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Accidental Mishap

Bella is in a terrible, life threatening accident on her way home form Port Angeles. How will the people in her life, especially Edward, react when they find out about it? Set between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.


This is jsut something that came ot me as I was falling asleep a few days ago. Hope you like it. Please, please review!

5. Chapter 5

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Jasper’s POV

Explaining this to Charlie was going to be difficult. He might be elated to hear that Bella might live, but he’s not stupid. One day soon he’s going to put the pieces together. He’ll wonder about why we don’t eat, why we are always so cold, why we don’t change. Even now, I can feel his confusion as he observes our behavior. About how Edward seemly knows what he is thinking, how Alice seems to be one step ahead of the rest of us. There has to be a way to divert his attention…for the moment…

Carlisle’s POV

I was in the middle of explaining Bella’s condition to Charlie when my newest son shocked us all.

“If Bella’s going to be alright, then can we go in and see her now? Even though she’s unconscious?”

It was obvious to everyone in my family that Jasper really liked Bella. But to make such an obvious assertion of this brotherly affection towards her seemed a bit out of character for him. What must he be thinking. Or is he simply acting out of the emotions that are surrounding him in the room? As I looked at his face, trying to figure out his motivations, he slightly nodded his head at Charlie. Oh, so he’s curious now, is he? Jasper must have gotten the reaction from Charlie that he was going for, as a slow smile was spreading across his face.

“Can we Carlisle? I’d love to be able to see her. To tell her I love her. Just so she knows…” Charlie was unable to finish his sentence. It was obvious that he couldn’t bare the thought of losing his only daughter, his only child.

I couldn’t think of a reason to keep them from her, so I answered with a simple “Why not?” They wouldn’t do her any real harm…My only stipulation was that they visit in pairs. No more than that or they might risk messing with her recovery. I could see that Alice and Edward would have no problem with that. But would the others?

Charlie’s POV

I practically ran all the way up to Bella’s recovery room. I hated to see her all hooked up to those machines, but it was better than seeing her all banged up before hand. I’m thanking my lucky stars that I wasn’t the one called out to that accident. I don’t know if I could have handled seeing that. Even now she looks pretty bad. She’s got plaster on the side of her head, and you can see where she’s bandaged up: her shoulder, her leg, her abdomen. She looks in some ways like Frankenstein. Any other day I may have laughed at the comparison. Always a mythical creature to compare her to…First she was a angel, then a zombie, and now she’s a reanimated corpse. What was this world coming to?

It took all of my resolve to keep myself from breaking down. No parent should see their child like this. Broken, hanging on by a thread. I gently lifter her hand from the bed to give it a light kiss. It looked like it was just about the only thing on her that wasn’t mangled, excluding her face. But I couldn’t bring myself to kiss her forehead. In some way, that would have made this a good-bye. It was too final.

My eyes could no longer hold back the tears that were residing there. She looked so still. I could barley see her chest rising and falling as she breathed. It was as if this thing in front of me wasn’t really Bella. Just some sick version of her. This couldn’t be her. The tears were streaming down my face now, no longer hindered by the remnants of my pride.

Suddenly, I felt a hand pat my shoulder in a way that was meant to be comforting, but came off as awkward. I didn’t really need to look up to see that it would be Edward, but look I did. He had an understanding smile on his face. No, not really a smile. A grimace. Yes, that’s it, a grimace. I understood that one. We were both possibly spending the last few minutes of Bella’s life together. He would be feeling a similar pain to what I was feeling.

We stood there like that, Edward and I, for what seemed like one infinite moment.

Edward’s POV

Carlisle had to physically hold me back when Charlie first went into Bella’s room.

He deserves this moment Edward, he thought, he won’t have much time left with her as it is. She’s too bent on becoming one of us. Let him have as many memories as he can with her.

How was it the in three simple sentences Carlisle could make me feel so guilty? I suppose that’s the fatherly part of him. Can’t have the positive sides without the negative sides.

Watching Charlie with Bella was heart wrenching. His breathing was uneven and would hitch at random intervals. As if he was trying to not cry. He picked up her hand to press a kiss to it. Something that I would literally kill to be able to do. I could only hope that when I had my chance, I wouldn’t be kissing her goodbye.

Finally, Charlie seemed to loose his resolve. His tears flowed freely, dropping onto the cover over Bella. Seeing this, Carlisle all but pushed me into the room with him. I could barely contain my own emotions, how was I supposed to help someone who was beyond control? All I could think to do was awkwardly clap him on the shoulder. He knew it was me before he looked up. It was quite obvious as to where Bella got her observation skills from.

We didn’t stay there very long, but Charlie felt as though we had. It wasn’t long before Alice came to get me. For some incomprehensible reason, she felt the need to drag us down to the food court for nourishment.

Emmet’s POV

Carlisle was busy talking to the resident taking care of Bella. That was one obstacle down. Now all I have to do is wait for Alice to take Edward and Charlie down to the food court. Then I can have my chance…

As soon as I know that Edward wont be able to hear me moving, I practically jog into Bella’s room. As soon as I saw her, though, I skidded to a halt. She looked so small, delicate. She is small and delicate. Probably the most delicate thing in our world. It cut me up inside to see her so hurt. She’s my little sister. Her pain is my pain.

I was suddenly so overcome with emotion that I found myself kneeling down next to her bed, burying my face in my arms. I wouldn’t let myself cry over this, but I took a few deep breaths before taking her hand in mine. So tiny. And fragile. I hated seeing her like this. As much as I made fun of her for injuring herself during her little klutzy moments, I couldn’t stand seeing this poor human hurt. This poor human that I loved. My poor human little sister.

“Bella, baby, you gotta be ok. You can’t leave us like this. Think about Edward. He’ll be devastated. He’ll go back to Italy. We won’t be able to stop him this time…And what about Esme? You have to be okay for her. She loves you Bella. We all do…”

I just couldn’t take it any more. I had to leave. To go outside. Get some air. Maybe go hunting. Jasper would go with me. He’d feel my emotions a mile away. I jumped up from the floor and carefully placed Bella’s hand back onto her sheets, while muttering a quick good-bye. If I came back later, she would still be alive. She had to be. I could barely keep a human pace as I ran from the room.

Alice’s POV

Keeping Edward busy so that Emmet could have a moment with Bella seemed like a moot point. He was busy already. Making contingency plans, as he would call it. If we could keep Bella alive though, he shouldn’t need to worry about that. I just hoped nothing happened while Emmet was out of the room. Then we would really be in trouble. I had confidence though. Edward planned to not leave her side after they fed Charlie. I don’t think that even he realized how hungry he was. Not only did he eat his entire meal, but mine as well. I’m not quite sure what Edward did with his, I had more important things on my mind. Like how we were going to save his fiancé. And how to keep Emmet out of my mind. He wasn’t very fond of other people knowing how much he cared about anyone…except for Rose. He wanted every being on this planet to know how ardently he loved his Rose. If only it could be the reverse.

As Charlie was picking at the potato salad that I secretly thought smelled like plastic, I finally got confirmation of our plan.

Bella’s POV

Everything was fuzzy. Almost like someone had taken off my glasses and I was just now waking up. Only I didn’t wear glasses. And I wasn’t waking up from a restful night’s sleep. My whole body ached. My leg and my shoulder felt heavy. It took a few moments for my to remember exactly why my body should feel this way. And then the memories started flowing back to me. It was around this time that I started being able to see. The walls were a muted beige, which matched the portion of the blankets and furniture that I could see. I was able to feel the tubes in my nose and elbow. And the loud beeping.

This had to be a hospital. Which either meant that I was alive…or that I was stuck in a coma and was aware of my surroundings. I rather hoped that it was the first. Comas don’t get you turned into a vampire by your vampire fiancé. This had to be Alice’s doing. Only she would have seen me. Or was it…?

No. It could not have been Charlie. He could not have been the one to pull me from that car. This would kill him. If he didn’t come to the wreck, then did he know I was here? Would Edward even think of calling him? Oh, Edward! I could only hope that he hadn’t done anything suicidal. Knowing him, he would blame this on himself. How can I possibly make this right?

The nurse had noticed that I was awake after I started hyperventilating. He’ll blame himself for this now, too. I couldn’t help thinking it. He would.

I would have cried from frustration, but instead the only thing that made it out of my lips was “Edward”.