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Accidental Mishap

Bella is in a terrible, life threatening accident on her way home form Port Angeles. How will the people in her life, especially Edward, react when they find out about it? Set between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.


This is jsut something that came ot me as I was falling asleep a few days ago. Hope you like it. Please, please review!

6. Chapter 6

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Rosalie’s POV

What is it with the men in this family? How is it that Bella can enchant them the way she does. Any other female human getting into an accident would barely cause them to bat an eye. But if stupid Bella so much as gets a hang nail and they are completely enraptured by her recovery. I never would have thought to be out hunting with my husband, off all people, because he’s upset over his “little sister”. She. Isn’t. Our. Sister. She isn’t even a vampire. She’s just a human with no sense of self preservation. A freak among her kind. So why can’t they just let her go already?

Alice’s POV

Bella’s waking up! She should be ok!

There were no other words, or in this case, thoughts, that could convey my relief towards Edward. I was thrilled! Maybe Carlisle was, right after all.

Edward’s reaction, on the other hand, was something to see. After reading my thoughts and seeing what I was seeing, that Bella was going to be ok, he looked completely shocked. He sat there for a moment, completely frozen. And the look on his face. He sat there, his eyes wide, his mouth slightly open. I wish I had a camera with me, nobody would believe me about this. He rolled his eyes at that thought. Apparently, he doesn’t stay dazed for too long. It would be nice though if he showed emotions like that more often. Bella really brings out the humanity in him. Took him long enough to let it happen though.

“Hey Charlie, I’m going to go look in on Bella, is it ok if I leave you here with Edward?” I couldn’t help myself. I had to see Bella now. She needed to look presentable for Edward. There must be something seriously wrong with me for thinking of that now, but what can I say? She looks terrible. Judging by the glare I was getting from Edward, he seemed to think I was crazy, too. But Charlie, of course, didn’t think anything of it.

“Of course, honey. You need to take some time with her, too. You are her best friend, after all.” Thank God Charlie doesn’t read minds like Edward. Sneaking off to do Bella’s hair and make up is hard enough with Edward. Charlie would have a fit. At least Edward can act oblivious.

Bella’s Nurse’s POV

The poor dear. She’s so young. She shouldn’t be in here. She should be planning her wedding day with that handsome fiancé of hers. Chief Swan must be so proud of her. She really is his pride and joy.

I couldn’t help but continue to feel sorry for little Bella as I checked her vitals on the machines she was hooked up to. She might be out of danger, but she’s still got a long way to go. Her recovery won’t be a nice one. Physical therapy will be necessary for that leg of hers. And maybe for her arm. Most people didn’t have a problem getting joints back into their sockets. She had to have it surgically relocated. That wouldn’t look good under a wedding dress. She’ll have to postpone. Or get a heavy veil. Either way, she was in for a long haul.

As I was preparing to leave the room, I heard a small gasp. Turing around, I saw that our Bella was awake. How unexpected! The doctors had been sure she would be out cold for a while longer. It seemed like she was trying to say something. But her voice was so weak. And her eyes where brimming over with tears. I leaned over her bed to see if maybe she was asking for pain medication; after all she had been through that would certainly explain the tears in her eyes. But to my surprise, she wasn’t complaining about pain. All she had said was “Edward”. How sweet. The first thing she asks for is her lover. I would never stop being surprised at the requests patients made. She should have been asking for more drugs. I would have.

I promised her that I would see about finding Edward for her, but once again, as I was about to leave, I was stunned by what I saw. A small, pixie like girl was standing in the doorway with a very large bag. If I didn’t know better, I would say that the bag was about as big as she was. But her smile was warm, and she explained that she was Bella’s soon to be sister in law. She also said that Edward was down in the cafeteria with Chief Swan. Bella had a certain look on her face when she mentioned this. It was a mixture of complete disbelief and amusement. I decided I would fathom that later.

I left then, thinking that she would be alright with her friend for now. I would find Edward later.

Bella’s POV

“Alice, do you seriously think that it is necessary to put makeup on me? After I almost died?” I finally had gotten the full use of my voice. Alice didn’t seem to like this development. I think she rather wished I was mute so she could pretend that I was enjoying myself.

“Of course. You look like you got hit by a semi, not a drunk driver. Although they both seem like they would have the same result. Besides, don’t you want to look halfway decent when Edward finally tears Charlie away from the food.” Alice said this like it was the most obvious thing to want in light of my current condition. “Bella, he’s so worried about you. We all are. So why not try to make things as easy as possible by sticking with normal routines?”

“Since when is using copious amount of make up normal for me?”

She giggled at this. But instead of actually listening to me, she simply moved onto my hair. Sometimes, I wonder about her sanity. I hope I won’t be like this after a few decades of immortality.

She continued to tell me about everything that had happened while I had been in surgery. The Cullens rushing back from hunting, Charlie passing out when he got here, Edward trying to run, even Emmet coming in to see me. It was all so touching. I never really thought about how much I might mean to everyone else here. It was a nice feeling. But at the same time, I couldn’t help feeling guilty for putting all of my family through so much pain. I would never be worthy of their love. Especially of Edward’s. How could I ever make this up to him? I owe him so much, and here I am, laying in a hospital bed after endangering my life. Again. I should have made Carlisle change me after graduation. Then living wouldn’t be a constant danger for me.

Alice wouldn’t let me be in such a pensive mood for long. From the depths of her gigantic bag she pulled out a speaker for an Ipod. And to my sudden amazement, she had filled it up with some of my favorite songs. How did Alice do it? The incredulous look on my face must have betrayed the line of my thoughts. She just smiled her wide, innocent smile and tried not to laugh. Something was telling me that she had been through my CD collection at one point. Crazy vampire. That’s what I get for being so incredibly human.

We listened to a few songs, but it didn’t last long. I was starting to get uncomfortable from laying in one position too long. I began shifting my weight to move a bit, when I was hit by a searing pain in my abdomen. I doubled over and bit my lip to keep from screaming. At the same moment, Alice’s face glazed over for a moment, before she screamed something along the lines of “Bella, no!”

Alice’s POV

This was a mistake.

I should never have come up here.

Just as we were listening to some of Bella’s favorite music and waiting for Edward to come up to see her, I was hit with a vision. Bella, shifting her weight to get more comfortable. Then Bella doubled over in pain. As I came out of the sudden premonition, I had Bella’s sharp intake of breath.

“Bella, no! Don’t move!”

It was too late. The damage was done. She cried out in pain, before crumpling, unconscious, onto the bed. My mind started racing. I called out to Edward with my

Mind, pleading, begging him to stay away from here, to go get Carlisle so he could do something for her. It was just like I had seen earlier. Why did I always have to be right?

Edward’s POV

Everything was going to be ok. Bella was awake. I would see her soon. Well, as soon as I could get Charlie to stop eating. Human dietary habits are so disgusting. How anyone could stand to eat human food was beyond me. How I had survived 17 years before being a vampire was a mystery to me as well. I guess I just hadn’t known any better.

Despite what I would consider to be my better judgment, I was beginning to relax. Alice had been wrong. Bella made it through everything. Then again, I was always astonished to see that no matter what happened to her, she never seemed to relinquish her grip on living. Not that I disliked this talent of hers. I only wished that she never had to be in any situation that would endanger her as often as she seemed to be. These were the moments that I couldn’t help but wish I would throw away my morals and turn her now. She would be so much safer as a vampire. She wouldn’t be in much danger after that. Knowing her though, she would end up having an unhealthy obsession with fire, and I’d have to save her from that. It would make sense for her. She does tend to like things that are unsafe for her. Me, for instance. But I at least refuse to hurt her. I was almost beginning to think that even though I was the biggest threat in her life, I was the one thing that truly kept her alive and out of trouble. How ironic.

Charlie had, by now, finished with his meal and was getting out of his chair. “I don’t know about you Edward, but I think I’ve had enough of this place. Let’s go see our girl.”

I couldn’t agree with him more. I rose from my chair, and we made out way out of the cafeteria, side by side. I had never thought that I would spend this much time alone with Bella’s father, but part of me was glad for that. At least I could understand his mind a little better. And I didn’t resent him so much for trying to keep me away from her after I left. He cared so much for her. So few parents these days care like he did for his child. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the devotion he feels for her. But I was so glad for it.

We made our way silently through the hallways and up to the elevators. I wouldn’t have minded taking the stairs, but I don’t think that Charlie could handle the trip under his stress. Charlie pressed the button for Bella’s floor and leaned against the wall. Even he was beginning to relax.

And then I heard her. Alice was all but shrieking in her mental voice. Edward, do not come here. Go get Carlisle, now! If her thoughts weren’t bad enough, seeing Bella through her minds eye was worse.

Alice, wrong? I had been kidding myself when I had thought that earlier. Alice was never wrong…