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Old Friends

An old friend of Carlisle's comes to town after doing some detective work and suffering through a giant misunderstanding.


1. Chapter 1: This Isn't Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 1: This Isn’t Sunset BoulevardI have him on the ground. The ammo for my shotgun is spent. My hand moves to my pocket to reload. He won’t be down for long. I search inside, nothing. The realization hits me like a thunderbolt. I wasn’t carrying any extra shells; the gun was lying around the house. Before I can react he’s back on his feet. He’s gripping the shotgun. His golden eyes stare back at me, fury and bloodlust is all I can see. He wanted me dead before, now he wants to make me suffer. I try to pry the gun away, it won’t budge. I throw my head forward, his head feels like cold concrete, but it falls back. With both of us gripping the shotgun, I swing around and throw him into the wall, it collapses. He pushes back; we cover the distance from one end of the room to the other in less than a second. The wall behind me shatters, I barely feel it. Neither of us has released the gun. I swing around again and wreck more of my living room as he destroys the rest of my south living room wall. He snaps the gun in half; our faces are so close together. I smell the sickly sweet scent they all give off. Before I can react, I’m flying again. My kitchen counter is destroyed as I fly through it and into my oven. He’s to me in a heartbeat; jerking me up by the front of my shirt I draw my piece.

Bam… Bam… Bam… Three shots, I make him even angrier. A quick swipe and the piece flies out of my hand. I head butt him again, a flurry of punches follow. I move him back, I try a kick to his side, he knocks it down, and pain shoots up my leg. It’s his turn, I don’t remember much. The shock from each blow reverberates down my entire skeleton. I’m not thinking any more, I throw some more punches to try to push him back. He takes them and answers with more of his own. I can’t afford to trade blows with this monster and he knows it. He launches an avalanche at me, I quit trying to hit him and focus on only trying to survive his latest flurry. Each blow I block still rattles me, I feel that my limbs are about to shatter, but I try to ignore the pain... I know I have to escape this prison, get away from him and try to bulk up, but this guy is good. He’s got me and won’t let me go. I get desperate; leaping up to the corner of my ceiling I plant myself up there and flail at him with a series of kicks. He blocks everyone. He’s had enough, my ankle’s caught in a vice and before I know it I’m face down at the floor.

I don’t bother trying to get up. He wants me down and that’s where I’ll stay. My body’s done, every bit a fight I had left when I turned my living room floor into a crater. I manage to turn my head and see the (miraculously) still functioning television. The 10:00 news is just beginning. “Four minutes… four minutes is all it took. After all this time, just four minutes,” I think to myself. The master would be so disappointed. Well he can criticize me later. I’ll most likely be seeing him soon. An icy hand grips my shoulder, and flips me over on my back. I see the honey blond vampire again. He looks down at me curiously. I can see his shirt and jacket are littered with holes. Courtesy of my little friends, not a mark on his skin though. Figures. He picks me up by my throat. I can’t breathe anymore. I try not to think about what he’ll do next. There’s so many ways he finish me off, maybe that’s what he’s pausing, trying to think of the best way to kill me. He can take his time, it’s not like I can do anything about it. I can feel the blood oozing out of the dozens of cuts over my body. A thought flickers in my mind, “He’s not thinking about feeding is he?” No vampire has ever been tempted by my blood before. Well maybe there’s a first time for everything. It doesn’t matter anymore now does it?

My killer continues to hold me by the throat. The seconds tick by, I stare into his golden eyes and he stares right back. I’m guessing you are wondering if I was scared at the moment. To be honest, I really wasn’t. You see I know where I am going and the thought seems rather inviting considering my present circumstances. Please don’t misinterpret these feelings as those of a man wishing that he was dead. Nothing could be farther from the truth, I love life, but the specter of death has never haunted me like it has so many others. Granted I have inside information, but still, a better Man than I has been afraid when the time of His death was near, but considering what He had to go through, who could blame Him. However, I digress. No, I wasn’t afraid, but I was starting to hope my killer would get on with it. Or was he going to strangle me to death? All he had to do was keep his hand around my throat and the job would be over soon enough. He kept staring at me and I kept waiting. Then, as if some unknown trigger went off, I saw a flash of steely resolve cross his face and I knew he made up his mind. This was it, if I had air enough to manage to chuckle I would have.

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere I hear two sets of footsteps running to my location. “No!” I think to myself. If it was my time to die, then fine by me, but I’ll be damned if some poor fool will get killed by stumbling into this mess. I try to shout, but no air can escape my lungs. The fight that left me only moments before returns. I kick with everything I have, my feet connect with his stomach but nothing gives. It took that last strike from me to finish what he began and I was flying. I don’t recall seeing anything else as I left my room. I could hear the glass of my window shattering and I flew through it. I could also here voices. A sweet angelic voice crying, “Jasper!” and a much more familiar voice shouting, “Stop!” As if by some kind of magic, everything did stop, for a moment I was floating, I can see the moon and all the stars. I can feel the cool night air on my skin and hear the night breeze as it blew throughout the night. Then, as soon as it the moment began, it was over and I was falling.

Some people say that before you die, you life flashed before your eyes. Well, either my life was too long for a nice, quick, summary, or because the whole thing is nonsense in the first place. However, for whatever reason, it didn’t happen to me. All I do remember is the feeling of iron hand of gravity on me as I plummeted down to the earth. The fall was actually quite peaceful; it was the landing that sucked. Thankfully, I don’t remember much of the landing. All I can recall the sound of metal crunching, an intense moment of excruciating agony as I am sure nearly every bone in my body was broken and then nothing…

Now, I am sure you’re thinking, “Okay, how is this guy writing all of this down? Shouldn’t he be dead at this point?” In normal circumstances, you would be right. An ordinary man should have been killed, but you must understand, I’m not exactly an ordinary human being, but I’ll get into more of that later. For now let me assure you, this isn’t Sunset Boulevard.