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Alice saw something... Something she wasnt meant to. Bella was being attack by vampire But before she knew it, she got the shock of a life time. Who would have guessed that Forks would become the home to Werewolf Teens, Rouge nomad Vampires and a Hybrid Vampire.

Hey guys... was in a wierd mood the other day and i this story just came out of no where. enjoy and tell me what you think REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW

4. lost, chats and an unexpected guest

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After five years living in La Push you would think I would be able to know my way around, never have I been so embarrassed. I was lost. I have been running around for over two hours and my mobile is out of range. Fuck. Paul is going to have a field day when he finds out.

I was just so angry, first Alice, then Rosalie and now bloody Aro. Things were not going to get better from here, I could feel that, everything was about to go down hill, Aro will not be deterred and will no doubt be here by the end of the month, giving me only two weeks.

If Charlie were still alive I would be panicking but I have seen my boys in action, Leah was stunning as a wolf and almost hypnotic when in battle but now that she has stopped fazing due to her pregnancy she will not be involved.

The memories that plagued me, showed me all I needed to know about The Volturi, I knew that Aro was a Sadist, relishing in others pain for his own benefit and that Caius was not far behind Aro in his Sadistic ways but did not manipulate those around him like his brother did and that Marcus although always quite and look of boredom always had an opinion and made sure he was heard one way or another. Marcus was the nicer one of the brothers, never really speaking since Didyme death and unable to leave because of Aro’s guards’ power of ‘persuasion’.

The fight would be hard but I knew that we would have a great advantage, we knew these woods and all I knew the Volturi’s weak spots, their fighters always rely on their powers, unable to really battle when faced with an opponent that could disable all that. They were about to meet their match.


"BELLA!" a voice called from the distance, it was almost night fall and I had been gone for over seven hours.

"I’M OVER HERE" I yelled, I had not wanted to transform during day light in case I was spotted, we all had to become extremely careful in the past few years as the states town Mayor had finally taken action and send patrols into the forest after the wolf sighting were getting overly common and a fuss was made for everyone’s safety.

I watched as Seth emerged from the brush "We were all starting to get worried Bells"

I couldn't help but smile at Seth, "I can tell little one" he blushed at his nickname "Were you so worried about me that you forgot to get dressed"

Just as if it was in slow motion, I saw Seth’s head drop to see if I was telling the truth, his face went immediately red and covered himself, I couldn't help but fall to the ground in loud roars of laughter at his expense. I had seen all the boys naked, more then I would ever like to admit but most had become accustomed to allowing me to see their bodies, knowing that there really wasn’t much of a choice, but as Seth was still only young, he was still quite shy about his body.

"Go put your clothes on midget" a voice spoke from the behind the bushes

"Don’t say a word" I hissed as Paul stepped out, his sweat covered body glistened in the moonlight, if I had a heart it would have been racing by now. His body called to me, he was like a drug, one I could never get enough of. I would always remember the first time we made love, it was filled with raw passion, he had been trying to throw me out the house, the hatred in his eyes was plausible but the moment our lips crashed together, that all changed. When it became known the others what had happened, all they could say is ‘Its about time’, it seemed that only Paul and I had not been able to tell that we had wanted each other, Emily used to say that she could have cut the sexual tension with a knife.

"Why not, I think I have the right to say something" he smirked, damn that smile.

"You will be sleeping on the floor and sex will be a distance dream" I threatened but I knew he would call my bluff.

"My lips are sealed my dear" he was standing just before me now, I wanted to pounce on him, claim him, make him mine forever; his scent was driving me crazy.

"Are you guys ready to leave" Seth’s voice interrupted our staring contest, forcing us both to look away.

"We’re right behind you short stuff" I sighed before turning back towards Paul "Did Rosalie leave"

"Yeah, but I think she will be back, as she was storming off, she was babbling about how the family weren’t going to be welcomed with open arms" I froze, all body movements stopped.

"They are returning"

"Yes" Paul hissed "Not something I am too pleased with"

"I AM NOT GOING TO FUCKEN LEAVE YOU PAUL" I all but yelled "How many times do I have to tell you that" I finished with a hiss.

"No" he whispered brokenly "Its me who is going to leave you one day"

My shoulders slumped and sagged, we both knew it, it was a little shocking that Paul brought it up, he had never mentioned it before. "We will cross that bridge when the time comes Paul; I promise you that I will never hate you for imprinting"

"I don’t want you to become another Leah; I could never stand to see you broken like she is, like you were when the leech left you"

"As much as it will hurt me when you imprint on some strange female, I will never hate you, I knew what I was getting into when we first decided to carry on this relationship" I sighed, pulling Paul into a strong hug "Seth, go on ahead, we will follow shortly"

"Righto" without another work, he was off into the bushes and gone from sight within seconds.

"It hurts me to know that I will hurt you" Paul whispered "If I was able to stay with you forever I would"

"We are in the most Beautiful forest Paul, surrounded by lushes trees and plants" I told him, pointing out some plants rich with colour "No matter how much we hurt each other, fight with each other or show undying love to each other, there will come a time where it will all have to end, but no matter what, we will always have the memories and each other, I will never leave you, not even when this ends. I will be there at your wedding, are your children’s births and one day many, many years from now, I will be at your funeral"

"Don’t talk like that baby" He whispered, I could see he was fighting back the tears that wanted to fall.

"It does not matter how I talk or how I act, we both know its true, but at the moment we have each other and that is all that matters, our time together is precious" I kissed him passionately before hissing "And no bloody vampires from my past is going to stop that"


We had run through the forest back to the cabin hand in hand, Paul and I had become comfortable enough in our relationship that we did not have to say anything to one another, we always seemed to know what the other was thinking.

Sam had been waiting for us at the door on arrival; I knew it was not good. I didn’t need to hear his thoughts to know what he was going to say.

He looked at me sadly as he spoke "Their back"


The living room was in pieces, the moment the words had left Sam’s mouth I transformed and the living room had been the victim of my rage. Sam had to restrain Jared from running into the room when I smashed the TV, I am sure that I broke a part of Jared’s heart as I kicked the screen in and through the box out the window. Sam and Emily where the only ones in pack that had cable and Jared had spent many times when he wasn’t patrolling watching the TV while keeping Emily company. I knew I was going to have to buy Emily and Sam a new couch, I doubt they would appreciate sitting on springs and stuffing, not much was really left of the couch once I had finished with it. The pack had to forcibly stop me when I tried to enter the kitchen, knowing the dangerous things I could do with a hand full of knives while in my current state, Embry and Quil had been the first ones to grab hold of my arms but soon regretted their action as both were soon thrown out the window which the TV had exited the house through. Sam, Jared and Jacob had been the next to try and hold me down, Jared followed Embry and Quil but Sam and Jacob had tight hold on me and I was unable to move, I was unsure where Paul had gone, but he was no longer in the house. I honestly didn’t know where all my rage had come from, I believed that I had gotten over all my feelings for that rotten family years ago, but guessing that I was being forced to acknowledge their existence was causing old feelings to rise up, all I currently wanted to do was hurt something, I needed to kill something, I needed to go hunting.


I rejoiced in the snap of my preys neck, my fangs had elongated and within seconds of the beautiful sound and I had pierced the skin, causing the precious blood to pour into my mouth, I had gone hunting with the pack a few times but each of them had gagged or vomited at the sound and sight of my feeding, it was now used as a threat by Sam if anyone in the pack misbehaved, they would have to come hunting with me. Much to our amusement everyone seemed to straighten out.

As I drained the deer, images of breaking the necks of each member of the Cullen and Hale family filled my head. So much for Edwards promise to stay away, never to be a burden on my life again, disgusting leech could never keep a promise.

Tossing the dead carcass away like rubbish, I turned, ready to run back to the house but a noise in the distance caught my attention sending me instantly into predatory mode, with the knowledge that Aro may have sent one of his many guard members to scout the area for any possible attack and retreat routes, I wasn’t taking any chances. But what I saw exit the wood clearing caused my body shift immediately, my muscles rippled as my wings ripped through my skin, my eyes turned black and my nails lengthened painfully, I hissed at the offending person in front of me, they froze and stared at me in horror. Unwilling to let them get away, I let out a roar that shook the earth beneath me.

The wolves will be here soon and then the fun will start.