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Accidental Mishap

Bella is in a terrible, life threatening accident on her way home form Port Angeles. How will the people in her life, especially Edward, react when they find out about it? Set between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.


This is jsut something that came ot me as I was falling asleep a few days ago. Hope you like it. Please, please review!

7. Chapter 7

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Edward’s POV

Edward, run! She needs Carlisle now!

Alice kept screaming in her mental voice. While it did serve as a reminder that I needed to somehow retain some of my human façade, it was mostly an annoyance. I knew I had to move quickly, I didn’t quite appreciate her trying to remind me that this was completely necessary. Besides, I was pretty positive that Charlie would notice that I wasn’t…normal…at this point. Seeing me bolt out of the elevator for the nearby stairs for seemingly no reason would lead him to make his own conclusions. Hopefully he would be far off base with his ideas. But right now, that was the least of my problems.

While the hospital in Forks wasn’t a very large institution (why would they need it to be large?), it was presenting me a problem. Being five stories tall, I had to sprint from the second story to the upper level, where my fathers office was. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but I needed to stay looking like I’m human. Going a little fast now in a deserted stairwell was one thing, but once I got to the crowded hallways, I would have to stay inconspicuous. Oh, what I would have given for the food court to have been on the same level as my fathers office. How is it that things could never be easy- especially when it came to keeping Bella alive.

I finally made it out to the hallway. All I had left to do was to make it 30 feet down the hall before I could really show my panic. I had never thought that such a short distance would take such a long time to travel across. Dear lord, I wished I could close the gap between myself and my father’s office at my usual gait. This was pure torture. What if this human pace wasn’t fast enough to save Bella’s life. Then her death would be all my fault. Well, more my fault than it already was.

As I made it to the door, I could all but feel my outward show of normalcy swiftly slipping away. When I yanked open the door I was able to feel that the knob was going to show some damage from my fingers. How that would be explained, I didn’t know, nor did I care all that much. I must have thanked every god and goddess I could think off when I saw that Carlisle was sitting in his desk. I don’t know what I would have done if I had found the office empty. From what I was able to se through Alice’s mind, Bella was slipping away, and quickly. I could feel myself shaking. A human wouldn’t be able to see it, but Carlisle sure as hell could.

“Edward? What’s wrong, what’s happened?” From the tone of his voice, I could tell that he had an idea of where this was going.

For what felt like the millionth time that day, I found I couldn’t make my mouth work in the way I wanted it to. All I could force out of my was, “It’s Bella. Alice was right.”

I was shocked to see how fast Carlisle flew out of that room. Carlisle, the head of my family, who was always so cautious about every move we made and every word we spoke, was not minding his act. At all. I honestly don’t know the last time I saw him move that fast. None of the humans were especially observant, so none of them noticed him speeding out of the room. Which meant that I had to be very careful as I made my exit, to make it seem like Carlisle hadn’t been there in the first place. Why did it seem that nothing would stay simple in the moments that simplicity was so drastically needed?

Carlisle’s POV

I couldn’t believe it.

I had been wrong. Alice had seen the problems that Bella’s surgeon had made, not what problems I would have possibly caused. I never would have thought that I would be so careless about keeping our abilities secret in order to get to a patient. But here I was, running at full vampire speed in order to get to Bella’s side to save her life. Oh, the irony.

I only hoped that I would get there fast enough. Internal bleeding caused by rupturing sutchers never seemed to end well. Most patients that have that problem would die. But I wouldn’t let Bella die this way. She was my daughter, I can’t lose a child like that. And Edward would probably kill me if I let her life slip by.

I thought that I would make it without any problems. But then I saw something that may change everything.

Charlie was going to get to Bella first.

Alice’s POV

I could only hope that Edward was running at a very fast human pace to get Carlisle. Bella was going to die unless Carlisle could get here in a few minutes. I did my best to lay her out flat to hopeful stem the blood flow, all the while calling out for a nurse, a doctor, somebody. Eventually a nurse did come by, but she was useless. All she did was mutter something about staying calm and going to find a doctor. I silently made myself a promise that I would report that woman for incompetence once this whole ordeal was over with.

I kept trying to look into Bella’s future to see what was going to happen, but there were so many decisions that hadn’t been made that I wasn’t getting anything reliable. Sometimes this wasn’t a good idea, but I just had to know this time. I couldn’t stay in the dark. If the worst was to happen, then I needed a way to stop it in time. I kept screaming, mentally for Edward to go faster, physically begging for someone to help me with Bella. Unfortunately, the wrong person heard my pleas for help…

Charlie’s POV

As soon as we hit the second floor, Edward was out of the elevator almost before I could register that he had moved. I shook my head, puzzled, and wondered why on earth that boy would be running out of here like that. We were going to see Bella, and she was going to be ok, according to his father. Why the rush when taking the elevator to get to her would be so much faster. She was on the fourth floor, for crying out loud.

When the elevator made it to the fourth floor landing, I could hear muffled yelling. I idly wondered what it was about. Probably some kid that got scared over something that they needed to do. Shame that people had to endure such things. Once the doors opened, however, I couldn’t bring myself to move. That intense yelling was coming from little Alice. Coming from Bella’s room.

I run from the hallway to my darling daughters bedside. What was wrong with her? She looked paler than before, and her breathing was much shallower, accompanied by a strange sound. It took me few moments to get what the sound was. It was gurgling. Bells was beginning to drown, in what I guessed was her own blood. How could this be happening? They had said she was fine. Now she was bleeding on the inside?

Alice barely acknowledged me standing there and gaping at the scene in front of me. She was too busy yelling for help. Somewhere in the middle of this chaos, Dr. Cullen appeared in the room. I don’t know how he got there; I hadn’t seen him come in through the door. Maybe all the worry over Bella was getting to me. I don’t think I’ll ever know.

As soon as Dr. Cullen come into the room, Alice ran off. Moments later, she was pulling a startled doctor in with her. I was surprised, she’s so little and to tow in a fully grown man like that was incredible. But I would only puzzle over this once I knew my Bella was going to be alright. They were wheeling her out of the room right now. She had to be ok if they got to her that fast, right?

Jasper’s POV

Emmet had asked me to go hunting with out not far from the hospital. Of course I decided to go with him, his emotions were out of character for him. So much worry and fear, I could almost smell his mood. In some ways this worried me. If Emmet was able to be this upset, what was going on? I knew he had been in to see Bella, even if he thought nobody noticed. Could something have happened to upset him? Was Bella ok? The worst part was that I couldn’t even ask him what was wrong. Rosalie was thoroughly pissed off. How she could be so heartless and cold to Bella, even I didn’t understand, and it wasn’t as though I was very close to her. But she’s still a part of our family. Of course I loved her. But since making Rose any more angry seemed like a foolish choice, I kept my mouth shut. I just hoped that Emmet would gain control over himself before we went back to the hospital.

We had just finished up when the phone in my jacket started vibrating. Looking at the caller ID, I saw that Alice was calling. I thought that was odd, since she would have been able to easily tell where we were if she wanted to. Maybe the stress was interfering with her clairvoyance. Whatever it was, she must have felt that she would need to stay at the hospital instead of coming and finding us, which would have only taken a few minutes. I picked up and began to reassure her that we were fine, but I barely got a quick hello out of my mouth before she interrupted.

“Jasper, you and Emmet need to get back here now! I seriously think Edward is going to lose it! Please, hurry!”

She hung up the phone before I had a chance to respond. I knew that if I had a working circulatory system, the blood would have drained from my face. Bella wasn’t ok…