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New Beginning, Old Ending

Edward never comes back. She is now 25 and starts a new life with Mike Newton. What happens when a terrible accident occurs. Will her hero from high school be there to save her?

this is my first fanfic so i hope you like it!

1. Dream

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* * *

His cold hands trailed down the length of my neck as he brushed his lips on the corners of my parted lips. My lips tremble as I inhaled the sweet scent of is intoxicating breath. He brushed my dark brown hair off my shoulders as he tilted my head back and inclined his lips to the hollow at the base of my neck… “I love you Bella,” Edward crooned.

* * *

I sat up in my bed, startled. When I realized it was just a dream a sudden sob broke through my body. I laid my head in my hands as the salty tears welded in my eyes and spilled over, dripping down my cheeks. I rocked back and fourth, slowly, trying to calm myself. I cursed myself for having such a forbidden dream. I promised myself I would never dream or think of my first love, Edward Cullen.

Every now and again I would let him creep back into my mind but then I had to face the unwanted consequences. It took years to nurse the gapping holes in my stomach but they never fully healed.

“Bella, did you have another bad dream?” Mike, my husband, asked. Ever since I became pregnant I had been having dreams of Edward, but Mike didn’t know that. I continued to tell him I was being chased by a hungry bear.

“Yes,” I whispered as I whipped the rest of my tears away.

“It’s okay, baby,” he said as he pulled me closer and rubbed my huge pregnant belly. He kissed my forehead.

“Go back to sleep,” I said, pushing him away. “I’m going to get some ice cream.”

For the past eight months I ate nothing but strawberry ice cream. I always had some close by for when I needed it. Mike always had the freezer stocked so we never ran out, he was good to me, more than I deserved.

I sat down with my bowl of ice cream, on the black leather sofa in my small living room. The sofa faced the hardly used fire place under the mantel. Above the mantel hung a picture of Mike and me four years ago at our wedding. My hair was up in a lavish bun on the top of my head, a few stray curls lingered around my face. The bodice of my dress held my every curve; the skirt flowed from my waist. I was laughing as Mike put his hand around my waist and kissed me under my jaw. We were both twenty-one, juniors in college.

After Edward left, I spent my time waiting for him to come back. Mike asked me out a few times in high school but, I always declined, my hopes still on Edward.

We both ended up going to Washington University after we graduated from Forks High School. Mike tried again during our sophomore year, this time I agreed, ready to start my life. I never gave up on Edward though; he was still in my every thought.

A year later we got married, something I always dreamed I would do with Edward but, I told myself he wasn’t coming back and he didn’t love me anymore. Now I’m eight months pregnant with my first child.

I finished my ice cream and looked over at the clock. It was four ‘o’ clock in the morning. I still had four more hours until I would have to leave for work. I cleaned my bowl and went back to bed.

Mike woke at seven to take a shower and get ready for work. He was now the owner of his dad’s Olympic Outfitters store. It didn’t bring home much money but, I didn’t mind, I never was the one who needed expensive things.

We never moved out of Forks, I told Mike I didn’t want to be far away from Charlie or from my memories of Edward for that matter, but Mike didn’t know that part. So we bought a small house just off the highway, like most things in Forks.

I took a job at an insurance agency. It was a good business due to the fact it was the only place in town to get insurance and most people needed car insurance due to the frequent crashes from the slippery roads. I was suppose to be on maternity leave but, being home alone would give me to much time to think, and thinking was never good for me.

After Mike kissed me goodbye and hugged my bulging belly, he left for work. I woke to get ready for my boring ordinary life, my life without vampires.