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Alice's Revenge

Some guys pull a prank on Jasper, which infuriates Alice. She plans her revenge...

Read and enjoy!

4. Anticipation

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I was walking so causally through the now-filled hallways of the school, searching for my family who were all probably quite mad at me by now. But I didn’t care. I was focusing too much on not letting my excitement bubble over while waiting for those guys to arrive, and see what awaited them.
I gave another internal squeal, keeping my face as solemn and distanced as it always was around humans. I threw my weight against the door, or what weight I could without breaking the door down, and stepped outside in time to see my family drive out and gracefully slide out of the silver Volvo. They all spotted me with one swish of their eyes. They looked pissed.
I gave them my innocent smile and bounced up to them, putting on a joyful expression and hoping that my good mood would possibly rub off on them. I doubted it though, especially with Edward and Jasper.
“Alice,” Edward growled, grabbing my wrist and tugging on it. I frowned slightly, as though his iron grip was only an annoying fly and gently slid my arm from his grasp.
“Yes?” I replied sweetly.
“What the heck did you do?” Jasper asked, interrupting Edward’s slow, monotone interrogation.
“Why, whatever do you mean?” I wondered, biting my lip to keep a smile from spreading on my face. Rosalie rolled her eyes and dragged Emmett towards the building, leaving me alone with my inquirers.
“Alice,” Edward said again, and I could clearly hear the admonitory tone to his voice, but decided to ignore it. What could Edward do to me anyways, especially in such a public place, full of humans?
Suddenly, random visions flashed before my eyes at a heartbreaking speed, more and more and more, blurry and incomprehensible. They were pictures that had no relation at all to each other. It sounded as if a dull roaring in the background grew louder, and louder, and louder, and I felt like I wanted to throw up, and if I could I probably would have.
EDWARD, STOP! I shrieked in my head as I realized what Edward was doing; he was forming decisions rapidly just to torture me.
“Then tell me, what did you do?” Edward asked, halting the decisions for a moment to allow me to answer.
“That’s mean!” I complained, looking away like a whiny child. Suddenly, I spotted them, walking towards the building, talking, laughing, unsuspecting.
“Got to go!” I suddenly exclaimed, bolting away from Edward and Jasper. I could hear them calling my name, but my time of anticipation was over. They were heading to their lockers.
I reached the vicinity of their lockers far before they did, and it had nothing to do with vampire speed. It was all purely their own laziness. It felt like hours before they stumbled into the locker room, laughing and acting like idiots. I stayed behind a wall of lockers as I watched then slowly open their lockers, still talking with one another. They threw their backpacks into their lockers and began rummaging around. I peered around the side of the lockers to get a better view. Suddenly, one of them let out a bloodcurdling scream.