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Family Ties

This is a crossover with the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan. Bella's unknown cousin morgan comes to visit from New york, and a secret about Bella's family is revealed.

Just something that popped into my head during chem class! Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the plot!

5. Chapter 5

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Bella’s POV

As I made my way down the stairs I tried to listen to the conversation going on below me. From what I managed to hear I garnered that there were two people waiting to make my acquaintance. One was a British male and the other was a girl. I’m not afraid to admit that I was nervous about this entire situation. I didn’t have a big family until the Cullens came along, and that had always made me a fairly shy person who preferred to stay away from the spotlight, but I was still excited to be meeting my new relatives.

I finally got to the bottom of the stairs and looked into the face of the girl I assumed was my cousin. There wasn’t much that was similar about us. She was taller than me with hazel eyes. But at the same time, we were roughly the same sturdy build and our hair was similar. I thought it was fair to say that I was probably more delicate, but it wasn’t an insult to this stranger. She looked like someone who knew how to defend herself, and that was a quality I envied.

Taking a deep breath I stuck out my hand, “Hi, I’m Bella.”

She smiled. I liked her smile; it was warm without looking fake, “Hi I’m Morgan. I guess we’re cousins,” she laughed.

“So it would seem,” I replied, “So, what brings you all the way out to Forks? I mean not that I’m not glad to meet some long lost relatives and all, but it seems to me that most people would call before dropping in to get reacquainted.” Emmett snickered behind me.

Morgan just smiled, “Well, I think it would be best if we all sat down, this might take a while.” We moved into the living room and I sat down on the couch with Edward who immediately wrapped his arms around me in a show of support. “Well, I guess I should start by introducing you, this is my boyfriend Hunter, and he’s a Seeker for the International Council of Witches.” She said this with a straight face, and I had to keep myself from laughing. Of course, then I remembered that I was in love with a vampire and that a werewolf was my best friend. Suddenly having a cousin who was presumably a witch didn’t seem all that out there.

“Okay. This is Edward my boyfriend. Errr, he’s a vampire,”

Morgan grinned, “So I’ve been told. It’s funny, I didn’t think you’re other friends were sane at first, but I figured that enough weird stuff has been going on in my life lately that it may just be best to accept the idea that there are others like us out there. Anyway that brings me to why I’m here, Bella, have you ever heard of a man named Ciaran MacEwan?”

I thought back, “No, why?”

“Well for starters, he’s my father, and he’s also your uncle on your father’s side. He’s also widely considered the most evil witch of the last couple of decades. The council asked Hunter and I to come and teach you a bit about Wicca because they feel that you might be in danger from other witches who either wish to see everything that has to do with Ciaran eliminated or those who wish to get rid of those they feel stand in the way to taking over his position in Amyrath.”

“Amyrath?” I asked

“Right, sorry, I forgot that you have no idea what I’m talking about, Amyrath is a coven of powerful witches who devote themselves to the persecution and elimination of others who practice Wicca. They will stop at nothing to get what they want. So if they figure out who you are, you’re pretty much toast.”

“So why aren’t you toast?” I asked, “It seems as if you’d be pretty high up on their radar list, what with being the daughter of the man they consider to be their leader, especially considering you don’t think to highly of them.”

Morgan turned to Hunter looking uncomfortable, and he responded, “The reason that Morgan is still here isn’t for lack of trying on Amyrath’s part. They just keep failing when it comes to her. She is one of the most powerful witches of our generation, a fact that puts her even more at risk than I am willing to accept, “he smiled to himself for a moment, “To be plain, I’m not exactly a pushover when it comes to magick, but I tried to stop Morgan from going after a potential threat once and I don’t think my arse will ever be the same again.”

I thought for a moment, “You said she was powerful, what do you mean? What exactly can you do?” I asked Morgan.

“Well, I’m decent enough at anything that requires raw power, like deep healing and starting fires with brain and stuff like that, but I’m fairly hopeless at anything that requires real focus.”

Hunter sighed, “You’re not hopeless love, you just don’t know what you’re doing yet, you’ve only been at this for a year and you -”

“Already know more than most initiates do already,” Morgan finished for him in a tone that suggested that this was an old argument, “Yeah, I know, but I really am horribly impatient when things don’t go right the first time, but I suppose that’s what I have you for.”

I turned and grinned at Edward who had yet to move a muscle. I guessed that he was attempting to read their minds from every angle looking for holes in their story that he could chip away at. From the look on his face I assumed they passed his inspection, “Well?” I asked just to be sure.

He looked into my eyes, “It seems that they are telling the truth sweetheart. I’ve seen some of the things Morgan can do through Hunter’s mind,” he turned toward my cousin, “You truly are remarkable.”

Morgan blushed a bit. And I had to make a comment, “So, we’ve established that Amyrath may think I’m a threat, but I’ve never done anything remotely witchy so I think it’s safe to say I don’t have any sort of power. I seem to be hopelessly normal.” I tried to laugh it off. It wasn’t fair, I was surrounded by perfection every single day and I’d finally found a chance to be special, but I was utterly mundane.

Morgan spoke again, “Really? You’ve never done anything witchy? You’ve never known who was going to call before the phone rang? Never knew when there was going to be a pop quiz? Never felt a breeze cool you off just when you needed it most? The funny thing is Bella that most witches know who and what they are from birth, but lately there seems to be an outbreak of people who were born and raised away from their heritage. I like to think of it like a genetic profile. The ‘witch gene’ keeps being diluted to the point where lots of people experience little blips of power in everyday life, but almost no one realizes what it is, and for the most part that’s a good thing. I didn’t have any idea I was a witch until I was 16, and I only knew it after my first circle. Wicca is a religion sure, but there are those who join it and those who are born into it and whether you have powers or not it is part of your heritage. There’s only one way to figure out if you have powers, and if you don’t want to try that’s fine, we won’t push you, but there is something you should know before you make your decision,” she paused for a moment, “Have you ever seen The Matrix?”

“Umm, yeah.” I thought back to the movie, I hadn’t much cared for it.

“Well it’s like this Bella, you choose the blue pill and we leave, it seems that you have protection here that we didn’t anticipate, you take the blue pill and you’re not responsible for anyone but you and your family, and you know what? That’s alright; the blue pill is a veritable option. However if you choose the red pill you stay in my world and if it turns out you have some kind of power you devote your life to a daily struggle to commit to being the person you think you are. And trust me that definition will change about five seconds after you go down the rabbit hole. So the question is, do you want to stay how you are? Or do you want to know who you might be.”

I thought about my options. I was happy with Edward. I was happy how I was. But something in the back of my mind betrayed me. Yes, I was happy, but if there was any chance I could hold my own with the Cullens while Edward still resisted changing me, if there was some way that I could help people, than I would take it, “Red please.”

Morgan smiled, “Let’s make a circle.”