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Into the Night

Edward is a vampire, a vampire with a dark secret Bella is half mortal, half angel with a mission when only accomplished would transform her into a complete angelic being Yet the constant battle between forces of Good and Evil bring them together, endangering the very existence of the universe itself... Is love enough? or is it really love?

All characters from Twilight to Eclipse live in this story although the world is something completely different...

5. Agonized whisper

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She left the softness of a leaf caress her cheek. She breathed in the wind that blew around her. Opening her eyes she was struck in awe by the sight of the black sky saturated with stars that twinkled brightly.

She stood up and noticed that she wasn’t wearing her usual outift but was in a white dress. It was simple and reached her knees yet despite the wind that sent leaves gently flying around her she felt warm.

Looking down she realized she was standing in the middle of a bridge. The water beneath flowed gently almost silently adding to the calmness of the place.

Where was she?

She couldn’t remember anything except…


The sound of footsteps at the end of the bridge caught her attention. Turning she saw him.


He stood with his hands in his pockets, his coat blowing gently behind him. He didn’t smile nor said a word. Just stood quietly but the way he looked at her made her feel like he was looking into her soul.

He took a step forward and she felt her heart beat faster.

Another step, the sound resounding on the wooden floor.

Another step, his eyes never leaving hers.

He now stood before her, almost touching. She looked up at him and saw herself reflected in his black eyes.He didn’t breathe but she could smell him. She could smell his essence and it drew her to him.

Placing her palm gently on his abdomen she slowly slid it upwards shivering at the hardness she felt beneath. Her eyes followed her hand and she stopped as her hand reached the place over where his heart should have been.The feeling she encountered next almost unbalanced her.

A heartbeat.

She felt the slow and steady beat of a heart…but how?

He wasn’t suppose to have a heart?

Looking up at him she lost all concious thought as he his eyes bore into her and she felt his muscled arms slide around her waist, drawing her closer to him until her body fit perfectly to his. His gaze drifted down towards her lips and she closed her eyes as he brought his lips down to capture hers


The sudden shout brought her out of the hypnotic hold he had on her as she clung to his shoulder to balance herself. she noticed his gaze was looking over her shoulder at the owner of the voice that had just called her name.Following his gaze she saw…


Another Edward?

She looked back confused. Here he was standing infront of her but he was standing at the other end of the bridge too yet the other Edward looked different. His face didn’t seem so hard, his eyes didn’t hold secrets but were full of joy and peace.He looked at her and smiled gently and she felt a rush of warmth fill her heart.The other Edward took a step too.

“Edward?” she whispered.

He stopped and lifted his eyes to the first Edward. She turned and saw that the first Edward too was looking at the happier one.

The first Edward looked down at her but this time his eyes held such pain she couldn’t bear to look at. He slowly took his hands from her and walked away but his eyes continued to hold hers. He wouldn’t turn but continued walking backwards.

Before she lost sight of him she saw him close his eyes and he whispered with such tortured agony, “Bells.”

And with a flash of blinding light he disappeared.


In the real world Bella Swan jerked awake and sat up straight with a startled cry

.“Oh thank God!” came Angela’s familiar voice.

Bella felt a soft body crash infront of her and embrace her. She heard Mike’s sigh of relief and Jessica’s squeal but none of it mattered.All she could hear was the familiar name being spoken with agony ripped from the heart, “Bells”

The name seemed to whisper into her ear despite Angela’s constant questioning about her, Mike’s constant diction of how worried they were and Jessica’s constant chant of how she was going to kill every “icky blood-sucking Darken who are too chicken to stick to call themselves what they really are which are vampires”

“Bella! For goodness sake atleast tell me your alright instead of gawking at me” Angela’s scared voice broke through her revere.

“yeh…Im…Im fine, Angela…Im fine.” Bella replied.

“What happened to you Bella? They dragged us out and the first thing we see, apart from this gigantic mansion is you lying in that…that Darken’s arms. For a second we thought they had…he had…we thought…” rushed Mike.

“What he means to say is we’re glad you’re alright” Jessica broke in.

“Do you remembered what happened, Bella?” asked Angela.

“I…I can’t remember.”

“She fainted.” Came a sudden voice from the darkness at the curtains.

“Gee you think” replied Jessica.

Ignoring Jessica, the figure stepped out to reveal the tousled blond haired Darken.

“You fainted because of the pain.” He continued.

“Pain?” asked Bella.

“Max and Jake were careless when they pulled you out of the car. They had dragged – ahem- they had dragged you along the cobblestones and you earned a number of bruises. I assume that’s why you fainted.”

“But….but I remember not feeling anything until we were almost at the stairs leading…leading to those massive doors…why didn’t I fell anything before that?” asked Bella.

“That was Alec’s doing.” Replied the blond Darken.

The name seem to turn Bella’s inside’s cold.

“What do you mean?” asked Angela.

“Alec has the ability to numb a person’s senses. That’s how he defends himself. The victim can’t feel nor move until Alec lifts the hold he has over his victim.”

“But still why hadn’t the other Darkens attacked me till I felt the pain myself? ” asked Bella.

The Darken shook is head, “ In a way, we were unaware. What I mean is that Alec is still learning to control his ability. When he tries to numb one body it actually numbs everyone else surrounding him and the victim he places his hold over. That’s why when he lifted his hold from you, he lifted his hold on everyone else as well.”

“Im sure you wanted a little taste yourself?” sneered Jessica.

He turned to look at her and through tight lips he said, “I can’t deny what I am as you put it ‘an icky blood-sucking Darken, too chicken to call myself what I really am, a vampire.’”

“Yeah about that, why don’t you guys call yourself vampires anymore? What are you some evolved species of bats?” Mike laughed at his own joke.

With an sigh leaning more towards annoyance than fatigue he replied, “We still call ourselves vampires, its your kind that dosen’t. Darkens are those who are part of our world. ‘The bad guys’ as storybooks like to call us. Darkens are the title given to Werewolves and witches as well as we Vampires. A bit like how you are called humans but beneath that you hav subtitles like Americans and Africans.”

“Oh we’re not OWW!” began Mike but was painfully stopped my a rather indignant Jessica who had kicked him in the shin.“What did you do that for?” yelled Mike, hopping on one foot.

Shrugging her shoulders she replied, “For fun."

The tousled blond Darken looked at the two as though they were…well…weird and Bella couldn’t blame him.

“You’ll get used to it.” Said Angela as she noticed the queer look on the Darken’s face.

Before a word could be said a knock was heard on the door and another Darken walked in. Bella remembered her as Rosalie and the daggers that seemed to shoot from her eyes confirmed it.

“They’re ready.” Was all she said and she walked out.

“Ready?” asked Angela.

Bella send the blond Darken a questioning look.

“Your trial.” And with that he walked towards the door.

“Trial? Hey! What trial? Im talking to you buddy, hey! WHAT TRIAL??” yelled Jessica, her voice risnig in pitch with ever word ignored.

“Your not going to find out unless you attend.” He replied, turning around at the door.

“Do you really think we’re gonna do what you tell us to?” she asked haughtily.

“Its either that or we bring Alec back here and drag you all to the trial.” He said, his voice now thick with irritation.

The three of them turned to Bella.

“Bella?” asked Angela.

Nodding her head Bella said, “We have no choice.”

The blond Darken nodded his head but before he could open the door Bella asked, “Atleast tell us your name.”

He turned to look at her and paused. For a moment she thought he wasn’t going to tell her when he replied, “Jasper.”

“Like the friendly ghost?” asked Mike, laughing once again at his pathetic joke.

“That’s Casper you idiot.” Yelled Jessica.

Jasper turned to Mike with a death glare and Bella feared for her goofy friend’s life.

“Let’s go.” Was all he said.

At that moment four darkens entered the room and escorted them out the room and through a long corridor with high ceilings lit with candles and massive chandeliers.

“Man, these creatures sure know how to live in style.” Whistled Mike.

“What is this place?”asked Angela.

“It’s where we gather to attend a meeting.” Replied Jasper.

“The Elder’s Council.” Whispered Bella.

“So you’ve heard of it. Surprising considering you’re nothing more than mere humans.”

“Ouch Jasper, that’s a little…what do you call a person who looks down on species? Specist? Ha! Specist get it? Like you have racist for races and sexist for sexes so specist! Hahaha!” laughed Mike.

“I swear your lame jokes are beginning to give me a headache.” Exclaimed Jessica.

“Mine began a long time ago.” Whispered Jasper.

Biting her lip to keep from smiling Bella looked around to admire the surroundings. The corridor ceiling was high above their heads with bright chandeliers that made the red carpet below give off an almost blood like red color. Their were portraits of so many people that she had lost count of and every few steps the train of portraits were interrupted by massive wooden doors on either side.

“Who are these people?” asked Bella.

“Don’t know. The portraits were here when we found the place abandonned 400 years ago. As respect to the families that may have lived here we didn’t take them down.” Answered Jasper.

“How thoughtful.” Voiced Jessica, sarcastically.

It felt like they were walking through a maze of corridors when finally they walked onto the beginning left corner of a ‘Y’ shaped marble staircase.

The massive hall that the staircase led to was dark except for the wide stream of light that came through two opened massive doors at the end of the hall. She could hear the voice of someone loud clear as if the speaker were right next to her. Curiousity caused her to walk forward without the physical persuasion of her Darken like bodyguard.

The doors grew closer and finally they stopped at the entrance of it. Bella held back her gasp but Angela wasn’t so lucky.

The hall must have been a ballroom at one point of time with its beautiful marble floor design and mirrored walls. Their were several chandeliers hanging across the ceiling but at the centre stood a candelier so huge in size and intimadating in its glitter that Bella was surprised it didn’t blind her.

Opposite the entrance was a raised platform in a shape of a wide semicircle and on the platform behind tables sat the Elders.

So these were the Elders.

The most prestigious of all Darkens who with the crook of their finger could bring to knees an entire species. These Darkens were considered as royalty. The most powerful of all creatures Darken, Heavenly and Human. They were equal to the Heavenly Elders and even they were considered above royalty. Cities had been destroyed by the mere command of one of these Darken Elders and civilzations lost. They were the ones that she had been assigned to destroy to earn back her immortality. That was the mission: to destroy the Darken Elders who were bent on bringing the very universe to chaos by taking over every galaxy and solar system. The Heavenly Armies were the most undefeated force in the universe but there was a time when they were once brought to their knees and this occurred only once and only by the hand of the Darken Army lead by none other than these Elders.

The voice of the Heavenly Elders rang in her ears, “Your mission is to destroy the Darken Elders, every last one of them and we shall grant you back your immortality.”

At the centre stood a man with long, jet-black hair and translucent white skin and milky red eyes. On the left of the man sat another dark haired man who looked a great deal like the standing man but with a bored expression on his face. To his left sat another man but he was vastly different from the others. He was so handsome that Bella hadnt realize her jaw and dropped. With blond hair and a chiseled face she couldn’t’ help but think him a Roman God. To the right of the standing man sat a man with snow-white hair that reached his shoulders and white skin. To his right sat…


No, this can’t be!

Not Edward!

Anyone but not him!

The dream flashed before her eyes and she had to steady herself to prevent from falling. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

Their eyes caught and she could almost here his agonized voice whispering, “Bells.”