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Emmett and the Giant Beach Ball

Vampires can be very VERY easily distracted. A sequel to Emmett and the Giant Bug Zapper. (Yet it's not necessary to read it first.)

My friends and I have way too much fun with these.

1. Chapter 1

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Emmett can be like a child, sometimes. And sometimes he can be a mature, protective big brother.

Edward once told me that vampires were easily distracted. He must’ve figured that out from Emmett.

Somehow, we had managed to acquire a giant beach ball. We couldn’t help it, we had to start playing with it. Blowing it up would’ve been hard as a human, but when you don’t need to breath it’s no problem at all.

Eventually, however, we all got bored and Edward and I took Nessie home so that she could go to bed.

Emmett couldn’t put the ball down. He was fascinated by it. He’d throw it in the air a few hundred feet, then jump up to catch it or even head butt it. He did this all night long, laughing his head off and grinning like an idiot. At least this new obsession was a hundred times safer than a giant bug zapper, so we all just ignored him and let him have his fun.

Okay, I have to admit that there were a few times where I joined him. Being a newborn, I hadn’t fully discovered the extent of my new abilities. I couldn’t help it. Throwing the beach ball hundreds of feet in the air was almost as fun as punching and kicking that granite rock to dust. It felt… well… awesome.

Anyway, after a few nights of this, Rose became a little… irritated. She would stare out the glass wall at him and scowl. He had been ignoring everybody ever since the giant beach ball came along. And the more he played, the worse Rose's mood got. Eventually, it became too much for her and she walked calmly but with purpose out of the house

“Uh oh,” said Edward. I looked up at him to see him smirking. “This is going to be interesting.”

"Define interesting."

Edward's smirk turned into a grin. "Let's just say that Emmett is going to get what he's been asking for."

I watched Rosalie and the way she held herself. Yep, this was going to be interesting all right.

"Uh oh."

"Like I said."

Curious and slightly afraid at the same time, the entire family followed Rosalie outside. She stood facing Emmett, her hands balled tightly into fists. Everyone except Emmett became a statue. This did not look good. I was suddenly thankful that I had left Nessie sleeping in the house.

“Emmett?” Rosalie said coldly.

Emmett caught the ball and turned to Rose, grinning. “Hey, Rose! Wanna play?” He threw the ball up into the air and caught it again.

“No,” Rose growled.

“Hey, what’s wrong, Rose?”

Jasper snorted to contain oncoming laughter.

“You’ve been playing with the stupid hunk of air-filled plastic all week! And our anniversary was yesterday!”


The entire Cullen family, including myself, stepped backward warily.

Emmett took a step back. “I invited you to play, Rose-“

“Did you really think that I would want to spend my anniversary playing beach ball?!”

I got a little nervous, and took another step back. Jasper snorted again. I giggle escaped from Alice.

Emmett was looking nervous now. He set the ball down on the ground. “W-well-“

Suddenly, Rosalie walked forward at a quick human pace. Then she lifted up her foot, and drove the heel of her stiletto into the ball with all her strength. The ball exploded, and pieces of plastic rained down.

Emmett’s mouth dropped, then his lower lip stuck out in a heartbreaking expression.

"M-my ball."

"You'll live," Rosalie growled. She then grabbed Emmett's wrist and yanked him along as she walked back into the house.

"I hate to say it, Em," said Edward as they passed. "But you had it coming."

* * *

The next day, Charlie came over with a gift for Nessie: a giant beach ball. A beach ball that was much, much bigger than the first. We all turned to look at Emmett when Charlie brought it in. Jasper, Alice, and Rosalie each got a hold of his shirt or shoulder, subtly holding him back as the idiotic grin returned.

"I found this at the store the other day," said Charlie. "I couldn't help it. I thought Nessie would love it. Anyway, just thought I'd drop it off on the way to work."

He rolled the ball gently toward Nessie, who caught it. Then waved goodbye before leaving.

"Emmett, no," said Edward. He looked like a vampire. "Don't even think about it."

Jacob began to shake; I gave him a stern look. He stopped.

Emmett just continued grinning.

We turned our back to him to watch Nessie play, just for one second, and then we heard the tearing of fabric. There went Emmett again, big gaping holes in his shirt where he was being held back. He began to chase after Nessie as she rolled the ball outside and around the backyard. It was a playful chase, but imprinting can make one a little overprotective…

Beach balls suddenly had a size limit after that, and Emmett and Jacob were made to pick up every piece of plastic all over the yard.

What are we going to do with you , Emmett?