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Accidental Mishap

Bella is in a terrible, life threatening accident on her way home form Port Angeles. How will the people in her life, especially Edward, react when they find out about it? Set between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.


This is jsut something that came ot me as I was falling asleep a few days ago. Hope you like it. Please, please review!

9. Chapter 9

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Edward’s POV

As soon as Alice’s vision was blank I could smell them. Only two. Seth and Jacob. Plus the parents. Charlie must have called Billy. I know I shouldn’t have blamed him for that, but I couldn’t help myself. I could hear what Jacob was thinking. He was about to start a war over a treaty that we had yet to break. And might never break. How could Charlie do this to us?

Seth, on the other hand, was upset. He didn’t want to hurt my family. He didn’t blame us for breaking the treaty. The child thought that that was why Bella was here. To be turned. The thought sickened me that Charlie had allowed Billy to think would change her like this. But here was the youngest member of their pack, ready to defend us. I couldn’t understand the attachment he had formed with us, especially with myself. But right now I wasn’t complaining. Maybe we could prevent any fighting if I could convince Seth that Bella really was hurt.

“Alice, do me a favor? Go find Carlisle, tell him that two of the dogs are here. Find the others as well. Jasper, come with me down o the lobby, we have damage control to attend to. Oh, and Alice? Send Emmet to come find us.”

I got up and walked away without waiting for a response. But I could hear Alice acquiescing to my request mentally before dashing off to find our father and the rest of our family. Jasper merely nodded and sent a wave of calm my direction.

“Thanks, Jazz.”

“Anytime, my brother.” Thank God he’s an empath. I’m not sure if I would have been able to appear as calm and collected as I was if he had not been here.

We made our way down to the lobby at a slow human pace. It felt wrong to leave Bella’s floor when she was in surgery again. Almost like I was leaving her yet again. I didn’t like this feeling. These were the moments that I hated how human I allowed Bella to make me feel. But I could never come to regret it. Jasper must have tuned into how I was feeling, because a second wave of calm overcame be before we stepped into the waiting area. I took an unnecessary breath, and allowed Jasper’s thoughts to echo in my head.

He we go. Trying to stop yet another catastrophe.

I sincerely hoped we would be able to this time.

Charlie’s POV

I waited outside for Billy to arrive. I couldn’t stand being inside that hospital for even one more minute. I couldn’t handle seeing the nurses looks of sorrow, or the eyes of the people who knew me and my daughter. I just couldn’t take any more pity. How Doctors could stand to be around that atmosphere was beyond me.

When Billy finally arrived, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He hadn’t come alone. Jake was back! He came home! Maybe this was a good sign!

Jacob’s POV

When Charlie greeted my father it was easy to see the pain he was in. I could have killed that bloodsucking leech right then and there for bringing this on Charlie. The parents exchanged some words, and Sue went to go find a parking space. That was when I saw them coming out of the hospital. Edward was doing a god job of looking depressed. I idly wondered if he had gone and killed some humans to practice looking upset.

“This isn’t an act, mutt,” he hissed, low enough to escape the ears of humans but loud enough for me and Seth to hear.

“Charlie, Billy, would it be alright if we were to talk to Jacob and Seth alone for a few moments?” I was surprised to hear the blonde one speak.

“Sure, kids, we’ll be inside,” Charlie answered, completely oblivious to the tension that even I could feel. Billy gave us a stern look, almost as if he was telling us to behave. I hoped he didn’t see me roll my eyes.

We walked towards the end of the parking lot, well out of earshot of any other humans. Unfortunately, we were about to be joined by another non-human. Stupid leeches. The big one, the one that was like a bear. I completely ignored his arrival, and addressed the mind reader.

“Now, do you see what you’ve done? Do you see how bad this is for everyone? I will kill you for turning her!”

The big one, Emmet, I think his name was, growled as only a vamp could. The blonde (Jasper, was it?) looked livid. But that death glare was nothing compared to the look on Edward’s face. I could feel Seth cringe next to me in fear.

“If you think that is what happened to her, your more ignorant than I thought you were,” he said in a tone that seemed like it was more of a combination of a hiss and a growl, “She was in a car accident, you mangy mutt. She’s in surgery for the second time today, and she won’t need you around to upset her when she comes around again.”

“We’re not stupid, leech, we know that this was something along the lines of what you were planning to pull when you turned her. If you want us to believe it, then prove it.”

Seth made a disgruntled sound beside me. I could tell he didn’t like where this was going.

The leeches exchanged glances quickly, before Edward spoke again.

“Fine. Come with me.”

Edward’s POV

Edward, I don’t know if you should be the one to do this. There was Jasper’s mental voice.

Dude, your being so stupid, why do you want to skrew with your own head? Definitely Emmet there.

Edward, I see what your doing. And you will be ok. Emotional around the wolves, but you’ll get through. Thankfully Alice still looked ahead.

“Alice says I’ll be ok. Go find the others. If I need you I’ll call,” I muttered low enough to escape the ears of our canid companions.

My brothers’ thoughts were exactly the same. Good luck with that.

“Um, Edward, where are we going?” Seth’s voice shook slightly as I guided him towards the OR.

“Well, your dear friend Jacob said he wanted you two to see Bella’s condition. So we’re going to the OR’s observation deck. Just as I warning, if you have a weak stomach, I would advise not looking too closely,”

I almost wished that I could take my own advice. I didn’t know how I would make it through seeing Bella like that. If I was capable of shivering I would have been.

We took the back steps to the observation deck. Thankfully, it was completely empty. Well, empty save for Carlisle.

“Alice told me you would be here,” he said, as he mentally added so I thought I’d come as moral support.

Nodding my head, I asked, “Since you’re the expert here, why don’t you explain to Seth and the mutt what’s going on.”

As Carlisle began to explain everything that was being done to Bella, straight down to where the new sutchers would be places, I moved to the corner where I could just barely see Bella. I was still surprised to feel the pain I was in from knowing that she was open on the table below me. That she was beyond my help. I didn’t realize that I had buried my face in my hands until I felt Seth clap a hand on my shoulder. Not much different than it had been with me and Charlie earlier. Except that Seth and I were on much better terms than I was with Charlie.

“We’re with ya, man,” Seth started, “Oh, and sorry ‘bout Jacob. He just worries. And jumped to conclusions.”

“Don’t apologize for me, kid. I have every right to want to kill him right now. This is just a dress rehearsal for when he does turn her.”

I couldn’t help but smile when Carlisle tried, and mostly failed, to suppress a growl at this statement. He tried to cover up his growl by saying “Well, why don’t we all go up to my office. I’ll be paged when she gets out of surgery.”

It sounded like he was saying “if” she would get out instead of “when”.

Would I ever get a chance to see my angel alive again? Or would this be the last time, with her open and bloodied on an operating table?