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Into the Night

Edward is a vampire, a vampire with a dark secret Bella is half mortal, half angel with a mission when only accomplished would transform her into a complete angelic being Yet the constant battle between forces of Good and Evil bring them together, endangering the very existence of the universe itself... Is love enough? or is it really love?

All characters from Twilight to Eclipse live in this story although the world is something completely different...

3. Chapter 3

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It was times like this that bella missed her wings the most. The two door black car was no match to the jet like cars that the Darkens were driving.

Bella didn't really mind the speed as much as the constant bickering that went on between Mike and Jessica. Beside her she noticed Angela's jaw tighten. Bella knew that Angela rarely lost her cool but when she did it wasn't something she wanted to be on the receiving end of.

"Oh so now that's my fault I -" cried Mike.

"You weren't thinking, as usual, you just guessed that -"interrupted Jessica.

"I just guessed what, huh? You went on about making sure the balloons were colour coordinated with the plates and the plates were pink so -"

"The plates were not pink they were sunset orange! Can't you tell the difference. That's why - "

"The plates were pink!"

"they were not, they were -"


"Sunset ora-"


"Sunset o-"



"THAT"S IT!" yelled Angela, "If you two don't shut up I swear I'm gonna -"

"we're here." came Bella's quiet voice.

The response to the whisper-like statement was that of complete silence. Bella could have sworn she heard Mike gulp.

The sight before them struck fear into their hearts not by the shear size of the looming iron gate but the manner of which it seemed to blend into the night. If it hadn't been for the first car's headlights shining on the iron bars, Bella was sure she would have not even have seen it.

Bella shut the engine off and they all sat in silence as the cars in front shut their engines off as well.The area was put into darkness again and the eerie silence did nothing to comfort Bella's rising suspicion.

"Something isn't right." voiced Angela.

"It's quiet." said Jessica.

"Too quiet." Bella said.

"what do you think they're doing just sitting there? are they waiting for something?" whispered Mike.

"or someone?" came Angela's voice.

Bella didn't have to see their faces to know that they too felt uncertain about what was going to happen.

"I think we should split up. Its better than us just staying in the car like sitting ducks." said Bella.

"I never liked ducks." said Jessica.

"How can you not like ducks, that's just -" Mike asked astounded.

"Me and Jessica will go east. Angela, you and Mike go west." started Bella quickly.

She did not want to sit through another espisode of Mike and Jessica's childish arguements.She felt rather than saw their nodding agreements.

With careful caution Bella unlocked the doors and jumped at the sudden onslaught of light that flooded into the car. Uncovering her eyes she squinted and saw the the roles of prey and predator and swtiched. Infront of them and on both sides stood the Darkens. Two of the three cars had some how turned around and now faced them, their engine roaring as if out of a race car movie. On the left and right of their little car stood three darkens each in a crouching position ready to move in.

"Now I feel like a sitting duck." came Mike's voice, rather high pitched.

Infront of them a Darken with tousled blond hair walked towards them with the smile of a smug cat but his stride still showed caution.

In her mind Bella counted ready to reverse and get them out of here. One - two - three! She slammed her foot onto the accelerator and the same moment changing the gears into reverse. The wheels sent soil flying around and sped backwards. however not as quickly as she would have liked.She heard the wheels turn and the mud fly but what she didn't see was the car going backwards.

“Um...Bella, you might want to have a look in your rear view mirror.”said Jessica softly.

As Bella did just that her heart took on a speed of its own. A Darken that looked as muscled as a bear held the car's bumber with just one hand.

“Yikes! I'd never want to get into a fight with him.” said Mike.

“well you might just have to.” said bella with a seriousness that Angela recognized.

“Bella...you..you can't be serious! Us fight against them!”

“It's either that or God knows what they might have in store for us.” replied Bella.

“I bet he saw this coming all along” snorted Jessica, “why else would he send Mike if he didn't want us to meet our end.”

“your just upset he didn;'t choose you as the head of this little mission.” snorted Mike, copying Jessica.

“Stop it both of you! We're going to have to fight them. Me and Angela will take as many on the sides as we can, that should give you both time to get out then well...take your pick. Ready?” yelled Bella.

Mike gulped, “would it make a difference if I said no?”

“Let's go, Bella.” came Angela's determined voice.

Bella and Angela flew out of the car. Bella caught the arm of the closest Darken and yanked it pulling it behind its back. Holding its neck in a head lock she kneed into its back which brought it down onto its own knees. Letting go she turned to grab the next one but she was too slow, A strong female arm reached for her and sent her flying. Her head banged against the tree trunk and she fell back. Her head felt like it had split open and she reached behind to the back of her head and grimaced when she felt slick wetness of what she was sure was blood.She had fought enough of these species of Darkens to know that any show of blood would lead to disaster. Hiding that hand she picked herself up and swiveled only to come face to face with the blond goddess.

They both crouched low ready to conitnue the fight when a voice rang out,

“That's enough!”

The clear command that held authority that not even Bella could disobey silenced the on going commotion leaving it once again in silence.