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Bella and Edward spend an afternoon after school doing homework.


1. Let's Get Started

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I stumbled along the wet sidewalk, my backpack heavier than it usually was. Every teacher had decided to pile on the homework tonight, so my shoulders were aching with the effort of keeping it on my back.

Suddenly the pack was lifted from my shoulders, and I almost tripped on the slippery asphalt. Two strong arms caught me before I could land on my face.

“Edward?” I said, blushing as I looked up at his face. He had that crooked smile on his face, and was barely containing his laughter as he held me up, my backpack on his arm along with his.

“I’m sorry Bella,” he chortled, finally allowing himself to laugh. “You should have seen your face!”

Embarrassed, I turned on my heel and started walking toward the car (his car, really) but didn’t get far before I felt a cold muscular arm snake around from behind and bring me to a halt.

“Don’t be like that, Bella,” he murmured, dazzling me with his golden eyes. I forgot about our little quarrel, like he planned, and instead was trying to remember how to breathe.

He chuckled again and held open the passenger seat to the car.

I shook my head from the dizzy feeling I always got after he looked at me like that, and held out my hand. “I can take my bag, Edward.”

Edward just laughed and walked at a pretty human pace to the other side. As he swung both bags to the floor of his car and turned up the heat, he raised an eyebrow. “Lots of homework tonight, huh?”

I rolled my eyes. “You aren’t kidding.”

Edward smiled as we sped down the street. “Want some help?”

Quickly I thought of me, Edward, and homework all in the same room. “Depends,” I said, trying to keep my voice light. “Do you want to help me?”

He gave me a quick peck on the lips, and I realized we were at my house. “I would love to,” he said.

In a movement too quick for me to catch, Edward had both his bag and mine, and had opened my door. He held out his pale hand, and smiled at me. “Come on, it won’t be that bad.”

I groaned, but let him pull me up to the front door.

Edward led me to the kitchen, where he sat me down in a chair and busied himself with making me a snack. I snickered as his perfect marble brow furrowed in concentration as his eyes scanned the pantry.

“Here, let me get it,” I told him, and reached for an apple.

We both sat down, and I felt self-conscious as he watched me bite into the apple. I chewed slowly, and as soon as I had swallowed a couple mouthfuls, he spoke.

“So, Bella,” Edward said conversationally, “What are we going to be doing tonight?”

“What?” I said stupidly, lost in his angelic gaze.

He chuckled. “What kind of homework do you have?”

“Oh. I have to start on my science vocabulary, do a couple pages in my history workbook, finish my English essay, and do the rest of a math sheet.”

“Good. Are you almost done?”

I bit off a last bite, and nodded. “I’m all finished.” I tossed the apple toward the trash can, hoping for it to go in. I was suspicious when it actually did.

Then I noticed Edward looked a little too innocent in his chair, and I stuck my tongue out at him and rose to go to my room. Grinning, he grabbed our bags and followed me.