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Accidental Mishap

Bella is in a terrible, life threatening accident on her way home form Port Angeles. How will the people in her life, especially Edward, react when they find out about it? Set between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.


This is jsut something that came ot me as I was falling asleep a few days ago. Hope you like it. Please, please review!

10. Chapter 10

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Jacob’s POV

Bella really was hurt. And hurt real bad. Carlisle explained to us about how Edward had lent her his car, and was in an accident with a drunk driver on her way home from Port Angeles. So even though he wasn’t directly responsible for her being here, he was still at fault. If he had let her go in her truck she would have only gotten the pain scratched. I still wouldn’t be able to forgive him for this one.

Seth had always had a bit of a weak stomach, so he eventually went to stand in the back corner with the other leech. I guess he was a bit upset, ‘cause Seth apologized for me.

“We’re with ya, man,” Seth started, “Oh, and sorry ‘bout Jacob. He just worries. And jumped to conclusions.”

“Don’t apologize for me, kid. I have every right to want to kill him right now. This is just a dress rehearsal for when he does turn her.”

I didn’t get it. I just didn’t get how Seth could be friends with our natural enemy. It was like Bella. She should have run in the opposite direction from the blood suckers. But instead she runs into his arms. And now she was in a car accident that she would have been fine in if she was in a car she liked. What in the hell was the world coming to?

I’m guessing that Dr. Fang didn’t really appreciate my manners, since he was quick to usher us out of the observation deck soon after my refusal to apologize.

He said that we could all go up to his office, but didn’t follow us as we left. Instead he went downstairs to the OR in a rush. I hoped he wasn’t going to have to do any work on Bella.

“He’ll be up later, pup. He’s just getting news about my fiancé for me.” Stupid mind reader. I always forgot that my head wasn’t safe when he was near me. Keep out I thought towards him. I didn’t like that he tried to seem so blasé about Bella being hurt. Like he was proving that he was more a man than I for not showing emotion.

“Not more of a man. Just less human.”

“Um, guys? Could you have, like, normal, out loud conversations? Just so I know what’s going on?” Seth complained. Wow, I had actually forgotten all about him.

“Sorry Seth. It was wrong of us to leave you out. You didn’t miss much anyway. Your friend just felt the need to insult my way of coping with such a huge blow.” Of course I’m the bad guy. Edward grinned at this thought.

Carlisle’s POV

I left the Edward to walk to wolves up to my office alone. Right now I needed to check up on Bella.

I walked down into the OR after scrubbing in as quickly and effectively as I could, all while maintaining a human speed. From the looks of things and the assurances I got from the surgeons, Bella was in good condition, all things considered. She would be out of surgery in an hour.

This time I was satisfied with the work that had been done on Bella. I happily made my way up to my office, fully expecting nothing short of a celebration at the news. I wouldn’t have dreamed I would have walked in on the scene that I found unraveling.

Rosalie’s POV

“No! I will not be persuaded into being in a confined space with any werewolves!” Edward had just walked into the room, followed by Jacob and flanked by, what was his, name? Oh, that was Seth. God, how could he stand their stench?

“Rose, do you really think I want to be around Jacob? Unfortunately, he won’t get over Bella, so it would appear that we are stuck with him.” At least Edward sounded frustrated by one of their presences.

“Well, Blondie, if your dear brother hadn’t lent Bella his car, Bella wouldn’t be here. So you can thank him for my-”

Edward looked livid. But he didn’t have a chance to act on his emotions. I was already tackling him across the room.

“Don’t you dare blame my brother for the actions of another human!” I spat, inches away from his face.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and turned to look into Emmet’s face. He seemed to be silently pleading with for to keep under control.

“Rose has a problem with drunken men…” Carlisle had arrived. He was casting a guarded look around the room, almost as though he was reminding everyone that they were within the reach of human ears and eyes.

I got up from my position over Jacob and straightened up. I was slightly ashamed that I had allowed my father to see me acting out like that. Jacob really wasn’t worth my time and energy. He wasn’t worth a second glace. But at the same time, nobody gets to insult my brother, no matter how annoying he can be. Edward heard this and sent me a tentative smile.

I should have known by that smile that Carlisle had come bearing good news.

Alice’s POV

Bella was going to be ok! I could hear the conviction in Carlisle’s voice, Bella really was going to pull through. This didn’t stop me from looking into her future anyway. And from where I was sitting, it looked like she would be ok. Eventually. Of course, she wouldn’t be happy with the immediate future. Too much recovery. But I think we could not tell her that until later… Edward pursed his lips as he saw the amount of physical therapy I saw her going through. Well, at least she would be alive, right?

Carlisle left soon after telling us that Bella was going to pull through. He said he had to go find Charlie to tell him the good news. Seeing Charlie’s reaction before he did was priceless.

Charlie’s POV

Talking to Billy was good. He was happy now that Jake was back, so keeping the conversation going was fairly easy. And therapeutic. He understood what it was to almost loose a child permanently. Granted his already came home, but the effect was the same. We had thankfully also found a TV with a football game on, so it was easy to keep a bit of a positive mood.

But my positive mood was nothing compared to what it was about to be. While we were arguing about which team would win, Carlisle came around. For some reason though, he thought it would be a good idea to get my attention by stepping in front of the TV. At the same time Billy’s team managed to fall behind.

“Charlie, I know that you are in the middle of watching the game, but I have some good news! I just checked in on Bella’s surgery. Her doctor is sure she will pull through. About an hour from now she’ll be in recovery so you’ll be able to see her then.”

I felt like my heart stopped beating. And then I found that I could speak.

“Really? She’s gonna be fine? They fixed her?”

“Yes, Charlie, she’ll be just fine.”

Even I was surprised by my next move. I never would have thought to live to see the day when I would spontaneously jump up and hug a doctor. Apparently, Dr. Cullen was just as surprised as I was at my outburst. He stiffened, then awkwardly patted my back.

Billy was gladly unable to stand to join us in my happiness. Dr. Cullen offered to keep an ear out for when she was out of the OR, and volunteered to come find us when he heard anything.

We returned to watching our game with more enthusiasm. And I counted the minutes until I could be at my baby’s side again.

Edward’s POV

After Carlisle left we had to entertain ourselves for what seemed like forever. Rose sat in Emmet’s lap and glared at the two wolves, thinking about the many ways she could torture them for their existence. Emmet merely focused on his fantasies. I internally cringed and tried to tune him out as well as I possibly could. Jasper spend his time staring into Alice’s face, letting his love for her emanate outward. Esme was content to look out the window of Carlisle’s office, all the while worrying about Bella. And Alice turned to her favorite pastime. Plaguing me with the hardships that Bella will be dealing with. Of course, she didn’t mean for it to come across this way, but rather as a way to prove Bella’s survival. But all the same, it was torture to see the hours of therapy she would need to be herself again. Not to mention the many arguments I would get into with her trying to make her do something to get her better.

The minutes just wouldn’t go by fast enough. But when I heard the thoughts of Bella’s doctors, I couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Bella was alive!