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Twitchy Girl and Mir... whatever her name is

So two random girls appear out of nowhere in Forks, Washington. One's a little to hyper and twitchy earning the nickname Twitchy Girl and the other, Mir... whatever her name is is obsessed with shiny stuff. And so the fun begins.

So Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer. We all know this unless you are crazy... or have short term memory loss. THANKS A TON TO no_brainer_me!!! We started writing a story a bit like this a while ago but we never finished. So I started it again and had no_brainer_me add randomness to it. :) She's better at randomness then me.

1. Chapter 1: Shiny!!!

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One rainy day in Forks, Washington two girls appeared out of nowhere, in front of Forks High school. The shorter brown haired one glanced around with wide eyes while her friend stared with awe at a passing squirrel like she’d never seen anything more fascinating in her entire life.

“Forks!” squealed the brown haired girl.

“Where?” the squirrel girl asked, looking around excitedly.

“No silly goose, we’re in the town called Forks.” The first girl sighed.

“Like Twilight!” the second girl gasped.

“Of course!” the first replied. “How bouts we check in to school?”

“Whenever I eat peanut butter it sticks my mouth together!” her friend laughed.

The first girl who was obviously less crazy and random then the squirrel watching girl rolled her eyes and pulled her friend towards the front office. And so our story begins.

Random boy’s point of view

I was eating lunch with my many friends when I first saw them. Two new girls busted the door open and walked… err… well… one girl was actually bouncing around and twitching like a ferret on energy drinks while the other cart wheeled into the lunch room. The two of them were laughing like maniacs. Everybody stopped and stared, even the Cullens who never noticed anybody but precious Bella Swan turned to watch. The two girls didn’t even seem to notice.

Maybe I should go be their friend. They look lost and clueless. Actually they look like they escaped from a mental asylum. Maybe I should call the police.

“I looooooovvvveeeee vampires! Oh yes I do! I love vampires so much!” the brown haired twitchy girl sang, shouting out notes with no particular tune.

“Salad, salad, salad, pogo-sticks, salad, salad!” the other random girl belted out.

The strange girls waltzed over to the forbidden Cullen table and sat right down amongst them. They all stared at the girls in surprise. Both of the insane friends went silent and once and stared back with their mouths hanging open.

No particular person’s point of view

“NowaynowayIcan’tbelieveI’mfinallymeetingtheCullensIlovevampiressomuch!” the twitchy girl shrieked in one breath without breathing once.

The other girl just smiled rather creepily at Edward who was sitting next to her. He smiled hesitantly back then slowly inched away. Alice started to laugh.

“They’re here at last! These are the two girls I told you all about, the ones I saw coming.” Alice explained to her family and Bella who wasn’t paying any attention but was gazing into the distance muttering dreamily to her about Edward’s eyes.

“I’myourbiggestfansIloveyouallexcpeciallyJaspercuzhe’scoollikethat!” the twitchy girl babbled at top speed again.

“It’s a good thing we’re vampires or we wouldn’t have understood a single thing you just said,” Edward mumbled quietly enough that none of the other humans could hear.

“And what’s your name?”Emmett asked the twitchy girl’s friend, random girl who was gazing out the window and humming the oompa-loompa song. Wait… the Oompa-Loompa song!!!

“Mirely I told you not to sing that song!” Twitchy girl screamed, jumping to her feet and pointing dramatically at random girl.

“I’m not singing I’m humming!” the other girl stated indignantly.

“Your name is Mirely?” Rosalie sniffed in her usual every-one-is-lower-than-me-because-I’m-beautiful-and-amazing voice.

“No my name is Mir… oh it’s so shiny! I want it. Can I have it? I’m gonna go get it. But wait! It’s too far away. Maybe I shouldn’t go get it. Okay! I’m gonna go for it!” the girl squealed. She leapt to her feet and headed straight for the cafeteria doors.

“Not again!” Twitchy girl groaned. “I’m not chasing after you this time!” she hollered after her friend. She rolled her eyes and turned back to the Cullens. “Last time I spent hours running after her. Then she got her arm stuck in the snack machine. You just can’t pull that girl away from something shiny. She’s addicted to shiny like I’m addicted to chocolate… and vampires.” Suddenly she slipped back into her hyper mood. “Omigoshdidyouguys,like,wonder,like,how,like,iknewyouwere,like,vampires? Didja didja didja?”

Jasper stared in fascination at Twitchy girl as she bounced up and down like crazy. “How do you do that?” he asked.

She snapped out of her crazed hyper state and stared dreamily at the blond vampire. “Huh?”

“How do you talk so fast without breathing?” he said slowly.

“Mmmm. Your eyes are gold. Gold is so pretty. Golden eyes. Gold gold gold gold.” She sighed.
“Uh… yes. Gold is nice,” was all he said in response.

“Weird!” Edward exclaimed.

“What?” everyone asked in unison except Twitchy girl who was still staring at Jasper with her mouth hanging open and Bella who had actually fallen asleep, not interested in a conversation that wasn’t about her or Edward.

“Mir… whatever her name is, the shiny addicted girl’s mind is so… weird.” He said.

“That’s no surprise. Weird in what way?” asked Alice.

“Her thoughts change so quickly from the weirdest things that they slide through my power like trying to hold water in your bare hands. She doesn’t have an immunity to my power like Bella does, she’s simply way too random to understand.” He explained.

“That is weird, though not unexpected after seeing the way shiny girl acts.”Emmet muttered.

“What about twitchy girl over there?” Rosalie asked throwing a scornful glance at the small girl who still hadn’t taken her eyes off Jasper.

“She’s the opposite of her friend. She concentrates on one thing so hard I can’t find any of her other thoughts. When she first came in all she was thinking was ‘vampires vampire vampire CHOCOLATE!!! Vampires vampire vampires’, and so on. Now all she’s thinking is ‘Jasper Jasper Jasper Jasper Jasper Jasper, pretty gold eyes, Jasper Jasper Jasper’ and so on.” Edward chuckled.

Jasper smiled a little and Twitchy girl immediately blushed. Weird she somehow managed to listen to their conversation while looking totally out of it and only thinking of one thing, her mind giving no hint of her comprehension to their words. Then her dreamy look suddenly turned worried.

“What’s she thinking now?” whispered Emmet.

“What about Alice, what about Alice, what about Alice.” Edward answered.

“Wow you weren’t kidding when you said she thinks of only one thing at a time.” Emmet said.

“She’s thinking of more, I’m sure of it, I just caught that her name is Crystal, but it took too much concentration just to figure that out. Somehow she blocks nearly all of her thoughts out with a single solid thought and contemplates everything else in the hidden confines of her complicated mind that so slyly tries to make itself seem overly simple.” Edward told him.

“Darn, you’ve caught on to me!” she suddenly exclaimed.

“So what’s up with this ‘what about Alice’ stuff?” Jasper quickly asked before Edward could rub it in her face.

“Well aren’t you and Alice… married?” she asked.

Jasper and Alice looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“You’ve been reading Twilight right?” giggled Alice.

“Of course I have! How else would I have figured out that you were vampires and not just any vampires but the Cullens?” she demanded while her thoughts chanted ‘Twilight, Twilight, Twilight, Twilight’.

“Don’t always believe what the lovely Stephanie Meyer may or may not write about us in her amazing books,” Alice mumbled through her giggles.

“You mean…” Crystal trailed off.

“No Jasper and I are not married. Rosalie and Emmett are though and so are Carlisle and Esme. The rest of us are alone. The remainder of the book up to the baseball game where nothing actually happened and our lives continued as normal as it could be for us (Mrs. Myer was just trying to make things more interesting) has the same basic storyline of our lives besides Jasper and I being married but things that were said, the way we reacted, and some key pieces of our personalities are missing. New Moon, Eclipse and Braking Dawn haven’t and will probably never happen. They were truly made up but Stephanie. Twilight is the only book that is somewhat true to us so far and even it is not right and the very first part is only slightly close to the truth.” Alice explained.

“Wow, never before have I doubted the awesome powers of the Twilight series.” Crystal breathed in amazement.

The cafeteria doors suddenly burst open making everyone in the vicinity jump. I loud squeal signaled shiny addicted, squirrel watching, spinning/galloping/skipping girl’s return. Mir… what ever her name was had found her shiny object, and made her way back to the Fork High School’s lunch room.

“Look it!” She squealed as she held up a paper clip.

The twitchy girl reached for the paper clip but mir… what’s her name shrieked and fell onto her back.

“It’s my precious!” She whispered.

And with that, let the fun begin.