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A Family Event

Bella has some fun when the Cullens decide to take her out to Thrill World, an amusement park.


1. Park? Rides?

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I always got nervous whenever Edward said he wanted me to come over to his house for a “family event”. Last time he did that, the Cullens and I had been kicked out of the mini golf place, and they had to pay for a new windmill. Needless to say, it did not go so well.

So when Edward told me that he was going to take me to his house for so-called family event, I was instantly on my guard.

“What is this family event?” I asked, suspicious.

His beautiful golden eyes widened in surprise. “Why, Bella, you say that as though you were nervous about going over to my house.”

I frowned, and said, “It’s not that. It’s just that it’s not always easy hanging out with a bunch of vampires when they’re trying to do human things.” Afraid I was hurting his feelings by saying this, I quickly added, “But not impossible.”

It worked: he smiled and quickly kissed me on my lips before pulling me out the front door and to his Volvo.

When we arrived at his house, I could tell everyone was excited. Alice was grinning from ear to ear, Jasper was using his special powers to send the excitement from everyone back out into the room, and Emmett was practically jumping off the walls in his excitement.

“Bella!” he crowed, and swung me up in one of his tight bear hugs. He didn’t let go until I felt Edward’s cool hands prying me away from Emmett’s arms.

“Hey, bro, save the cuddling for the park,” Emmett told him, grinning. “I’ll bet anyone Bella’s gonna hyperventilate after the first ride, and Edward’s gonna have to calm her down by doing the Heimlich or something.”

Rosalie rolled her eyes. “The Heimlich is for when someone’s choking, Emmett.”

I immediately became scared. “Park? Rides?”

Edward brushed the hair back from my face. “Yes, Bella. We’re going to go to an amusement park today, all eight of us. Is that okay?”

Not wanting to spoil the outing for everyone, I nodded. “Sure,” I said, not liking the fear that started to pool in my stomach.

“Yes!” Emmett punched the air. “Thrill World, here we come!”

Carlisle stepped forward, handing out neon green wristbands to everyone. “Esme and I bought the tickets online, and they sent the wristbands through the mail. This way we won’t have to stand in line at the park.”

Of course, as coordinated as I was, I had a hard time putting on my wristband. I gasped, but then relaxed when two pale arms came from behind me.

“Let me help you, love,” Edward murmured, swiftly wrapping the bracelet around my wrist and tightening it just enough.

“Thank you,” I told him, resting my head against his chest.

“Anytime.” He kissed the top of my head.

“Hey, come on you two!” Emmett called from outside. I hadn’t noticed, but the rest of Edward’s family had already piled into the Mercedes and the Jeep. I could feel Edward’s smile as he scooped me up in his arms and ran out the door. Thrill World awaited us.