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Into the Night

Edward is a vampire, a vampire with a dark secret Bella is half mortal, half angel with a mission when only accomplished would transform her into a complete angelic being Yet the constant battle between forces of Good and Evil bring them together, endangering the very existence of the universe itself... Is love enough? or is it really love?

All characters from Twilight to Eclipse live in this story although the world is something completely different...

6. Chapter 6

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It was then that she realized that he was staring at her. Actually, they were all staring at her. The silence that filled the room unnerved her and the phrase ‘you could hear a pin drop’ came to mind.

“Well well if it isn’t our…guests.” Said the man standing at the centre.

Bella heard a snide remark from the side, “more like dinner”

She felt Angela stiffen beside her as the group beside them broke out in giggles.

“Come now Jasper, where is your hospitality? Bring them in.” he continued.

Jasper quietly whispered behind her, “You better go in.”

Slowly and cautiously Bella took a step forward and then another using every ounce of her strength to ignore the snickering and hungry stares of the Darkens seated on either side of her. She prayed for the others behind her not to be strong and follow her.

As she neared she saw the centre man walk down the raised platform and towards her. ‘Walked’ wasn’t the right description, he seem to float across the floor, his long, black robes sweeping the floor.

“Bella isn’t it?” he asked as he stood facing her.

Bella couldn’t hide the surprise. How had he known?

As though he had read her mind he laughed quietly, “No need to look so surprised, dear.” Turning towards Edward he strecthed his hand out and continued, “Edward was gracious enough as to tell us your name. Although he hadn’t the oppurtunity to introduce us. I am Aro”

Bella felt the stab of betrayal to which she didn’t understand.Looking at Edward beneath her lashes she was even more surprised to see his jaw held tight almost as if he wasn’t pleased that this Darken, Aro, had taken liberal use of the information he had shared.

“However, we haven’t had the pleasure of being introduced to your fellow…friends.” He went on.

Holding her head so as not to look behind her she raised it instead and looked him straight in the eye and demanded, “Let us go.”

Aro’s quiet laughter built up and soon it echoed of the walls and eventually he had every Darken in the hall laughing with him. She snuck a look at Edward and shoved the rising anger at the sight of his slight smirk.

“No my dear, Im afraid we can’t do that. You see your…arrival has been an…interruption to a rather important gathering. Now even if a Vampire were to cause such a disruption the penalty is great, how much more for mere humans.”

“Then what will you do with us.” She demanded again.

Aro’s face grew tight at not being allowed his fun of unnerving her but he made sure to hide it quickly, “You certainly get right to the point. How unusual for a human?”

Bella held back her biting retort and stood still staring at him. Aro sighed and turned to walk back up the raised platform and sat at his throne like seat at the centre. Leaning back he placed his elbows on the arm rests and held his gnarled white fingers together. He sat still watching her his red eyes unflinching and unusually still. After what felt like eternity the corners of his thin lips tilted into a stretched smile.

“What shall we do with you?” he said. Then raising his voice he addressed the rest of the Darkens, “What shall we do with them?”




The roar for blood grew louder and Bella felt fear seize her hearts.

“Caius? What do you say?” he asked the man white haired man to his right.

“Hmmm…I’d like to see that one.” He began pointing at Bella, “I’d like to see that spirit…broken. She has too much of it for an inadequate human.”

Bella clenched her fists beside her and bit her tongue from letting him know what she really like to see.

“And with the rest,” he continued,” Kill them.”

A roar of applause broke through and Bella bowed her head to keep from launching herself at the arrogant bastard.

The applause died down and she heard a chair scrape back.

“Well then, I believe – “ began Aro but Bella had had it.

It ended here.

“You won’t dare.” She said quietly.

She could almost touch the tension that filled the room the moment she had uttered the words.

“What?” asked Aro his eyes narrowed into slits.

“I said,” Bella began, slowly lifting her head,” You – won’t – DARE!”

And with that she launched herself towards him her hands gripping hard onto the gun that she had pulled out with lightling speed. She heard the shot explode and at the same time was knocked onto her back and she felt the violent tug of another hand on her gun. Flicking her head to move her hair out of her eyes she looked up into the black eyes of Edward.

“Let it go!” she yelled, and brought her knee to his groin.She heard his grunt and felt his weight lift of her slightly.

However her victory was short lived as his arm struck out and caught hold of her wrist yanking it painfully over her head.

“You have to –“ but before Edward could finish Bella punched him in the mouth with her free hand.The force caused him to stagger and he fell off her.

She quickly picked herself up and turned to yell at her friends to run but the sight that awaited her stopped her cold.

Mike was knelt on the ground, his face white with pain as a Darken held his arm in a twisted position that told Bella that it was broken. The only bit of relief she could cling onto was that the Darken wasn’t completely unscathed. The corner of his left eyes appeared cut and his jaw was swollen. Angela and Jessica had both their hands held behind their back and two Darkens waiting poised over their neck awaiting the signal to pierce into them and drink their blood.

She felt her arms being roughly pulled behind her back and heard the gun fall to the floor.Nothing mattered.Not the pain in her arms or her head.She had put her friends in worse danger that could cost them their lives, all because of her.

“Kill them!” Bella heard Aro’s shout and screamed turning around.

“NOO! WAIT!!” She saw Aro lift his hand as a sign to wait and she quickly shouted, “Take me instead! Let them go…it…it was my fault. I..I was the one who fired the shot. Please…do what you want with me but…but let them go!”

“You will die with them.”he replied.

“Take my life but please…let them go.” She pleaded.

“You are in no position to bargain!” yelled Caius.

“You…you want to see me broken…then do so…just leave them alone.” She continued, she hated having to beg to these …monsters but she had no other choice.

Aro and Caius turned to look at each other and the pause it gave gave her hope. But that hope was soon shattered as Edward stood up from the floor. Gasps filled the hall and she saw rage and hatred consume both the face of Aro and Caius.

She followed their gaze to Edward’s face and gasped. His lip was cut and a thin trail of blood trickled down towards his chin.

“HOW DARE YOU!” Aro’s voice resonated of the walls.

All Bella could see was the blood trailing down Edward’s chin. She hadn’t meant to do that. She hadn’t meant to hurt him.

She hadn’t.

“Aro.” A quiet and gentle voice broke the tensed silence.

Bella ignored the voice and stood still staring at Edward. His eyes took in her face yet he said nothing and his face reamined expressionless.

“What is it Carlisle?” she heard Aro’s tight voice ask.

“Since Edward is my son and despite the fact that the attack was meant towards you it left you unharmed, yet my son has…suffered…some…minor injuries, therefore I fell it is my right to carry out their punishment.” The voice continued.

The words ‘Edward is my son’ broke through Bella’s thoughts and she turned her eyes to look at the Darken who resembled A roman God who was sitting at the raised platform.

“She attacked Aro, Carlisle, therefore the judgement rests on all of us.” Countered Caius.

“That is true, but Aro is unharmed and Edward isn’t” he replied back.

“What would you have them do, Carlisle?” asked Aro.

Carlisle walked towards them and stopped beside Edward. “As you know we’ve just moved into the area and need…servants, Esme can’t handle –“

“Are you joking?! Their punishment is to be servants to you and your coven?” asked Caius in disbelief.

“With no disrespect Carlisle, but I don’t think that these…prisoners will receive the…approprate treatment due them if they are in your…care.” Said Aro.

“That’s for certain.” Snorted Caius.

Carlisle turned and walked towards the centre of the semi circle. Looking straight at Aro he spoke with an authority that reminded Bella of Edward’s voice, “ Judgement is mine, the Scripture rules it.”

Silence followed his statement. Aro slowly stood and stared at Carlisle. After deep contemplation he nodded his head, “Very well.”

“NO!” yelled Edward and Caius.

Bella couldn’t hold back her gasp of surprise. She could understand Caius being against the notion but Edward?

Did he really want her to be killed?

She thought back on how he had saved her from Alec, how could he now want her dead?

“Edward?” asked Aro.

“I will not support this decision. Carlisle is right, as the Scripture rules he has the right to pass Judgement however, my word overrules his as it is I who's harmed.” Said Edward,his voice echoing from the walls.

“Edward –“ began Carlisle.

“No Carlisle, I do not want their punishment to be servants to us.” Turning around Edward looked straight at Bella, “It isn’t enough.”

Bella took a step back. The hatred that filled his eyes caused her heart to cringe.

“What do you want to do with them then?” asked Aro.

“I want her spirit broken too.” He demanded coldly.

“Edward!” Carlisle excliamed, disbelief heavy in his voice.

Bella couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I want her broken and shattered. I want that fire to burn out and her with it. That she wont consider even setting her sights upon those far superior to her.” He continued.

Bella’s hurt and astonishment transformed into rage.

How dare he!

Lifting her nose at him she opened her mouth to set him in his place but before she knew it Edward stood before her, his nose almost touching hers, “Dare to open your mouth and you’re friends will breath their last.”

Taking a step back she spoke with a voice that carried such determination which she surely didn’t feel, “I will not be bullied or insulted by a bat!”

Edward’s eyes narrowd into dangerous slits.

“Further more, you will never break me. I will never bend to your pathetic demands. As for your superiority, you have none. You live in hiding, scurring about like rodents and pests to hold meetings in broken down abandoned buildings and have no conscience to your animalistic self.It is not you who are superior to me but we who are superior to you and your disgusting race.”

Bella gave herself a silent pat on the back and gave him a satisfied smile. She held that smile in place as he walked towards her and looked down at her from his height. He stood their without uttering a word, staring at her with eyes black with hatred and a hint of…admiration?

Silence continued till it began to unnerve her.

“Aro,” Edward broke the silence, “I second Carlisle’s decision.”Bella’s forhead furrowed in confusion.

“Are you certain, Edward?” Aro asked for the last time.

“Yes.” He concluded.

To Bella he whispered, “Be careful.”

She looked up into his eyes and she saw… Triumph? He looked like he had won a secret battle.

Her gaze traveled down to his chin and resisting the sudden urge to wipe clean the dried blood that lay against his skin. Her eyes rose to his lips and she felt her lips go dry. Licking her lips she looked up at Edward and took a step back at the sight of his eyes filled with something she was certain wasn’t hatred.

“Very well, Carlisle, you are the keeper of these…humans. We will arrive in a months time to inspect the manner with which you carried out their punishment.” Aro finalized with distaste in his voice at the mention of ‘humans’.

Carlisle nodded and bowed slightly. He turned and walked towards the exit.

Bella saw three other Darkens stand up around the hall and form a line behind Carlisle.

The first one was the Darken Bella recognized as Rosalie. Next to her was a pixie like Darken with dark hair and eyes and skin as pale as the rest. Her short cropped her glinted a reddish brown with the light. Bella watched as the middle Darken walked forwards and linked her arm with Carlisle’s. She had soft brown hair and gentle eyes. Bella chose to ignore the kiss Carlisle placed upon the Darken’s forehead. She didn’t understand, Darkens were not creatures of love even to their own kind.

Only Edward remained standing still even as Jasper and the Darken named Emmett walked behind the female Darkens.

Looking at Edward a last time she turned to follow them. She was caught up by Angela, Jessica and Mike, nursing his broken hand, his lips tight.

“Bella have you lost your mind!” Jessica whispered. “What were you thinking attacking that Darken like that!”

“Not now, Jessica.” Bella whispered back urgently.

“Yes now, Bella!” continued Jessica urgently, “Do you know how lucky we are to be walking out of here alive?!”

Bella stopped at that.

“Lucky! We are going to be servants to the very monsters who will destroy the universe in a few weeks!” exclaimed Angela, quietly.

“Look this gives us an advantage of getting closer to these creatures and destroying them. I’ll explain later.” Bella whispered and tried to usher Jessica forward.

Yanking her arm away she whispered in a frenzy, “Bella you just tried to attack the ruler of the Darkens! Aro is their bloody king!”

“W-What?” Bella asked.

The king! No…that can’t be.

“What are you talking about? The Darkens don’t have a king their ruling administration are the Elders.” she asked again.

“Aro is their king, Bella. Didn’t you know that? The story that they have no king is a lie. A defense tactic…Jasper told me, Bella. You tried to attack their king!” repeated Jessica.

Bella felt the blood drain and she felt like she couldn’t breath she had put her friends in such danger that she couldn't even begin to fathom.

How had she not known?

“And Carlisle,” Aro’s voice boomed.

Bella couldn’t move, she was paralyzed by the realization at what she had just tried to do and how miraculous it was that they were walking out alive.

Carlisle stopped and turned, the others stopping with him.

Bella heard Edward’s footsteps as he walked towards them.

“Protect Edward. He may be your son but he also my successor. A day might come when…when he will rule.” Aro’s voice echoed.

The words entered Bella and she snapped her head up.

'Protect Edward…He will rule…He will rule’

Edward’s eyes locked with hers as he walked past her. The world seem to move in slow motion at that moment. Their eyes locked together as he walked ahead of her and her eyes continued to watch him as he turned and took his place next to Carlisle as they walked out the door.

“Bella, come on!” she heard Jessica’s urgent voice but it felt like it were miles away.

She felt Jessica pull her forward holding her elbow as they strode out the doors, following Carlisle and his coven of Darkens. But all she could hear was ‘Protect Edward…He will rule…My successor…He will rule.’

Standing at the entrance to the mansion they waited as the cars were brought.

Bella’s eyes never left the back of Edward’s head. She continued to watch as Edward walked around the car to the driver’s side and opened the door.

Before he got in he looked up at her and their eyes locked again but this time all she could see were his eyes full of an emotion that she could not put into words as the wind blew over them and through the trees whispering as they went, “Bells”