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Love Can Never Be Forgotten


Instead of Edward leaving Bella the way he did in new moon, what if he left her because he felt guilty for what happened? Bella’s in a car accident with Edward and he tries to take the blame. Instead of sticking by her as she recovers, he leaves. Bella’s condition causes her to forget the past year and a half. The entire time she has known Edward. Is it possible for her to forget Edward and everything else that happened in Forks? (banner by lovinglight on lj)

I wrote this during the middle of greys anatomy. I don’t know what got into me, but before I knew it, I was writing this story and my dad was complaining because I had been up most of the night. So I hope you guys like it!!!!! P.S. I like reviews!!! I don’t really care if you think it sucks or whatever, but I would appreciate some thoughts since this is my first fanfic I have posted. So enjoy!!!!

1. Chapter 1

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Everyday was agony. How could I have left her? The accident was never my fault. But then, I was the one driving. If I hadn’t paid attention to the road like she always used to tease me about, then everything would be fine.

This was always going through my mind. Everyday since I left. It’s all I think about. She’s all I think about. She’s my life.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months, I began to feel numb. Not the kind of numb you feel when you’re being drugged. I would gladly accept that numbness. I would embrace it with open arms if I could. I need that kind of numb. Instead, I’m the kind of numb that happens when you are in so much pain that it overtakes you. After a certain point, your body adapts to this pain and it becomes normal. A part of you, everyday, all the time. This numbness it the kind I feel. This is the kind that I hate.

After awhile, I got used to the numbness and the pain. It hardly ever crossed my mind. As I was walking through the parking lot to my car, a smell hit me. Not like the other scents that most humans have. This was familiar. I knew this scent. I knew whom it belonged to. A sudden gust of wind blew by; making the scent hit me even harder. I snapped my head around to the other side of the grounds. I couldn’t see where they were.

Before I could think I was running. I was running towards them. I was running towards her. She was here. She had to be. No one else smells like her. The scent was getting stronger. She was under the madrone trees on the other side of the school. My pace quickened with every thought of her passing through my mind. She finally came into view. It was her. It was Bella.

Even from a distance she was more beautiful than ever. The wind was blowing her hair into her face, making her sweet scent call me. I ran over to her. I stopped a few feet away and gazed. She didn’t notice me until the wind stopped blowing. Her eyes filled with shock at the sight of me. Like she wasn’t expecting me.

Bella’s Point of View

This place was familiar. It looked different from what I had seen in my head. It was the same place though. The bench is exactly the same. What was happening to me? These glimpses I was having weren’t just daydreams. This proved it. The glimpses had to be more. When I thought about them they seemed like memories, like I was there and it actually happened. They felt so real, so true. It felt like I was waiting. What was I waiting for? So far, I’ve only had one vision of this place and it was short. This place was calling me. Out of all the other places where my visions were this place seemed the most important, the most pivotal. The wind was blowing my hair into my face, blocking my vision from what was coming.

After the wind finally stopped blowing I saw someone in front of me. They were familiar. Just like the person in all of my dreams and visions. This couldn’t be happening? The doctors had said my dreams were probably a result of the surgery and all the drugs they had been giving me, but this finally put an end to the endless arguing that was going through my head telling me I was just being paranoid, even when I came here.

He was standing several feet away, sharing what seemed like the same feeling. He looked at me. He slowly stepped closer, taking in the moment. Obviously, he knew me, like I knew him. His eyes were filled with relief and happiness. Could he have been having the same visions I was happening? I wanted to ask. But my lips couldn’t let a single breath break through. He was coming closer and closer. I could feel my pulse starting to race. This was familiar too. His mouth opened to let one word slip out. "Bella," his voice was like velvet. It rang with a musical touch that no other person could have. It wasn’t human. I didn’t know how to respond.

His voice echoed through my head, with it, a sudden rush of memories. Him and I. The memories flashed through my mind like fireworks. With the end of one, another had already started. The visions were real. A shock ran through me. What had happened for the last couple months? Why had I forgotten the past year and a half? And why did no one ever tell me? I sat in the same hospital room everyday for six months, and no one ever told me or even mentioned this.

The sound of his breathing made me forget my problems and questions. The memories were still flashing and flowing through my mind. I felt at ease. I looked up at him, he seemed cautious, like he didn’t want to scare me or wasn’t sure whether or not he should come any closer. His name slid off my lips. "Edward." He looked me in the eye. His face suddenly became flooded with relief. I could feel tears streaming down my face. If he could cry he would be too. His eyes were overflowing with happiness. Before he could move, I ran into his arms.

His chest was hard as rock. It probably should have hurt, but it didn’t. The overwhelming feeling of relief was masking the pain. He wrapped his arms around me whispered my name.

The moment was so sweet, so perfect. I wished it would never end. But it did. He finally broke the silence. "What are you doing here?" He murmured into my ear. I didn’t know how to answer.

" I don’t know. I was remembering things and some how I brought myself here." I whispered, pointing to the bench on the side. He moved me so I was on his side and took my hand. He slowly began to push me towards the school, to walk away.

"Come on, let’s go." Where were we going?