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Alice's Revenge

Some guys pull a prank on Jasper, which infuriates Alice. She plans her revenge...

Read and enjoy!

1. Pranks

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“Those stupid guys,” I hissed as the five of us sat down at our usual lunch table.

“What happened, Alice?” Edward asked, playing with a pencil absentmindedly.

“Alice,” Jasper groaned. “It’s not that big of a deal. Just ignore them.” I scowled at him and turned away, glaring at the whole lunch room until my gaze rested on the guys who had done it. To my Jasper. I growled.

“Alice? Hello? Fill us in!” Rosalie exclaimed.

“Some stupid guys thought it was funny to glue my locker door shut, and Alice is getting all freaked out about it,” Jasper sighed.

“I’m not getting freaked out!” I protested. “But they will pay!”

“Alice,” Jasper began to say, but I cut him off with a glare.

“Jasper,” I growled. “Don’t stop me. I will not forget about this!” I looked at his horrified face. “What do you think I’m going to do, kill them?” I exclaimed. “I’ll keep it low, don’t worry! Something simple....” My voice trailed off as I scanned the lunch room again, not seeing anything, but deep in thought. How could I get those morons back? I bit my lip and narrowed my eyes.

“Jeez, Alice, it really looks like you’re about to rip their heads off,” Edward said.

Emmett snapped his head up from the conversation he and Rosalie were having. “Whose head? I want to help! Please? You never let me do anything! Let me help!”

“Alice isn’t going to rip anyone’s heads off,” Jasper growled. “Nor is she going to do anything. She is going to forget about it, right?” He looked at me, but I tossed my head.

“No, she won’t,” I snarled. “She’s going to get revenge.”

“Alice, I think you’re scaring the humans,” Edward said. “Stop glaring at everyone! It’s freaking even me out.”

I scowled but relaxed my tensed position. “Whatever.”

I leaned against Jasper’s locker as he pulled out his books for his next class.

“Alice,” he begged, looking at me with imploring eyes, “please forget about it! You don’t want to create any trouble, do you?”

I shook my head stubbornly. “I won’t, but I also won’t let them get away! They’re idiots, and they have to pay!” I gave him a pouting glance, and he sighed. He reached into the far back of the locker to get a notebook, and I watched him freeze and his eyes widen. He did not move.

“What?” I exclaimed, rushing around to his other side, “Jaz, what is it?” I tugged on his stony arm. “Are you okay?” If my heart was beating, it would have been going wild.

Oh, please let Jasper be okay! What’s wrong with him? I thought wildly, nudging him over and over.

Suddenly, he rolled his eyes and drew his hand out of the locker, bringing with it...a huge spider. I gasped and drew back.

“Ew!” I complained as the spider fell to the floor and began scuttling around the hall.

Suddenly, we heard snickers, and I whipped my head around to see...them. Those stupid guys who had glued his locker shut were at the other side of the hall, laughing hysterically. I felt my face freeze and my eyes widen in anger.

Jasper's hand whipped out and grabbed my wrist, pulling me closer to him.

“Alice, don’t,” he hissed in my ear. I scowled and tried to break free, but he held my hand firmly. “Don’t cause unnecessary trouble.”

“Hey, Jasper,” they called tauntingly. “You always need your girlfriend to stand up for you?”

“Don’t,” he hissed again, too low for them to hear. I growled at them but leaned back against the locker. They burst into more peals of laughter and hurried away. I saw them look back at us multiple times, and then turn away as they met my cold eyes, now black as coal. They winced and quickened their pace.

“That’s it! They’re going to get it!” I snarled at their retreating figures. Jasper sighed.

“You know, Alice, menace doesn’t go well with your personality.” He took one finger and smoothed the crinkled spot between my eyebrows. I crossed my arms and glared as the mob of guys turned the corner.

I walked away in a huff, and collected my books, my mind drifting.

Oh, were those guys going to get it.