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Accidental Mishap

Bella is in a terrible, life threatening accident on her way home form Port Angeles. How will the people in her life, especially Edward, react when they find out about it? Set between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.


This is jsut something that came ot me as I was falling asleep a few days ago. Hope you like it. Please, please review!

3. Chapter 3

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Alice’s POV

This is not good.

One moment, I’m comforting Edward, and trying to see through the haze that is Bella’s near future. The next, I’m wishing that I had just been content with the fog I was getting.

The vision came on with no warning. It was haze. Then white. So white. I didn’t quite realize what that white was when I was seeing it at first. Then the image zoomed out. Bella. Her face. Pale. Almost vampiric with it’s paleness.

Then I saw the coffin. A coffin with a dark varnish, and a deep blue lining. Edwards favorite blue. Her face was made up to compensate for the fact that her body was covered from the shoulders down. I hadn’t realized the damage was that bad…

I barely registered Edward’s response to our family’s questions. I was coming out of this vision, but was bombarded with another. Only this one would upset the barely contained calm of the room…

Esme’s POV

My poor Bella. My newest daughter. For she is a daughter to me. I can’t bare to see her hurt, just as I cannot see any of my other children hurt. Unfortunately, Bella was my only fragile child, and her luck seemed to take full advantage of that fact. How I couldn’t wait until we wouldn’t need to worry about her injuring herself.

I could see that the rest of the family was distraught. Well, all of them except Rosalie. I would have to have a talk with her. It’s not Bella’s fault she was in a car collision. Rose would just need to accept that these things happen to Bella. And that, as her family, we will be here for her when she gets out of surgery.

Shaking my head at my daughter’s poor morality, I went to Charlie, planning to ask if there was anything that I could do. Get him some coffee, maybe some lunch. Even go out for some fresh air if that’s what he needed. That was when things started moving much swifter.

Alice shuddered over Edward’s frame, her face a mask of horror. As a unit, my family and I converged on the two of them, throwing question after question at them. What was Alice seeing? Is everything alright? What should we do? After a few moments hesitation, Edward finally uttered “It’s Bella”.

A loud thump alerted us to Charlie’s faint. However, in the moment of divided attention, Edward made his move.

Edward’s POV

So this is it then. This is the end of Bella. The end of us. The end of me.

I wouldn’t sit here and wait for it. I would run to Bella, or what was left of her, and screw whoever sees how fast I’ll have moved. I would say my goodbyes, track down the drunk and kill him, and find a way to get to Volterra before the rest of my family. Nobody was stopping my death this time. Bella wouldn’t be here to save me again. The beauty of it was, Alice would never see this. She was too involved in the vision she was already having of Bella. What will be everyone’s last memory of her. But not mine.

As everyone turned to see Charlie fall, I made my move. I leaped out of my chair. I was almost smug because I had thought they were too stunned to move for me. But I underestimated everyone. I had forgotten about Jasper…

Jasper’s POV

“It’s Bella.”

This can’t have happened. Bella can’t be dying on the table. Edward won’t be able to handle this one. He couldn’t handle her jumping off of a cliff, so how can he be expected to handle her dying in a car accident, where he can easily blame someone for taking her from him. Oh, but he’s murderous. Carlisle won’t like the emotions he’s giving me. That man won’t be living all that much longer.

There was a loud sound coming from Charlie’s direction. We all turned, and saw him laying in a heap on the floor. Apparently, he had some understanding of what was happening. We’ll need to find a way to explain this to him after…But what was that I was getting from Edward? Complacency? That makes no sense…

I looked over and saw he was moving towards the door. I made a leap for him but missed. He always was the fastest one in the family. He must have thought he had evaded us. Lucky for me, Emmet caught on quickly as well. As Edward was making his way out the door the two of us tore after him. Hopefully the two of us would be able to stop him before he got too far…

Emmet’s POV

One minute Charlie’s laying on the floor. The next minute Jasper is chasing Edward out the door. Now I find myself sprinting, at full vampire speed, down the hall after Edward and Jasper’s back. If the Volturri find out about his, Jasper owes me. Big.

What is Edward thinking anyway? He’s the one who always reminds us that Alice’s visions are changeable. For all we know something has changed already. He can’t snap now. He can snap later so that we can keep him from snapping. Why does nobody ever listen to my logic?

Jasper makes a wild leap for Edward. He misses his target, but manages to grab hold of his leg. At least that took both of them down. It’s giving Jasper a bit of a leg up. No pun intended. Thank god Edward is the smallest in stature compared to the rest of us.

As I get to the two of them, Edward is almost wriggled free of Jasper’s grasp. I throw myself on top of both of them, earning myself a few hits. I guess I deserve it. I am pretty heavy. At least this time it helps. We manage to get Edward between the two of us. He doesn’t stop fighting. Or cursing. Which is weird. I mean, it is Edward. He never curses around the girls, and rarely does around any of us. And here I had thought it was because he was that innocent. Guess I was wrong.

Even though Edward is a weakling compared to my strength (who isn’t, though) he doesn’t let up with his struggling. Before the hall had been deserted, but now there are nurses and patients watching us. I guess they heard the crash when Jasper and Edward collapsed. Man, how had we managed to get so far down the hall. We need to be more careful with so many witnesses. A few of them were eyeing us warily. I couldn’t resist taking advantage of this.

“Don’t worry everyone, we’ll take him back to the mental ward right away. Nothing to see here.”

“I don’t need to be admitted to the mental ward, I need you to let me go! Now!”

Jasper just rolled his eyes.

We carted him back into the room just in time for the next round of drama. It just never ended with us, did it?

Rosalie’s POV

Great. Just great. The stupid human has to up and die. Why id Edward get in so deep with her? He should have stayed with Tanya. She wouldn’t be bringing this on us. I swear to God, if he is running like a vampire and not a human down that hall, I will kill him. The Volturri won’t need to. And why did he have to bring Emmet into this? If Bella doesn’t die for some reason, I will kill her myself for doing this to us. Stupid mortal.

Edward’s POV

Why did I have to be turned when I was on the brink of death? Maybe if I had been turned even a week earlier, I wouldn’t be so weak in comparison to Emmet. If he hadn’t have thrown himself on top of Jasper and me, I would have been gone already. And now he has the nerve to question my sanity? Maybe I’ll throw a match on Rosalie before I go to Italy, see how much he likes it…

As they were carting me back to Carlisle’s office, I couldn’t help but think of Bella as I had seen her this morning. Bright, full of life. He hair mussed up from sleeping. Her dreams had been sweet for once. She had said she loved me several times last night. Now I’d never hear my angel’s voice reminding me of that ever again.

Jasper must have been keeping a close eye on everyone’s emotions, because as soon as we neared the door a wave of lethargy hit me. Not that it really had any effect on me. I am a vampire, after all. Things must have gotten worse.

Esme was on the floor elevating Charlie’s head to make him comfortable in his unconscious state. Rosalie was glaring at the wall. I didn’t like the direction her thoughts we’re going. If she ever hurt Bella, even if it was just what was left of her body, she would pay for it. And there was Alice, sitting hunched over in the corner whimpering. Jasper noticed her the same moment that I did. We moved together, dragging Emmet, towards her.

I could barely concentrate on my surroundings as I saw what was being played over and over for Alice. Bella, laying open on the table, with disjointed organs. Almost bleeding out before anyone could do anything to stop the flow. Carlisle watching in shock as he’s being forbidden from entering, form saving my dear Bella’s life. One of the doctors is skilled in his stitching, however. He’s putting the pieces back together. Stopping her from losing too much blood. Someone rushes in with a few fresh bags of blood for a quick transfusion. Bella waking up an hour or so later. She looks better, has some color in her lips and cheeks. But now she’s doubled over in pain. Gasping for breath, trying to scream. The stitches aren’t holding internally.

It took me a minute to get control over my emotions. First came the horror of her operation, then joy at her living, and then agony as she dies from shoddy technique before anyone can save her. I had to save her. Yet, how could I expect to save her from this?