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Into the Night

Edward is a vampire, a vampire with a dark secret Bella is half mortal, half angel with a mission when only accomplished would transform her into a complete angelic being Yet the constant battle between forces of Good and Evil bring them together, endangering the very existence of the universe itself... Is love enough? or is it really love?

All characters from Twilight to Eclipse live in this story although the world is something completely different...

4. Chapter 4

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Bella turned to see a tall bronze haired figure step out of the only car that hadn't turned towards theirs. With his back to them he slammed the car door hard enough to shake the car.

She noticed that the blond Darken too had straightened and that Angela, Mike and Jessica had two Darkens holding them captive each. Fear rushed through her for her friends sake. Her brain already began to run through a series of plans to escape but they all came to a stand still when she found herself staring into eyes as black as midnight, his pale skin a deepening contrast.

He now stood facing her, his hands in his pockets, his eyes narrowed on her. She felt as though the breathe had been knocked out of her. He began walking towards her and unknowingly she took a step back. Realizing it she forced herself to stand still. She thought she saw a hint of amusement in his eyes as he seemed to control the lift in the corner of his mouth.

Bella couldn't help herself, her eyes took in his bronze hair that gently swayed with the wind making it appear silk like, his midnight black eyes that seem to bore into her, the straight set of his jaw that complimented the shape of his lips, the commanding manner with which he walked which did nothing to belie the leanness of his body nor the strength it held. He was tall and strong and how she hated to admit it but he was handsome, more handsome than anyone she had ever seen both mortal and heavenly.

“Like what you see?” the deep voice brought her out of her revere and lifted her eyes to his.

To her embarassment she realized that her brazen inspection of him had been rather public as she saw not only the amused glint in his eyes again but the shocked faces of both Angela and Jessica not to mention the horror on Mike's, the frowns on many of the Darkens' faces and to her surprise the snickering of the Darken who had held her car in place and the tousled blond haired ,who had walked towards their car at first.

Realizing that she had to respond least look more like an idiot she lifted her chin and looked down at him, at best as she could considering his height over her, and replied,“Not really.”

The snickering turned into brawls of laughter and his lips stretched into what appeared to be a genuine smile and his eyes held....admiration?

“She got you, Edward” came a voice behind her. She turned to see the bear like Darken wink at her.

She turned immediately uncertain how to respond to such a show of...what was he showing? Here she was practically lusting after the enemy and having a teasing session with those that would in a few days bring about the end of the world.

“Looks like she did, Emmett.” responded the Darken named Edward. Yet despite the humour in his voice she couldn't help but notice the way his eyes seem to darken, if that were even possible.

“Lets just kill them and get it over with.” said another voice. Bella immediately stiffened but she was surprised at the look of anger that Edward raised towards the voice.It was the blond goddess who had spoken and Bella noticed the silent tension that hovered between them at that moment.

“What, Rosalie?” asked Edward, the calm in his voice sounding even more deadly had it been a threat.

“We're late as it is, Edward, Aro -” Began the bear like Darken named Emmett but was interupted by the one called Rosalie.

“I said, lets just kill them – and get it over with.”

Edward's eyes seem to narrow even further into slits, “By all means.”and with that he turned to walk away but as he did he commanded, “Release the others.”

“what! I - “began Rosalie.

“You want to kill them, very well, we'll be waiting at the manor, let yourself in once your done.” he had reached the car by then and he stopped, his hand resting on the door handle.

“You can't expect her to kill four of them by herself” asked the tousled blond haired Darken.

Without responding to the Darken Edward turned to look at Rosalie. Bella watched as Rosalie's face filled with anger then contemplation and finally defeat. Taking a step away from Bella she turned and walked towards one of the cars.

Bella stood confused as she watched the darkens walk towards their respective cars. Was it over? Were they free to go? Before she could take a step towards Angela Edward's voice boomed,”Take two in each car.”

Bella didn't know what had hit her but all she could do was stare in silence as numbness spread through her body. She saw rather than felt two Darkens carry her and the others towards the cars. She heard the creaking of the gates opening and the sound of the tires as it drove on gravel ground.


The cars screeched to a halt and Bella was plopped on her behind as two Darkens pulled her out of the car. She still could not use her arms or legs but as she was dragged towards the stairs that lead to the ominous massive wooden doors that held entrance to the castle like mansion.

She saw a young darken, probably not much older than 12, standing beside the tousled blond haired darken his eyes black with no sign of white in them. She didn't feel the stones tear at her legs but from the smell she was certain that it wouldn't be long till the Darkens realize that she was oozing 5yheir favorite diet – blood.

“That's enough Jasper, you can bring Alec out of it now.” came Edward's voice from behind her.

Just as sudden as the numbness had consumed her so had it vanished, saturating her with pain that seeped from her legs. She cried out, startling the Darkens that were dragging her.

Everything seemed to be move really quickly. Before she knew what had happened the two Darkens that had pulled her were crouched infront of her a gleam of thirst in their eye. She raised her eyes and noticed that practically all of the Darkens were crouched facing her, ready to pounce. The disgusting stench of blood filled her nose and panic struck her. They were thirsty for blood – her blood.

Before she could act Edward’s voice rose in command, “Alec numb us!”

Some where in the back of her mind she wondered what he was going on about but Edward’s sudden harsh tone prevented her from dwelling too much of that thought, “ALEC! I said numb us!”

Bella turned her face to find Alec crouched low just like the rest, his eyes focused on the blood that oozed out from her half immortal body, his tongue snaked out to lick his lips in delight.


Bella knew that the Darken named Alec couldn’t hear Edward. His innocent childish like appearance did nothing to hide the monster like craze that was evident on his face when he smelt her blood, rather it heightened it.Alec raised his eyes and met Bella’s. With a smile that caused her inside’s to cringe that such an expression could come from a child of only 12 years of age he leapt at her so fast that Bella could only stare as his small, child like body grew larger as it came closer.

Turning her face away from the horror of it all she tried to push herself in the hopes of escaping out of reach but she was pinned to the ground. A sound like thunder filled her ears. Opening her eyes she wasn’t sure if she was being delusional. Edward crouched low over her, one arm raised to the sky, his face staring at the small heap a distance away,his white teeth bare and a low growl rumbled deep within him.

It was then that she realized that the small heap in the distance was Alec as he struggled to stand.

Edward had saved her.

He had thrown Alec away from her just as Alec was about to kill her. He had saved her.


Why had he struck is own to save her?

Why was he not leering at her?

Why wasn’t he invading his teeth into her? Drinking her blood?

She noticed his jaw muscle jump ever so slightly yet his jaw remained tightly clamped.She watched as the other Darkens straightened themselves yet they’re stance still remained cautious. A number of the faces held expressions of disgust. She realized that it wasn’t disgust towards her but towards Edward.

But why?

They seemed to respect him yet now it was like they were disappointed in him?

“What’s going on here? Edward, What happened?” It was a new voice that rang through the silence.

“Nothing.” Edward replied, tightly.

“It dosen’t seem that way.”

“Carlisle, everything’s fine.”

Suddenly Blackness seemed to surrounded her. The day’s events seem to take their toll on her.

Too many questions.

Too many uncertainties.

Too much to carry.

Too much to fear.

She welcomed the darkness as her eyes felt heavy, she wanted to leave this time and place. She wanted to abandon everything and lie in the darkness.

But the last thing she saw were midnight eyes staring into hers a look so profound so intense that she wanted to fight the blackness. She wanted to lie in the darkness, yes, but the darkness in his eyes.

No… she didn’t want to escape.

Not yet, not just yet.

She felt strong arms holding her tight against a hard wall of ice as his voice seemed to stir something deep within her as he whispered, “Its ok.”

Her eyes closed. She gave in…for now.