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Strained Emotions

This is Jasper's point of view of everything that happened it Forks. Bella's arrived and none of the Cullens know how to react. Jasper is by far one of the most intriguing characters to write in their POV. It's so much fun. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!!

So I've decided that I should probably change the rating of this to teen purely because of language. Of course it isn't that bad, I just want to warn some people. :D

10. Snowball Fight - Vampire Style

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Edward was home. We were all getting along and now we had to face the ultimate test. We were going to school with him again. Everyone was a little tense, but it seemed to be under control. Alice was excited, but I had no idea why. Whenever I asked her she would just shrug and smile. Edward was nervous. He was still a little ashamed of what happened before, but his nervousness of seeing Bella again overpowered it.

When we pulled up Alice said, “It's going to snow today! Oh and Emmett, I suggest not doing what you're planning.”

Emmet's face fell, “Aw man! It was going to be great! It's no fun having a sister who sees the future.”

We all just shook our heads and went to class ignoring Emmett's childlike behavior.

Our first few classes went by slowly and uneventfully. I hate school. Why do we have to do this? There has to be a better way to live.

Finally the bell rang and I hurried to meet Alice before lunch. Halfway to her classroom, a snowball came flying and hit me hard in the back of the head. I heard a brief rustle in the bushes and knew who it had been. I bent down and scooped up some snow and hid behind the nearest building. Any second now... come on... Now! I threw the snowball... maybe a little bit too hard to disguise it as human. I hope no one saw it.

Then I noticed who I had hit. It wasn't Emmett. Oops. Edward growled, “What was that for,” as he threw some snow back at me.

“Sorry,” I gasped, trying to fight back. “I thought you were Emmett. He started it.”

Edward stopped throwing snow and grinned. “Well,” he paused. “If Emmett started it... We should go get him back, don't you think?”

I grinned in response and gathered more snowballs. When we were fully stocked with snowballs, Edward motioned for me to follow him. I silently followed waiting for a signal to start throwing.

Edward led me to one of the buildings and motioned to hide behind it. I slid in the back and waited. Within seconds Emmett was in my view. Edward? Now?

He nodded and we both started throwing as hard as we could. Emmett. Fell over and kept trying to get up. Edward was laughing at his thoughts and kept saying things like, “Emmett! Watch your thoughts! If Esme knew what you what you were thinking she'd insist on washing out your brain.”

Emmett didn't seem to think it was funny; he just growled and kept trying to get up again.

After about a minute of this, Alice and Rosalie came up behind us. “Don't you think it's about time for you guys to stop. You're making a scene,” Alice scolded. I laughed and shrugged.

Rosalie glared at us. “Stop!” Edward looked at her and grinned. She just glared some more and said, “We need to go into lunch.”

“Fine Rosalie,” I sighed. “We'll stop. We know how you get when you see your husband getting beat. We understand.”

Rosalie glared as Alice, Edward and I walked into the cafeteria laughing. We quickly bought our lunches and sat at our usual table. A few seconds later we were joined by Emmett and Rosalie.

“Man,” Emmett complained. “Why d'ya have to do that? It's not fair. You guys gained up on me.”

I smiled at him. “You started it.”

Emmett shook his head. Then he got a mischievous look and turned to Rosalie and Alice. “Hey. You two didn't get to join in any of the fun.”

Alice looked at him curiously, “That's okay. I don't really like getting beat up by Edward and Jasper.”

Emmett kept smiling, “But surely you guys just love the snow.”

“What are you getting at Emmett?” Rosalie demanded.

“Oh, nothin',” Emmett tried to look innocent. Which I might add, doesn't really work. Then Emmett leaned over and shook off his hair on the girls. They both leaned away disgusted.

“Why do you have to be such a boy?” Rosalie hissed.

I laughed, “Because you would never love him if he wasn't.”

Emmett grinned. “You know it's true.”

Rosalie just glowered, but I knew she was enjoying the attention and she secretly agreed.

We all sat laughing to ourselves. I was amazed how easily we were getting along. It was great to finally be relaxed and enjoy ourselves. I wish we could always be like this.

Edward laughed at my last thought, but suddenly he turned to look at the Swan girl. Edward! Don't do it!

He shrugged, frustrated at something. I had no idea why he was so frustrated. I assumed that it was because of the scent of her blood, but that didn't really fit. Why would that be bothering him now? Then it clicked. Edward? Can you not read her mind?

He shook his head once then continued staring. I glanced at the girl once and saw that she was blushing scarlet. Does she always blush like that? That must complicate things for Edward. I looked back at Edward. Who is this girl that she can cause so many problems? Why can't we just be like we were five minutes ago? Is she going to have any more impact in our lives, or will she just be a constant nuisance on the side?

I, at that time had no idea how much she would change our lives. She had brought more questions then there were answers for.