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Strained Emotions

This is Jasper's point of view of everything that happened it Forks. Bella's arrived and none of the Cullens know how to react. Jasper is by far one of the most intriguing characters to write in their POV. It's so much fun. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!!

So I've decided that I should probably change the rating of this to teen purely because of language. Of course it isn't that bad, I just want to warn some people. :D

6. Bella

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When the final bell rang I quickly went to the car (avoiding Alex. I couldn't afford to kill someone now...). Finally I could escape all the pathetic humans and their stupid rumors. The rest of the family got in the car and I could tell they all felt the same way. Edward got in the car and slammed the door shut. He was still angry with us.

When we got home Edward ran to his room and turned on his music, louder than normal. Esme looked worried, “What happened to Edward?”
I sighed. “Girl problems,” I said with a slight smile.

Esme raised an eyebrow and I knew she was confused. “Alice'll explain it,” I said simply and Alice went into the most detailed story I have ever heard. She was having way too much fun with this. Alice didn't finish her story until the nest morning.

When Edward came down, he paused and looked at Esme. “I'm fine,” he said hoping we would leave him alone.

We had all agreed that we would leave him alone, so we did. We all thought it was hilarious, but Edward obviously didn't. The rest of that year continued without any other unexpected incidents. Actually, up until January, life was quiet and peaceful. Everything went as expected. We lived as if Edward never had to do that to Jessica. Then... she showed up. It was strange. Alice and I knew she was coming, but we weren't sure when. Bella Swan. Her first day was an interesting one. Nothing like that day had ever happened before.

I remember the day perfectly. It was like any other day. We had fallen into a rut. Everything we did fit into our unspoken schedule. Nothing ever changed. We got the news that the police chief's daughter, Isabella Swan, was coming and we took it gracefully. We all politely accepted it, thinking it would never affect us. How wrong we were.

Bella had more impact in our lives than anyone else could have. Jessica made us annoyed, but Bella... Bella... Well, she was Bella.

The first day she came she wasn't in any of our classes before lunch. We all entered the cafeteria and sat down silent, like always. Edward was a little more annoyed than usual, and Alice was worried about me. We had decided to try to build up my endurance... Well, they had decided. I didn't want to. It's hard enough for me without trying to push the limits. A girl walked past me and flipped her hair behind one of her ears. I couldn't help myself. Suddenly I found myself picturing how I could get her separate so I could drink her. Edward kicked my chair. It pulled me out of my daydream. Ashamed I looked down. Alice tried to tell me about the girl. I snapped, “I know who she is.” I felt myself sinking lower. I hated felling weaker than everyone else.

Alice just shrugged it off. I felt how Edward was amazed at our relationship. I knew that we would talk about it later. Alice got up and left. As if to distract me Edward started to explain what was happening with the new Swan girl. Of course we all could hear the conversation, but we all enjoyed hearing it from Edward's perspective. He always added the most interesting details. Emmett was eager to hear more.

Edward never said what she was thinking. I looked up at him. He was frustrated. He never had to try this hard to hear a human's thoughts. His confusion and anxiety confused me. Who was this human? Then Alice's vision came to mind. I quickly dismissed it hoping Edward hadn't heard. He didn't; he was concentrating too hard on the girl. Edward? What's wrong? He just shook his head. Edward, I know something is wrong. You're confused and anxious. Tell me.

“Shall we?” Rosalie's voice broke our conversation. I didn't have a chance to question him further. He went to his biology class.

The rest of the school day was boring, but I had the mystery of Bella to keep me occupied. After school I met Alice and we walked to our car together. Edward wasn't there. Strange, he's usually the first one here. Emmett and Rosalie came toward us.

“Where's Ed?” Emmett asked. I'm sure he was hoping Edward could hear. Edward hated it when he called him Ed.

Alice and I shrugged and got into the car. Not too long after Edward stormed out of the office and got in the car to drive. His anger and frustration startled me.

“Edward?” Alice asked, alarm in her voice. Edward just shook his head.

“What the hell happened to you?” Emmett demanded. Edward didn't answer. He just threw the car into reverse and was soon speeding out of the school parking lot. I stared at Alice. Had she seen what caused Edward to act like this? What was going on?

She just shrugged. I realized that she had been to preoccupied with me that she didn't see anything for Edward. I hung my head ashamed. Alice turned to stare at Edward. I could tell she was searching for his future.

“You're leaving?” she whispered. I looked up in shock. What could cause Edward to leave?

“Am I?” he hissed. He was just as confused as the rest of us.

A few soft “oh”s came from Alice. Edward's face was crumpled into a look of pain. He was seeing what she was seeing and it was hurting him. What could possibly be going on?

Suddenly Edward exclaimed, “Stop!”

“Sorry,” Alice murmured. She sat wide-eyed. Afraid of something that was going to happen. “I'll miss you. No matter how short a time you'll be gone.” I froze. What had Alice seen. Was Edward really going?

We were almost home when Alice said, “You should drop us off here.” Rosalie was about to protest. Emmett and I silenced her with a look and turned back to Alice and Edward. “You should tell Carlisle yourself.” I slid out of the car and Emmett and Rosalie followed. Alice touched Edward's shoulder. “You'll do the right thing. She's Charlie Swan's only daughter. It would kill him, too.” She slid out of the car too and joined me by my side.

We watched as he sped away toward town. “What is he going to do?” I asked Alice.

“I'm not sure. It looks like he's going to leave.” I pulled her close to me and tried to calm her fears. She really didn't need to worry so much.

“Don't worry about him,” I whispered in her ear.

“I'm not worried about him,” she corrected me.

“Then what are you worried about?”


I held her tighter. “It will all be okay.” We sat there thinking. After a few minutes I asked, “What made him leave?”

She shrugged, “Bella.”

I turned her around in my arms so that she was facing me and not the street. “Don't worry anymore.” I said simply and pulled her face toward mine. As we kissed nothing but love and gratitude came from her and I smiled to myself.

When we finally broke apart, we looked around. Emmett and Rosalie must have already gone home. “We should go,” I said softly.

She nodded and began running. I followed her and in no time at all we were home.

“Alice?” a small voice came from beside us. “Where's Edward?”