anyone?”

“Trust me, she deserved it” I laughed “I don’t regret killing any of the vampires that have crossed my path, you too would be dead if it wasn’t for you trying to help me” I picked up the coffee mug that was in front of me and look a long drink.

“Mmmm” I moaned “That was good” I quickly finished the rest of the blood and pushed the mug away. “Please just tell your family to stay away and you can also pass that message onto Aro. Show him all you memories of this because if he does come this way, I will kill him and if he still comes after this warning, I do believe he will be finding out what my actual power is and trust me…he wont like it” with that I stood up and walked out of the house and ran into the forest and didn’t stop.