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Accidental Mishap

Bella is in a terrible, life threatening accident on her way home form Port Angeles. How will the people in her life, especially Edward, react when they find out about it? Set between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.


This is jsut something that came ot me as I was falling asleep a few days ago. Hope you like it. Please, please review!

8. Chapter 8

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Charlie’s POV

I can’t handle this. This is too much.

I kept thinking those words over and over in my head. I didn’t even realize it when I was at the payphone outside of the hospital calling Billy’s number. I just hoped he was home. I don’t think I could handle another minute of being alone.

He picked up on the second ring. “Hello? Black family.”

“Hello, Billy? It’s Charlie. I hope it’s not a bad time…”
“Charlie, you know you can call any time. What up?”

“Billy, it’s Bella…she…she…she’s hurt real bad and…” I couldn’t get any other words to form. The emotions I had can’t be described.

There was a long silence on Billy’s end. And then, “Don’t worry Billy, we’ll come up. Just sit tight.”

Somehow, I was a little more at peace knowing that if something else happened, I’d have my best friend with me. But there was one little thing nagging at my mind. Who were “we”?

Billy’s POV

As soon as I hung up with Charlie I called Sam. Bella being “hurt” was surly a sign that the Cullens had tried to turn Bella. How could they be this cruel, to bring Charlie down with her?

After hanging up with Sam, I wheeled myself out of my house and to the general store. Hopefully, one of the pack members would come here to pick me up. Charlie wouldn’t go through this pain alone.

I sat in my wheelchair, waiting for someone to pick me up for what felt like hours to me. A part of me felt guilty for it. Charlie was like family, he shouldn’t have to be alone. Another part of me selfishly was glad I didn’t have to see him suffering yet. I couldn’t imagine the pain I would be feeling later when someone did remember to come and get me.

Eventually, I saw Sue Clearwater’s car coming up to the curve. As soon as she stopped the car, little Seth jumped out onto the curve, with the biggest smile I’ve seen on his face in ages.

“Billy, your never gonna believe this, man! Jakes heard ‘bout Bella! He’s coming home!”

In this situation I never thought I’d be happy. But my boy was finally come back home.

Jacob’s POV (as a wolf)

I would never get these voices out of my head. My brothers just couldn’t leave me alone, could they. No matter how much distance there was between me and La Push, they would always be there. Annoying the crap out of me. And today wasn’t any different. Except that today wasn’t the same as all the others.

There I was, eating my breakfast when several of he guys phased, all at once. One “voice” stood out among the others confusion. Sam had news. Important news.

I don’t know why I bothered listening to their meetings anymore. I refused to be a part of them. I wouldn’t be in a pack. They knew this, and they me enough to try to ignore me. Not that the effort fully worked, but it was a nice sentiment, all the same.

But today, they had an edge to their thoughts. Sam did at least. The others just picked it up cause they knew something had happened. Something big.

That’s when I really started paying attention. I knew I wouldn’t miss this.

I just got a call from Billy, definitely Sam’s voice there, he got a call from Charlie. He thinks that the Cullens have acted. Bella’s “hurt”. The war starts now.

I wasn’t fully conscious of my decision to head home. One moment I had been listening to my brothers, the next my paws were pounding away at the ground, ever bringing me closer to home, to her.

Hold up your attack, guys, I’m coming back!

Seth’s POV

I just got a call from Billy, Sam thought, he got a call from Charlie. He thinks that the Cullens have acted. Bella’s “hurt”. The war starts now.

I didn’t like this. The Cullens weren’t monsters like the legends said. Sam couldn’t seriously think of attacking them. This was what Bella had wanted anyway. So what was so wrong with it? We didn’t need to start a war…

I could feel my pack’s eyes on me, narrowing in anger. I was obviously the only one with any common sense left. Or sanity. Maybe being a werewolf make you go insane after awhile? Yeah, that had to be it.

In the middle of my mental conversation with myself (yes, we were definitely going insane), we all got a shock.

Hold up your attack, guys, I’m coming back!

Jake’s coming home! Maybe then we’ll have some more sanity around to stop this fight!

Not a chance, kid. I’ll rip that mind reading leech apart myself.

Guess I was wrong.

That was the last coherent thought that we got from him. Everything else was pretty silent, except for musings about who would take on who and when we would launch our first attack. I hated this. It’s wrong. Finally Sam broke into my thoughts. With another order.

Seth, Billy will be waiting for someone to take him to the hospital. Go get your mother to give him a ride. Now.

God he could be difficult when you didn’t think the same way he did.

Whatever. I’m out.

I ran off into some bushes to phase back. While I was busy getting my clothes back on, I thought about Jake coming back home. Maybe things would be better in the pack again. Ever since he left, things have been awkward. Weird. Like we had lost a leg or something, and the thoughts we would get from him were like phantom pains. I hoped he would stay and not go back out to “go wolf” again. He was like a brother to me before all the werewolf stuff happened. That goes deeper than being in the pact.

I ran as fast as I could to my house as soon as I was fully clothed. Unfortunately, my mother was already in the car. So I couldn’t be the one to tell her what was going on. Apparently Leah beat me to it. Damn her. Always stealing my responsibilities.

“Get in the car we’re going to pick up Billy and your going to help him at the hospital. And I don’t want to hear from him that you’re being friendly with those creatures. I climbed in the back and rolled my eyes at her. She knew I hated it when she called the Cullens creatures when I considered them people, too.

It was a short ride to the store. Short and quiet. That seemed to be how it always was after my father died. Nobody said anything at home anymore…

As soon as my mother started slowing down the car, I had my hand on the door handle. And as soon as she stopped, I literally jumped out to get to Billy. He was gonna be so happy to hear the news. I could feel the smile already in place on my face.

“Billy, your never gonna believe this, man! Jakes heard ‘bout Bella! He’s coming home!”

If I had known that was how I could make the old man happy again, I would have told him every day until now.

Alice’s POV

She has to be ok. She can’t not be ok. She’ll live. Or Edward will just have to turn her…

This became my mantra as I rocked back and forth, trying to see Bella’s future. But I knew that if she wasn’t going to be ok, even vampire venom wouldn’t be enough to save her. But I still kept looking to see if maybe she would somehow get a vision of her being her typical klutzy human self. But no suck luck. Just a dead Bella looking up at us from a coffin.

I heard Edward groan as he sat down next to me against the wall of what was Bella’s room. He didn’t like that I wasn’t able to keep away from that vision. Even with the obvious grief that was emanating from him in waves I was glad to have the company. And I think he was too. Knowing that, I collapsed sideways so that my head would land in his lap. He just looked down at me with a raised eyebrow. He clearly thought I had finally cracked.

He laughed at the particular thought and rolled his eyes. I was glad that I was able to do that much. And I was glad for the contact. Edward generally wasn’t so affectionate. Not like Emmet, who you could grab in a bear hug. And of course Jasper was a completely different story. But he had his moments, like this. I knew he was reading what I was thinking. He smiled down at me once again and mussed my hair.

“Jasper is coming. Is he going to kill me if he sees you laying in my lap like this?” I didn’t like the way his voice sounded as he said that. It was too controlled. He was cracking. Which meant that he needed me to be close to him as long as possible.

“No, he knows you need your affectionate little sister right now. He can deal.”

Edward gave me a look that plainly said “whatever you say”. Just as he looked away, Jasper came up the hallway. He looked between the two of us in our little world and sighed. He slid down the wall on my other side, and started rubbing my back and side in circles to soothe me. How he knew me so well was a mystery to me. But then again, he was an empath…

The three of us sat there like that for a short while. It was somewhat peaceful, knowing that each of us was there for the other, but we never had to say it. We knew that we all loved each other and would do anything for one of the others. And right now, Edward needed us to be here for him, no matter what happened.

The entire time I sat there, I kept looking for the future. And that’s when it happened. Everything went blank. Black. Empty. I gasped and heard Edward’s quick intake of breath. I felt Jasper stiffen. And then he said the words I never thought to hear again.

“The wolves are here.”