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Family Ties

This is a crossover with the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan. Bella's unknown cousin morgan comes to visit from New york, and a secret about Bella's family is revealed.

Just something that popped into my head during chem class! Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the plot!

4. Chapter 4

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Morgan’s POV

Before I could push the button for the doorbell, the door was opened. Standing in the entrance was a short girl with black hair and strange ocher eyes. She most defiantly didn’t look like a relative. “Umm, hi. Are you Bella?”

She giggled, oh god, I hope she isn’t a relative; I get enough of this from Mary Kate. “No, my names Alice! I’m a friend of Bella’s. You must be the visitors I saw coming!”

Hunter spoke, “Wait, you saw us? Did you scry or something? Is Bella part of your coven?”

Alice looked a little taken aback, “Of course she’s not part of our coven, and my brother’s being quite stubborn about that. Besides, we’re more of a family. What’s scrying?” Okay, so this girl was obviously a little lax in her studies, she didn’t even know what scrying was.

“Scrying is a means of divination. If you didn’t scry, how did you know we were coming?”

Alice giggled again, “I had a vision!”

Wow this girl must have some kinda power! Even I didn’t get visions. Hunter voiced, as he often did, exactly what I’d been thinking, “You had a vision? You must be some powerful witch!”

Now I heard laughter form inside the house as well as Alice, then a huge muscular guy was standing next to little Alice, he spoke, “We’re not witches. We’re vampires!”

What the….

Bella’s POV

I was confined to my room. Granted, the company wasn’t all that bad, but still…

“Edward, if she’s my relative why can’t I go down and meet her?”

He turned his beautiful golden eyes on me, “Because we don’t know if she’s a threat to you or not. Bella if Alice is wrong, if she’s here to hurt you, then we need to let her know that you’re under our protection, and that if she messes with you, she’s messing with all of us too.” He gave me that crooked smile of his, “Besides, this is rather fun for me, I get you all to myself!”

“Oh please, like you couldn’t find a way to convince me to be alone with you.” His rich laugh filled the room.

“True, I could do this,” he looked deeply into my eyes, and I was completely lost, “Or this,” He leaned in to kiss my neck. He worked his way from my neck to my lips and murmured against them, “Or this.” Then without warning he pulled back leaving my breathing heavy.

Um, what was my argument again? “Cheater,” I muttered. He laughed, and that made me smile. I loved the sound though it was one I didn’t hear nearly often enough.

While he laughed and held me I thought about this strange new relative. What would she be like? Alice had said she wasn’t entirely human, and I wondered what kind of supernatural mess I was getting myself into this time. God I hope she didn’t want to kill me.

I was so enwrapped in my own thoughts that I hadn’t even noticed that Edward had stopped laughing. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothings wrong. Alice was just thinking how there is no way this girl could be evil unless she was a really good liar, and she hasn’t been lying, or if she is then she must really believe what she’s saying.”

“So I can go down and meet my cousin?”

He nodded, and I hopped of the bed, only to twist my ankle in my comforter and nearly hit the ground before Edward’s arm grabbed my waist. “Careful” he laughed.

Morgan’s POV

I hoped I was standing up to questioning as well as I thought I was. I understood the need for such precautions, after all it seemed that Bella was treated the same way I was in some respects. Her second family only let certain people through to see her. The difference seemed to be that if my family slipped and let someone through they shouldn’t have, I could protect myself.

From what Alice had told us of vampires it seemed that they had some witchy powers. Like how she could see the future, her brother could read minds, and so one. Only they didn’t need to memorize Gaelic in order to do that. Lucky.

It seemed that Hunter and I were passing the test, because the big one whose name I’d learned was Emmett, chose that moment to say, “Well, you don’t seem intent on killing my favorite human, so let’s get on with this family reunion.”