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Accidental Mishap

Bella is in a terrible, life threatening accident on her way home form Port Angeles. How will the people in her life, especially Edward, react when they find out about it? Set between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.


This is jsut something that came ot me as I was falling asleep a few days ago. Hope you like it. Please, please review!

12. Chapter 12

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Jacob’s POV

To me, it seemed like my time with Bella was so short when Edward came into the room to get me. I knew that I would just have to settle for what little time I’ve got.

“Come on, mutt, she’ll be waking up soon.”

I looked up at the clock. Dear God, had it really been an hour that I had been with her? It really didn’t feel like it.

“So, are you going to tell me why I had to see her only when she was still unconscious?” I was somewhat apprehensive about the answer he would give me. You could never trust leeches, and I trusted him even less.

“Jacob, you and I both know that Bella would be extremely hurt if she were to see you, and then have you disappear knowing that it was her choice that drove you away,” he looked me squarely in the eye as he was saying this, a bad sign in my book.

“So you didn’t want her to see me? How does that solve anything? Once she wakes up and everyone tells her, then she’s gonna be upset anyway.”

He looked at me in a sympathetic way before answering. Almost as if he felt sorry for me. “Jacob, you can guess the answer to that one. It’s not that hard. I let you say your good-bye to her, but she’ll never know it. We aren’t planning on telling her, or Charlie for that matter, that you were here. Carlisle’s telling Seth the plan now, so he can tell Billy later. Charlie will think that you left after making sure Bella was out of surgery. And Alice has seen that he wont tell you that Jacob was there in case it would interfere with her recovery.”

I stood there for a moment, letting this idea sink into my head. I didn’t like it. Bella should know that I was here. It was only fair. But he was right. She would be hurt too much if she knew. She would be better off never finding out. Even though I knew this, a part of me hoped that she found out one day. Then there would be hell to pay on the leeches part.

“She won’t find out, dog. And even if she does, it was for her own good.” I hated how he was telepathic right now. He would know just how much I was hurting. I shouldn’t let him see my weaknesses.

“I guess that I should make my way out then. Just to make sure everything goes according to plan. Give her a kiss goodbye for me.”

“Jacob, I know what you think of me. But I don’t particularly like hurting you with this either. I wouldn’t like this if our positions were reversed either.”

I didn’t even give him the courtesy of turning around. He had won, he was winning now, and he would always win.

And so I walked away from the woman whom I loved, without ever planning on coming back to her side.

Edward’s POV

I watched as Jacob walked away from me. Even with all of the animosity, I still felt badly for his pain. It was, in all ways, my fault. He would have had her if I hadn’t become a vampire. But even though I felt horrid for how my existence, the selfish side of me still held onto a vindictive pleasure that I could have her, even if it wasn’t right, for her sake or in a moral sense.

I made my way at a slow human pace up to my father’s office. I wasn’t sure how to face my family after this. I knew that nothing had changed with Bella’s condition, but I still feared being wrong. With Bella, nothing was impossible. When I did finally get to his office, I was relieved to hear relatively calm voices. The only ones in my family who seemed out of the ordinary were Jasper and Emmet, who were fighting over using Carlisle’ computer. It was almost amusing, how easy it was for my family to get back into their usual contented routine.

Edward, you should probably go down to Bella’s room now. She’s going to be up in about 15 minutes. And she will be ok. And stop worrying. And make sure your nice to the nurse, she’s having a really bad day. And gently remind her to make sure she doesn’t forget painkillers, Bella will need them. And…

“Alice. Stop. I don’t need the lecture, I can handle it.” I turned out of the room and chuckled at how she was so commandeering, even mentally. I couldn’t let this bother me, though. I was on my way to see my love. And she would be alive!

Bella’s POV

The last thing I remembered was pain. And then, everything went black. If you would have told me that I

would have woken up again, I would have laughed aloud.

But awaken I did. I was disoriented at first. I could feel something cold around my hand, and I could feel a weight forcing part of what I was lying on down. It took me a few moments to realize I was in the hospital still. This was when I opened my eyes. Everything was fuzzy around the edges. Until I set eyes upon the figure sitting on the edge of my bed.

Of course Edward would be there. I don’t know why I was somewhat surprised to see him. His presence would explain the coolness on my hand. He was, of course, holding it gently in his. He hadn’t noticed that I was conscious as of yet, so I felt safe in ogling at him, as I usually tended to do. He was talking to the nurse who was in the room. This made me feel guilty. He was still taking care of me, even though this was probably my fault. I was probably driving down the wrong side of the road or something. That, combined with the fact that I had totally missed another human being having been in the room with me, made me groan.

Edward noticed that I was up then. Stupid vampire hearing. The nurse wouldn’t have noticed if he didn’t look in my direction, worry etched on every plane of his face. He gently rested his unoccupied hand on the side of my face.

“Bella, love, what’s wrong?”

“I- I’m,” it was almost too difficult to speak. For some reason my voice was gravelly and uneven. Almost like that of a chain smoker.

“Oh dear, she may need some more pain med,” the nurse suggested. She sounded nice enough, but I hated the idea of needles. I instantly disliked her for it.

“I’m fine. I just feel guilty,” I managed to croak, “Please, no more meds. The pain hasn’t hit yet.” I was finding the more I spoke the less my voice acted up.

Edward actually smiled a little. He always had found my aversion to needles and medicine entertaining. Why, I’d never understand. But at least it eased away to lines of fear that had engraved themselves upon his brow.

Thankfully, Edward dismissed the nurse after I reassured her I wasn’t in any pain. This was a lie of course, and I knew they both saw through it, but they let me go without too much argument. As soon as the nurse left, I could see a definite change in Edward. He was still worried, but he was much more relaxed. He moved so that he was kneeling next to the bed and placed his head next to mine.

“Bella, love, you had us so worried. Promise me you won’t drive alone again?”

“I’m sorry. Everything’s my fault. Please forgive me?”

“Sweetheart, you didn’t do anything that needs forgiving. You just have terrible luck.” He kissed me gently on the forehead and stroked my cheek.

“But your Volvo. It’s got to be totaled. There’s no way it could have survived the tree. I swear, I tried to miss it but-” Edward silenced me with a look.

“Bella. You almost died, twice, because of the accident and then again because of shoddy work on the part of your surgeon. And your worried about my car?”

“Yes, I know how much you love that car.”

He signed and closed his eyes. He looked completely exasperated. “Do you really think that little of me? That I value a car, which is replaceable, more than the love of my life, who is entirely to breakable?”

I tried to answer him, but he silenced me with an unusually passionate kiss. Maybe destroying his car would turn out to be a good thing after all.