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Introducing Cedric Cullen - Vampire

Bellas Pregnant. Edward's gone. Bella moves to London. Meet Cedric Cullen. Son of a human and vampire but is a wizard. This is His story. Both alive and...dead ------------------------------------- This is just a preview of Chapter one for me to find out if people would like this story or not, its going to get written even if no one likes it but just more slowly as i have other stories to attened to

My long promised story. The first few chapters are from Bellas point of View and then we follow Cedric through Hogwarts until the fatefull night in the graveyard. But what happens when a half human, half vampire dies. ----------- Ok.. before people start asking questions about the years and how do they fit into the book... well they dont... im changing it ALL... Bella Is born in 1977 and gives birth to Cedric 18 years later in 1995, Cedric later dies in 2013 at the age of 18. k. you got it... we all clear (everyone nod) ok good. enjoy

1. Meet Cedric Cullen

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(Back story)

No matter how much times passes, I will never understand why Edward left. Even after 10 years, the pain still lingers.

About two months after Edward left I became ill, I would have never had guessed I was pregnant, It was Charlie who eventually guessed and confronted me, telling me that I didn’t have to lie anymore, I repeatedly told him I was not pregnant, there was no way I was able to get pregnant.

I confessed to Charlie that I had slept with Edward a few days before my 18th, but there was no way I could be pregnant, when he asked why, my response was ‘Edward is sterile, early teen accident’ Charlie was shocked but explained that there is always a chance. So there I was, almost three months pregnant with a vampire child.

Wanting to protect me from being ridiculed by the town, Charlie sent to me to live with an old friend of his, Kia and her partner Kingsley in London.

Kingsley always a bit weird around me, but after a few months he began act normal, as normal as he could be, I found him to be a fascinating person, always wearing odd clothes and working weird hours. Kia’s a lovely lady, from the beginning she was so welcoming, always making sure I was ok, helping me shop for the baby. I loved staying with them and I found London a beautiful city to live in.

On August 1st 1995 I gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy. I named him Cedric as it was always a name I loved. Cedric had all of Edwards features – his golden eyes, he beautiful hair, his delicate features. Cedric was definitely a Cullen.

He was my beautiful Cedric Cullen.


Cedric was a quite baby, never making much of a fuss; Charlie says he gets that from me. You could never tear the smile of Cedric’s face; he was happy all the time and was a good sleeper from the beginning, only ever waking up twice a night.

When Cedric turned one, I went back to work at the local diner I had been working in. Everything was great, Kingsley and Kia both adored Cedric, always wanting me out the house so they could baby-sit.

Everyone who met Cedric fell in love with him, capturing the hearts of even the most cold and sour people.

No matter what happened, no matter how much people loved to watch him and hold him I was always worrying. Cedric was still half vampire and no one but me knew, how do you tell someone ‘please watch out, my son is part vampire so don’t get to close or anger him’.

When Cedric was two, I got the shock of a life time and it was then that I knew he carried the vampire gene. Cedric had come down with a bad case of the cold and would not stop crying, he was always pouty and always wanted to be held, it happened when I was alone with him in his bedroom, the growl that had escaped from his mouth horrified me, it was so guttural and rose from within his chest. The frightening thing was, his growl sounded just like his fathers.


I never suspected any fowl play; I honestly thought Kia and Kingsley just loved spending time with Cedric; it never occurred that they were trying to hide anything from me.

It was just after Cedric’s 6th birthday I had come home from work early and walked into the living room from work, only to see Kingsley and Kia laughing as Cedric’s ABC 123 blocks floated around his head.

I was in shock as the next thing I remember was waking up on the couch to a very pale looking Kia and worried looking Kingsley. Two hours later and several glasses of wine, I realized my son was a wizard, at first I didn’t believe what they were saying but after seeing both Kingsley and Kia do some pretty unexplainable things…Well lets just say, it was hard to doubt.

Kingsley explained to me that Cedric will most likely be accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Scotland, the same school he attended, I was confused on how Kia was a witch when she attended a normal or what they call it, a muggle school, It was then that Kia explained that her mother being a witch wanted her daughter to be close so instead of attending ‘New Orleans Magical Academy’, she was home schooled.

With nothing to say to each other, we just sat in silence, but I couldn't help the tears or sobs that escaped me.

Kia and Kingsley both misjudging my cries, rushed over and comforted me, telling me that I had done nothing wrong and that Cedric is young but very gifted and he will be a powerful wizard. How was I meant to explain to my some what guardians and friends what that Cedric’s father was a Vampire and that learning that magic is real was not that big of a shock?

Not knowing how to explain it, I just blurted it out, both were horrified but one again, two hours later and several glasses of wine, both Kia and Kingsley understood and were equally shocked that Edward had left.

Kingsley explained that in the Wizarding world vampires had little rights as they are seen as dark and dangerous creature, but in Wizarding vampire nations, vampires are held great standing, but as it is rare and extremely difficult for a vampire to be excepted into the nation most venture out into the muggle world.

Wanting to know more about the Wizarding world and Vampires the three of us stayed up and chatted well into the morning.