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A Different Kind of Impasse

When he leaves her with Jacob at the wedding, Edward tells Bella that he is going to go dance with his sister, Rosalie. This is my take on their conversation. Will Edward and Rose finally come to an understanding, or will Edward have to resort to something he is no stranger to-an impasse?

I'm a big Rosalie fan, and I think you will be able to tell that in this story. I don't understand why people hate her so much. So, this is not a story that bashes her.

1. Dancing with My Sister

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Leaving Bella with Jacob outside, I went back to the tent to find Rosalie. I didn’t tell Bella I was going to find her as an excuse. She was my sister, so of course I was going to honor her with a dance at my wedding.

Rose wasn’t hard to find; Her and Tanya were standing together, catching up no doubt.

“Tanya, would you mind if I borrowed Rosalie for a few moments?” I asked her.

“Of course not, Edward.” Tanya smiled.

I smiled in return and turned to Rosalie and offered her my arm, thankful that a new song had just started.

“Are you having fun?” I asked her as I led her out to the dance floor, where we were surrounded by people.

“Yes, actually I am.” She said easily, the two of us now swaying to the music. Many of the guests were watching and taking pictures of the handsome groom and his lovely sister. They were touched by the beautiful sight of us dancing.

“I’m glad,” I said. “It means a lot to me, all that you’ve done today.”

She looked up at me with quiet surprise, but she quickly sobered. “Your welcome, Edward.”

I’d meant it too. I guessed that it was somewhat hard for her to be here, and I wanted Rose to know the gratitude I felt.

“So, when will it be, Edward?” Rose asked suddenly. I could tell in her tone that she was reluctant to ask. I was reluctant to answer, but I suppose I owed her the truth.

“Whenever Bella is ready is when I will change her.”

“But you don’t want to.” She deduced.

“No, I want her to stay human. I don’t want to take humanity away from her.”

“Exactly, Edward. She has no idea what she’s getting into.” Rose insisted quietly.

“I think she does, Rosalie. Bella has had plenty of time to think about this.” I disagreed gently.

“That’s just it, Edward: She has not thought about all that she’s losing. She will lose so much, and gain little in return.” Rosalie lowered her eyes to my chest, as not to meet my gaze.

This was so hard for her to talk about, so painful. Rosalie wanted so badly to be human, to be in Bella’s shoes that she’d give anything for that chance. A chance that she would never get.

Rose did not look up at me yet. Here it was again. One of the times where I felt sympathy for my sister. I felt bad for her. Who wouldn’t if they heard her story?

I looked down at her. I knew that if she could cry, she would most certainly be doing so right now.

Edward, I heard Jasper call to me.

I should’ve known that he would feel our emotions and give his advice. But, I met his gaze, silently telling him to lend it to me.

Edward, Rose constantly keeps all this inside, and now she’s letting it out. This is a hard conversation for you both, I know. But, you need to comfort her. Somehow.

I sighed and nodded once at him.

“Rose,” I said, and she looked into my eyes now. “I know you wish that Bella wouldn’t take her life for granted, but she’s one of us now.”

“Not quite.” Rose said, still trying to persuade me.

“Wouldn’t you do anything for Emmett? Bella thinks she’s doing this for me, and…I want to be with her forever, too.”

Rose looked confused at this. “I thought you wanted her to stay human.”

I chuckled. “That’s my un-selfish side. My selfish side wants her with me for eternity. So, now I’ve seen and understood your side, can you understand mine?”

“I guess I can a little.” She admitted reluctantly.

“Besides, I want you and Bella to become friends. Just look at her and Alice.”

She rolled her eyes, but smiled. “That’s because Alice doesn’t remember anything about being human.”

“Alice loves spending time with Bella. Sometimes I swear she’s with her more than I am.”

We laughed. And then Rose shrugged.

“Bella and I are sisters now. Maybe we will become friends eventually.” She smiled a little.

I noticed that the song we were dancing to was coming to a close, and I knew some were still watching Rose and I. So, to lighten the mood even further, I took Rose and spun her and then quickly pulled her back into my grasp so that my arms were tightly around her and our faces were only a few inches apart.

“Wait, stay just like that,” Esme said with a smile, and then there was a flash as she took a picture of Rose and I.

Rosalie laughed and then spun out of my hold when the song ended.

It’s good to see you two getting along so well, Esme thought with happiness.

“I know, Mom.” I said with a smile.

As I watched Rose go to Emmett, I hoped it would stay like this and that it was a sign of better things to come.