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Accidental Mishap

Bella is in a terrible, life threatening accident on her way home form Port Angeles. How will the people in her life, especially Edward, react when they find out about it? Set between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.


This is jsut something that came ot me as I was falling asleep a few days ago. Hope you like it. Please, please review!

4. Chapter 4

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Carlisle’s POV

I could only stare in shock at the state Bella’s body was internally. He organs seemed to have disjointed themselves in some areas. Blood was pouring out of her abdomen, and was starting to overflow onto the table she was on. Thankfully, the surgeon that she had was very skilled with sutchering. Before long, she seemed fixed up. All that was left was her recovery time. I couldn’t imagine anything else going wrong. She was in good hands. I was just left wishing that those good hands were mine.

As they wheeled her up to a recovery room, I made my way up to my office. Edward would be happy about this. Bella was gong to be ok. Just a week or so in the hospital. Maybe even less, if I could convince Charlie and the staff that I would be able to give her round the clock care at my home…

When I got to my office I found potentially two patients that would need my care. Charlie was laying on the floor, obviously unconscious. My first thoughts were along the lines of dear God, what did he think to make Edward hit him, but after hearing my son growl at this I turned to my other patient. My daughter, Alice. She too was on the floor, and had an expression that made me think she wished that she could be unconscious for a bit as well. All I had to do was raise an eyebrow for my family to respond.

“Carlisle, dear, Charlie passed out a little while ago, why don’t you take care of him while asking your questions.” Esme, always the realist. What would I do without her?

The next comment came from Emmet. “Hey, dad, we might have to admit Edward to the mental ward…he kinda lost it and the only way for me to explain it away was that he had recently escaped and…” A glare that meant imminent death coming from his brother stopped him from continuing.

“Just let Alice or Edward explain what’s going on, then you can beleaguer our father with the possible problems you have created for us, little brother,” Jasper interjected. Judging by his clipped response, the atmosphere of the room must be much more tense than what I was seeing.

Edward and Alice both told me the story behind their obvious desolation. And both ended the same way. They both begged me to re-open Bella to strengthen the stitches that my colleague had just done. I honestly saw no sense in what they were asking. The doctor was good at his job. I had watched him, he had done nothing wrong. It was possible that Alice had seen what would happen if I interfered. Unfortunately, the only one that took my side was Esme. Not that I was unhappy about her support. I merely wish that more of my family would see things in my perspective.

As I contemplated the fact that at the moment I had no control over the plotting that was being mentally done between Edward and Alice, I went back to working on Charlie. Thankfully, this was a case that I knew would have no overbearing issues.

Alice’s POV

How Carlisle could mistrust what I was seeing I’ll never understand. There he is, trying to make Charlie regain consciousness, while Edward and I are alone in trying to save his future daughter-in-law’s life. Really, shouldn’t it be the other way around?

I was never more thankful of my brothers telepathy than I was at this moment. It made planning so much easier. Of course I had to constantly look ahead to see what his response was, but it was more than worth it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t come up with much under the circumstances. Even though Edward had been to med school, it had been awhile, and that coupled with the fact that he wasn’t sure how long he could stand the smell of Bell’s blood ruled out him doing anything to help her. And what did I know of human medical treatments? Fashion was my forte, not science. Our only option is waiting this out. See if we can catch anything before it happened. For once, time was really begging to mean something more to me. And it was all being measured in the number of breaths Bella had left.

Edward’s POV

Carlisle is being too tenacious about his trust in this doctor. Alice saw him practically killing my Bella, and yet he refuses to do anything about it?! Since when does he cease to take action to save a life? This isn’t like him. Alice will have to keep a close eye on her future. I can’t lose her again. I can’t. I won’t. I refuse to.

As I sat with Alice silently preparing our strategy to keep Bella alive, Charlie began to regain consciousness. He came to rather slowly, and when he was completely roused his thoughts were more disjointed than usual. He started with things along the lines of where am I?, and not a dream, she’s really in the hospital. I envied him his obliviousness. To be able to not know what was going to happen would be heavenly.

Charlie’s POV

What am I doing on the floor? This isn’t my house. Where am I?

I slowly looked around the place I was laying. When the pieces all fell into place, and I realized I was in Carlisle’s office, I was silently grieving that this hadn’t all been a dream. Bella really was in a terrible accident. And now her life is in a strangers hands. Would I ever see my daughter alive and well again?

Sitting up, I looked around the room and saw the tense looks on the Cullens’ faces. Edward and Alice appeared to be having some sort of silent conversation. Weird. But then again, it was Edward. Funny, he rolled his eyes, as if he could hear what I had just been thinking. Jasper and Emmet kept exchanging glances and tried to make it look like they weren’t repeatedly peeking at Edward. Huh. I wonder what I missed while I was unconscious. Hopefully it’s nothing important. If it’s about Edward, it probably nothing interesting to me. Rose still looks pissed off. Esme looks as though this is all getting to be too much for her. Maybe Carlisle should tell her to go home. She needs to rest, she looks like she’s overly stressed with these kids of hers wearing on her, on top of Bella being hurt.

Carlisle is explaining something about Bella to Edward. But if she’s ok, why does he still look upset? My baby is going to live! He should be overjoyed! Suddenly, I can’t help the smile that curves my lips. I’m going to see Bella again. And soon.