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Into the Night

Edward is a vampire, a vampire with a dark secret Bella is half mortal, half angel with a mission when only accomplished would transform her into a complete angelic being Yet the constant battle between forces of Good and Evil bring them together, endangering the very existence of the universe itself... Is love enough? or is it really love?

All characters from Twilight to Eclipse live in this story although the world is something completely different...

7. gasp of breathe

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The sun had already risen by the time Bella reached the door that lead to the room that she would be sharing with Angela and Jessica.There were three beds in a line on one wall and opposite each bed stood a closet. The only window in the room was the one directly opposite the door and the outside view was covered by a musty beige curtain that matched the dull walls of the room.

Jessica fell onto the bed closest to the door with a deep groan, “I could sleep forever!”

“Be careful what you wish for, it might come true.” Laughed Angela.

Bella walked across the room and spread the curtains wide sending dust flying everywhere.

Coughing a little away, Jessica yelled, “Watch it Bella, who knows how long those things have been used!”

“This place does seem rather old.” Angela put in.

“Old! Its ancient!?! When the doors were opened I thought the rafters were going to collapse.” Exlaimed Jessica.

“I wonder why Dr.Cullen and his family decided to move here all of a sudden?” asked Angela, as she sat on the middle bed.

Bella turned at that, “Dr.Cullen?”

“Carlisle Cullen. He’s a doctor. Dr. Carlisle Cullen.” Repeated Angela.

“How do you know this?” asked Bella.

“On the way here…well…he was extrememly polite to us and –“ Began Angela.

“Polite? Angela, they are still Darkens. They are still the enemy. The memory of riding with the the ‘heir’ to the throne still sends shivers up my spine” Interrupted Jessica.

Bella thought back to the ride here. She and Jessica had been told to ride in the back with Emmett and Edward at the wheel. Staring out at the lake shimmering in the risen sun, Bella lost herself to her recollection of the drive which she spent with the Prince of Hell...

“I didn’t know old Aro could end a meeting so fast.” Laughed Emmett.

Bella refused to turn her eyes from the trees that flashed by the window as the car drove in a frightening speed.

“Edward?” asked Emmett.

“Sorry were you saying something?” Edward sounded distracted.

“Is something wrong?” asked Emmett.

“No. Everything’s fine.”

Emmett didn’t seem to notice the finality in Edward’s voice. “Your not mad at Aro publicly announcing you being his supposed heir, are you?”

Bella turned at that.

Aro’s booming statement now reduced itself to a whisper like chant in her mind and yet there were so many questions she needed answers to. She watched as Edward turned his head to look out the window, his jaw held tightly and his refusal to answer, answer enough.

“Edward? Come on, you know Aro loves his few minutes of fame.” Emmett continued.

“How much more fame does he need? Isn’t he your ‘king’” asked Jessica, a tinge of mockery in her voice.

“Ha that’s nothing! During out last meeting he strode in with about sixteen guards and had trumpets blowing after him.” Laughed Emmett

“How do you know about that?” Edward asked Jessica.

At her puzzled look he explained, "Aro being our king?"

“We’re not stupid!” exclaimed Jessica.

“It must be quite an honor to being the heir to the throne.” Came Bella’s quiet voice.

Edward turned to face her.

Refusing to hide the vulnerability in her eyes, Bella kept her eyes on his and waited counting every second as it passed by.

“So she speaks.” He voiced.

Bella continued to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

When she could no longer handle it she took a deep breathe but stopped when Edward finally answered, “Honor isnt the right description.”

“Then what would be?” Bella perservered.

Edward’s eyes roamed over her face and then turned to face forward again.

“Thing is that being the ‘heir’ isnt really important. Aro likes to think so but the past four hundred years he’s had five different ‘heirs’ to his supposed ‘throne’. Its just a title given to Aro’s favorite so that he can feel more king like. None of his ‘heirs’ have ever taken over.” Answered Emmett.

“How come?” asked Bella.

“Aro is the oldest and most powerful Darken in the universe. No one can even get close to him with his goons always surrounding him. So since he’s never been destroyed so his ‘heirs’ were never needed to take over.” Continued Emmett.

“But why has he had so many ‘heirs’? Why not just one?” Bella continued to ask.

“Aro’s …favor dies really fast. Edward is probably the only one who he’s favored for so long.” Emmett laughed.

“How long has he been the ‘heir’?” pestered Bella.

“Two hundred years.” Answered Edward.

Bella turned her head to look at him. “You’re rather special then.” Murmered Bella, mockingly.

Anger filled her.

Anger that he refused to look at her.

Edward turned and smiled slyly, “You think so.”

“What – I – How dare –“ stammered Bella, embarassment resulting in a heated blush.

Emmett laughed and said, “Don’t mind him he’s just messing with you.”

Bella looked at him and frowned at the seriousness of Edward’s face. His eyes were intense again but before she could look further he turned again...

She didn’t understand him.

The way he looked at her it was like he could see into her. Into her thoughts, her desires, her deepest darkest secret. It was foolish but she couldn’t deny that he affected her more than she would like to admit.

“I cant believe we’re stuck here. We should be out there making them extinct not…serving them cheese and crackers!” exclaimed Jessica.

“Wha – Cheese and crackers?” asked Bella obviously confused.

“Bella?” whispered Angela.

“What did you mean earlier about us being here giving us an advantage of getting closer to the Darkens and destroying them…that you’d explain later?”

Bella sat down next to Angela and waited for Jessica to join them.

“The Darkens think we’re humans…so we don’t need to worry about them finding out the truth about us. They believe we pose no threat –“

“Apart from trying to kill their King.” Interupted Jessica.

“Actually, I think it was because of Bella trying to kill Aro that Carlisle stepped in.” said Angela, quietly.

“Are you actually supporting this?” asked Jessica, aghast.

“Look, I know it was a stupid thing to do but I panicked. If anything happened to you guys…Look us being here makes it easier for us to complete this mission. We can carry it out run under their noses, they’ll never suspect a thing.” Voiced Bella.

“You lost me.” said jessica.

Sighing Bella explained, “We’ll follow what Dr.Carlisle Cullen asks of us and while we’re here keep your eyes open. Take note of their routine lives, when they wake up, when they go to sleep, when they go out, weaknesses; that sort of thing. And when the time is right we’ll escape and find a way to get into the Elder’s Mansion. We can use the Cullen’s to get in. And then…”

"But Darkens don't sleep -" began Jessica.

"Well then forget about what time they sleep." blurted Bella, irritated.

“And then?” persisted Angela.

“…we destroy them.” Finished Bella.

Silence followed Bella’s statement.

Bella didn’t know for how long had they sat there each lost in there own contemplation when a loud knock broke them out of it.

Angela looked at Bella and Jessica before slowly getting up and walked to the door. Taking a deep breath she pulled open the door and squealed as Mike’s exhausted face was ‘revealed’.


“Ow, ow ,ow …pain, major..pain.” whined Mike as he brought himself into the girls’ room with Angela hanging onto him in a tight embrace.

“What happened…Mikey?” snickered Jessica.

Plopping down onto the nearest bed, Mike muttered into the blanket, “Thmm stmmm…tmm mmammy…stmmmm!”

“Huh?” asked Jessica.

Turning onto his back Mike repeatedm “This house has too many damn stairs!!”

“Where are you staying?” asked Angela.

“The garden shed. There’s a partation which divides the shed into two rooms, one which is mine and the second for the tools and stuff.” Said Mike.

“So now what do we do?” asked Jessica.

“Oh that reminds me, Carlisle asked me to call you guys all downstairs.” stated Mike.

That caught Bella’s attention, “Downstairs?”

“Yeah.” Sighed Mike and picked himself off the bed and walked towards the door and out the exit.

“Oh do we have to!! I’m pooped.” Whined Jessica.

“Yeah you have to!” yelled Mike from outside the door.

Laughing Bella and Angela walked out the door behind Mike.

“Hey wait up you guys!” yelled Jessica, running after them.