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My Light in The Darkness

"Alphonse" "Once i heard her say my name in her voice. It was like she lite a candle in my un-bearble darkness. I was able to see once again ,even if it was dim I would never lose sight of this light. Never." This is a Fan-fiction of a vampire falling in love with a half-breed. (Half vampire and Half Human) And how he comes to cope with his self hatred.Alphonse and Lindsey! whoo. lol Please, Enjoy and have paitence this is my first atempt at making a fan-fiction.


1. Chapter 1"Luck"

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Chapter 1: Bad Luck Alphonse’s POV:

In my life, there was nothing incredibly important; a lonely existence. Why should I care about anyone or anything? I knew what I was; I wasn’t going to deny it. A Monster; before this was the thing I feared most, when my heart actually pumped.

Maybe, I could embrace it. Yeah right---. I thought. What a repulsive creature I have become. I am a heartless despicable being. I am the absolute worst. From dawn till dusk this was all I thought about. Never a thought to spear, always bashing myself.I suppose I deserved it. Was it hatred? Or maybe even, self pity?

I was trying to think of a new topic. I felt a burning deep within my throat. This emotion was desire. My eyes were probably a deep black. I shuddered at the thought of needing to feed, again.It was the only way I knew to survive, not that I wanted to, anyway. I was trying to starve to death, but I knew it wouldn’t last long. My instincts would kick in; I knew they would, and soon.

Trying to keep these thoughts locked away. I let my mind wander. Probably, not a good idea, but at the moment I didn’t care.

Alphonse was my given name. Well, I liked my name, it was the only thing I liked about myself. Before, when I was human, I lived in an Orphanage in London. I remembered the horrid brick building; the way it was beat up and falling apart.I slowly extracted the memories out of mind. I could remember everything as if I had been there yesterday. I felt ghastly.

Memories are such haunting things.

What is the definition of “Memories” anyway? What an idiotic question; one I at least knew the answer to.My brain quickly found the answer.“The mental capacity to recall previous events, facts, etc,”So, “boring” I moaned. What wasn’t boring? Well, there was nothing I really enjoyed besides music. Before, I was the monster I am today; the only thing that I enjoyed in my company was music. I lived and breathed it. My dream was to become a pianist or violinist. I thought I had all the time in the world. I do now. I twitched at the thought. I came back to reality, before I went insane.

To my dismay the memories kept coming, like a river flowing through me. I struggled to distract myself. My ears picked up something. I shot up. It was footsteps; I could tell they were fairly close. My nose sniffed and my faced dropped. To my horror this scent was all too familiar; possibly the most intoxicating scent.It was a living, breathing human. My body was moving. I barely noticed. I knew this would happen. I pity the poor human. It was simply, the wrong place at the wrong time and nothing more then; bad luck.

Lindsey’s POV:

I thought I was content with my life. I wasn’t too thrilled with fact that I was different from anybody else, though. My kind would be what you would call a “half breed” or such nonsense. I am Half vampire; half human. I will out live all of my friends by thousands or more years. Not normal; not even with vampires; a plain freak. There are few of my kind, and I am still anticipating a visit from one. I even hung a “welcome” sign on the door, hoping that would help.

I feel alone, yet I know I am not. My family is here for me; but loneliness was the only emotion I could pin to this feeling.

Walking around alone at night was probably never a good idea to begin with, but I couldn’t sleep. I tried my best that was all I could do. I snickered. I was thinking of excuses to come up with to tell my family. I continued walking through the trees of this small forest area. I stopped immediately. This smell was most defiantly a vampire. I turned to escape... Luck wasn’t on my side today