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I Then Saw Her

Jacob Black never thought he would imprint. Ever. Or at least not now of all times. With Bella and Edward and the gang all bloodsuckers, and their cute little girl, everything always seemed to work out in the end. But not for Jacob. Or does it? Find out what happens when Jacob Black falls head over tail for a girl he suddenly imprints on, - only she's a clever cat to catch. Look's like the tale after imprinting, is harder than it looks!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy my take on Jacob imprinting!~ WARNING: Please: disreguard Renessme, Jacob did NOT imprint on her! *erases your minds* Good!

1. Chapter 1: I Then Saw Her

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Dad had asked for a simple job to be done; and me being lucky ol' Jake got to do it! A quick ride past La Push and into deep Washington country for some Sorta Whosam- something or other berries for some stupid reservation ritual- I had stopped listening after he said ‘quick ride'. Who the hell finds berries in Washington? I mean, I know we live on the most out of way place, even considering Forks, but couldn't a Publix or even 7-11 run do the trick? I didn't ague though, I had ready pissed off Billy enough this week; with my being new pack leader stubbornness, he was proud, but then I went and screwed things up as always, making amends with the Cullens.

I revved up my bike, feeling the cold mental beneath my hands. It mixed well with the heat I gave off, but made me shiver internally; because who else is feeling cold, smooth, dead- I suddenly saw my hands shaking and stopped. My teeth clenched. Sure, I'd made amends with those bloodsuckers, but B-

"ARH!" I yelled my thoughts away, and kicked at my bike, sending it flying off its kick stand, and spiraling on it's side, pulling up mountains of dust into the air. I breathed in deep, watching the dust settle. Sometimes I wondered if my thoughts just liked to fuck with me. I walked back over to my bike, pushing it back up and I started it again, hopping on and preparing to take off. Something hard hit my brain, another thought came- like being hit with a lead pipe over and over- ashes to ashes, dust to-

Suddenly I slammed on the gas, and was flying down the road, listening to the roar of the motor. Though after a while I couldn't help but wonder which was louder; the motor's growling, or mine. I pushed it faster and faster, letting the cold Washington wind whip across my face, and my hair, though I had still kept it short, hoping for it to grow out faster when the time came. I glanced up at the sky, and nearly lost control of the handles. It was sunny today. Sunny today- in Forks-La Push- Washington. I was flabbergasted. The sun beat down, making my body that much more warm. It felt nice, and I continued riding like that- trying not to think at all.

I slowed down a bit more, after a good twenty minutes of riding, wondering if I had taking the right turns along the trails. I came along the rocky coastline of the ocean, pulling across the white sands, and the fire pit. It was empty now, but I swore I could still smell the smoke of the flames in the wind, watching the dancing blue fire, from what seems so very long ago. When I was with B- her. I felt that familiar pain, crawling up my back, and into my chest, making me shake. I breathed again, closing my eyes, and gripped the mental bars tighter. I turned my bike and headed straight into the forest, away from the coast, away from La Push, and desperately away from my own thoughts.

I swerved in and out of the trees, easily rocking the wheels over the rocks, and sticks that littered the ground. Leaves spun out from under my wheels, but I kept steady. I grinned as the dew and mist swirled around me, wetting my jeans and shirt. I always felt at peace in the forest- and I nearly decided to park my bike here, and morph. Not like I couldn't find my way back to the damned reservation, but I decided not to, as I realized again with a painful jolt that I couldn't be alone with my thoughts thanks to our great telepathy system. I sighed, letting my legs hang as I dug my heels into the leaves, and then I turned back on the trail.

I rode up further, eager to just get this stupid trip done. I turned up the trail, noticing how the forest thinned out, probably thanks to the fact I was pretty far away from La Push. There wasn't any protected wildlife here, and I was due to start seeing homes or at least structures for houses any minute. A wooden picket fence began forming along the left-hand side of me. Thick ferns and bushes intertwined around the braces, stretching out into the sun. The small shimmers of sunlight caught my eyes as it reflected off the surface of minute round plants hanging from their branches; berries. Black berries. I slowed my bike. Were these the weird berries Billy wanted? I grinned wider, trying not to laugh. ‘Rare Indian berries' my ass- they looked like regular Black berries to me, which was piss-off ironic. I mean come on; Black berries?

I laughed to myself, speeding up my bike so I could travel just a bit further. No point in going back to Dad without the right kind of berries. We might piss off some spirits or something. I rounded a corner where a strange long armed pine towered over the trail, and I swerved around, using a bit more speed than necessary. A steak of brown shot out of the side view of my bike mirrors; a deer. My bike must'a scared it. Suddenly another thought came at me, as if my brain was preparing it's own missile launchers of pain to fire at me, at any random second. Bella could probably out race and suck out that deer's-

The sun that felt so nice on my body the whole way here suddenly turned to fire- hell fire, racing down my spine. I starting convulsing and shaking, my view snapping in and out from a hazed red, and the natural view of the road in front of me. Dammit could I never escape her?! Tears swelled up in my eyes as I sped the gas faster. I know the rest of the pack has almost all imprinted, and they mock and ask me to daily- but I can't. I just can't. I can't let go of her, even if she isn't the one, I just can't do it! I can't! I-

I then saw her.

A girl was across the fence, to the right side of me now, picking berries from the bushes. She was facing me, but bending down, her long, raven black hair falling to her sides and all around her neck. She was wearing a simple blue T-shirt, and dark green jeans, with the pattern of a blue dove shaped bird flying from the left side of her hip, to the other. She had pale skin, but she was slightly tanned; especially at her shoulders from where the cloth didn't cover. She looked about sixteen, my age I'd say from what I could tell. Why haven't I seen her before?

She stood completely up suddenly, wiping the sweat from her cheeks, and I got a good look at her. She was small and lean, as her back had suggested, with soft but subtle curves. She had a small mouth, with thin smooth lips and a heart shaped face with a narrow nose. As small as her body was, it wasn't frail, and weak like Bella's. It was strong in it's own right, used to hard work, probably from picking berries I guess. She looked like a farm time of girl, with the laughable thought of farms in Washington, but I for one should know the strange can happen. She was breathtakingly beautiful, more beautiful than any girl I had ever seen. She completely surpassed Bella- and then she saw me. A faint blush settled over her cheeks, which I guessed was because of some goggle eyed love struck idiot of a teenaged stranger was staring at her, looking like he had just found the meaning of life in her eyes. But I had. All I did was look in her eyes and oh- her eyes. They were the most beautiful shade of blue I had ever seen, and I knew I would ever see.

The world flipped upside down at the very moment I saw her, my insides felt like they were going to burst. I saw night and day combine into a beautiful heaven. A haze filled my head- of everything about her; I began consciously memorizing every single detail. I wanted to know everything about her, and more. I could feel the very globe moving beneath me. I felt a new kind of heat flow and rush through me, wiping out my mind and wining it's own war. My heart beat faster and faster, I began shaking, I knew I was about to change. I had to get out of here-!

But yet I couldn't move, I couldn't control my bike, I couldn't even breathe. All I saw was her. And I knew at this very moment, I would never think of Isabella Swan and have pain, again. The girl's clear blue eyes, her straight long black hair, and her lithe body; how her thin arms moved as she continued picking berries. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I didn't even know her name and yet something was there, slowly registering in my mind; thoughts I thought I'd never think. I wanted to spend the rest of-

Suddenly the world spun for sure, the gravel came up to meet me very quickly, scrabbling hard against my cheeks. My body slammed into the dirt and I was flying, still gazing at her, almost in slow motion. Her beautiful river eyes widened, her iris pure black; reminding me of the smooth pound stones, bared deep within the depths of our rivers. I felt something hit me hard, impaling me in the dirt. A small part of my brain expected pain, and a hell of a lot of it, but I felt none. Stars appeared in my eyes, the world still spinning. I heard a monstrous rip and then a crash, a hiss of metal-a banging of steel. Then a scream and everything went black.