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Accidental Mishap

Bella is in a terrible, life threatening accident on her way home form Port Angeles. How will the people in her life, especially Edward, react when they find out about it? Set between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.


This is jsut something that came ot me as I was falling asleep a few days ago. Hope you like it. Please, please review!

11. Chapter 11

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Carlisle’s POV

“She’s out of surgery!” Edward’s exclamation started me. Things had been quiet for awhile and I had gotten a chance to get started on some paperwork. Which, considering the size of this hospital, was beginning to pile up.

But it wasn’t Edward that surprised me the most. “Um, Dr. Cullen, so you think, maybe, I could see her, before she wakes up? I just want to be able to say a proper goodbye…before I leave again,” Jacob asked. I could tell Edward didn’t like the idea of him being alone with Bella. But I knew he wouldn’t object. It seemed that Seth was the only one who would be putting up a fight…

Seth’s POV

“Jacob, man you can’t leave now! You just got back! Just ’cause Bella is alive doesn’t mean you can go off into the woods by yourself again. I won’t let Sam let you get your way this time! He’ll order you to stay, he’ll-” I took a look at Jacob, and knew I would be fighting a loosing battle. But this was so wrong. How could he live with himself, knowing that he’s screwing with all of us in the pack as well as his father by leaving. I liked Bella, loved her cause of how happy Edward was since he was my friend now, but to throw his life away over her was stupid. And he knew it, too.

Edward’s POV

Did he actually just ask to see her? Even knowing how much it would hurt her, he was still willing to see her now. And then hurt her even more when he leaves? It was lucky she was unconscious, there was no way I’d put her through that. Saying goodbye to him once was more than enough.

“Actually, Jacob, she’s unconscious still. And I’d rather you didn’t jeopardize her recovery time by breaking her heart when you so desire to leave as soon as you’ve crushed her.” I couldn’t help borrowing the sentiments that Seth had expressed in his mind. Luckily, he didn’t seem to notice and kept up with his internal ranting.

“Good. Then I can go see her now. She can’t be crushed if she’s not awake,” Jacob began verbally, but finished mentally, but you really can’t be one to talk about hurting her, now can you leech?

Emmet held me back before I could tackle him. If I didn’t know any better I would say that this pathetic werewolf in front of me was born just to keep me reminded of everything that I have done wrong in this existence. If only killing him wouldn’t upset Bella.

“Edward, I really don’t see why he can’t see Bella now. He’s right, she can’t get hurt by what she wasn’t around to hear.” I was shocked to hear this response from my father. He sounded so old, weary almost. As if that was possible for a vampire. The words alone would have upset me, but this tone was different. It almost frightened me.

From what Jasper was thinking, everyone else in the room had been frightened by his response as well. It was as if I had temporarily lost my power, and then the thoughts hit me. Well, one thought really. What’s wrong with him?

The shock must have been evident on our faces, because he shot me an almost smug look before letting me in on what was going on. Oh. So there wasn’t anything wrong with him. He was simply coming up with one of the most brilliant plans that anyone in my family had come up with in almost a century.

Jacob’s POV

I was amazed. I had never thought that any part of a vampire could seem old. Not even their voice. But I guess I had been wrong about a lot of things lately. It was obvious that everything that was going on around me was on another level of communication. Damn. They should skip the human charade. They could totally open a circus sideshow and make millions. The little faerie over there could read tea leaves, the burly one could be the strongman, Edward could just be the freak, the motherly one could run the thing, Blondie could be a dancer, the empath could make people want to pay money, and the Doctor could be ring master. Even while I amused myself with this mental picture, I found myself watching Edward’s face. It first went from fear, to confusion, then annoyance, probably from my imaginings, to triumph. And then he spoke to me.

“Alright, Jacob. Come with me.”

He left the room, not looking whether I would follow, but still knowing that I would.

“I’m surprised that your going to go along with this. And here I thought you’d never let me be alone with her.”

He gave me a look that said he was considering what I had said to be true. “Honestly, I don’t like the idea of your loving her. She is mine now, and I don’t appreciate you hurting her with your presence. Especially with you planning on skipping town the moment your out of the hospital.”

Then why are you doing this, mind reader? Why are you suddenly letting me have free reign in what I do around her?

“Free reign?” He snorted. Only I couldn’t really be considered a snort, since it was coming from a vampire. It was too perfect. “I’m not letting you have free reign. There are rules to this, Jacob Black. Yes, you will be alone with her. As long as you feel necessary, but before she wakes up, and-”

“Why before she wakes up? How is that so important?” I would have let him go on his rant, but that request seemed a bit off.

“You will see in time, pup,” he must have known I was about to say something else, but started talking again before I had the chance. “Do not interrupt me again, child. Remember Patience is a virtue.”

“Great, I’m being lectured about virtues by a vampire. This has got to be an all time low.”

Edward sighed before continuing. “You will leave her before she wakes up. You will not move her, it may pull at the sutchers, again. I will be outside in the hall way, but out of earshot. However, I will be able to hear what you are thinking, and I will know when and if I need to intervene. Got it?”

By the time he finished his little rant we had reached Bella’s room. I rolled my eyes and nodded, just so he was completely positive that I understood and would follow his rules and regs. As he walked off, leaving me alone with her, I could hear him muttering under his breath. I couldn’t understand much of it, but it could have been a string of curses. And here I thought he was so innocent and virtuous. Bella’s little Eddie was growing up.

I walked in and sat down on the edge of Bella’s bed. She looked almost worse laying here than she did when she was being operated on. At least then she had someone qualified to help her at the drop of a hat. Suddenly my plan to be alone with her didn’t seem so well thought out. But I wouldn’t let that stop me from having these few precious moments with her.

I took her hand in mine, knowing full well that this was something Edward wouldn’t approve of. Deal with it, ESP boy. Something told me that I would be in a ton of trouble for that later…Hopefully Bella would stay under for a good amount of time before that happened. Then I could make my escape…

Thinking about this, and why I was leaving, was like getting punched in the gut. Like no matter how much you tried to not let it effect you, you couldn’t win against the pain. I actually started tearing up. I pulled her hand up to my face, and after kissing it several times, I placed in on my cheek, as if I could burry my face in it. I know, it sounds weird. But if you’ve ever been in my position, you would know what I was dealing with.

“Bells, honey, your gonna be ok. Your gonna live. And I’ll be back if you change your mind. Even when it’s too late. I know you can’t hear me, but your soul will. It will remember… Even if it’s buried under your bloodlust one day… I love you, Bells. Always have, always will.”

After my monologue to the unconscious love of my life, I didn’t say another word. I just sat there, occasionally pressing another kiss to her hand, her forehead, he cheek. Sometimes I would caress her face and rub the skin exposed on her arm in a way that would have been reassurance if she had been awake. I did everything that I would have if she had been engaged to me, and not my mortal enemy.

Funny, how things work out. The bad guys always get what they want. And the good guys never get what they deserve.