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Shadow's Edge

He shut his door, but stared out the window at me. His huge eyes were filled with sadness that were mirrored in my own. He mouthed the silent words he knew I would get – ‘Love you, Nessie.’ My throat felt swollen, though I was sure to him, I looked the picture of perfection, smiling, confident in my decision that he should go… Sometimes being such a good actress was no fun at all. “Love you too, Jake,” I whispered softly as he began to drive out. Don't want to give up much ;] But it's 7 years after BD *note-Adult rating is a safety net.

Back again! The story may start rough - it still needs work - but as long as someone wants to read it, it'll keep coming.

1. [o1] Homecoming

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I opened my eyes up wide, staring at the dazzling sunlight that filtered through my window. I yawned softly, my mind fuzzy from what I guessed to be a lack of sleep. I sat up in my bed, stretching, watching my pale arm move into the sunlight. My skin glimmered brightly - like a swirl of sparkles – though it wasn’t was pretty as my mom’s. I made a face, moving my fingertips slowly, watching them curve and move with ease, shimmering as they did. I pulled my hand back and sighed softly. My parents. They had to be the most beautiful beings on the planet – along with my other family as well. I smiled brightly, thinking of my family, envisioning all of them in my mind.

Every time I thought of my family, my heart danced with joy, ecstatic that we were all so perfect for one another. I smiled to myself, right as a single knock echoed on my door. I lifted my head up, my bronze ringlets falling into my eyes. I curiously inhaled, and was greeted by the familiar scent of my mother. I smiled happily, bouncing off my bed and lightly running towards my door to greet her. The warm scent of freesia and lilac drifted into my nose as I pulled open the door.

My mother stood before me, all smiles. Her long brown hair waxed gently down her back, nearing her waist. It framed her face nicely with waves that gave her hair body. Her full lips flashed down and quickly pecked my forehead. I embraced her in a tight hug, like I did every day when I woke up… Sometimes, it was annoying being the only person that could sleep within so many miles…

“Nessie,” she murmured, stroking my ringlets. I knew that every time she saw them, it reminded her of my grandfather and her father. Of course, my bronze hair was the color of my father’s hair. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly. I rested my head on her chest, sighing. She held me close, and then finally pulled away, looking at me speculatively. “You aren’t ready?”

I stared at her, obviously confused. “Ready? For what?” Her golden eyes looked me up in down. I was in a silk night gown that Alice had bought me, ever since my body had began to develop past that of a child’s. Mother chuckled, looking amused. “He’s going to be disappointed if he has to wait to long to see you…”

It hit me like a bus head on.


Jacob was… everything. Ever since my birth, he had been there for me, a constant pair of eyes, a constant friend… When I was small, he was like an older brother, teasing me, helping my parents out by playing little games to get me to hunt… In fact, today would mark a year since I’d seen him. I could still remember the day he left…


My body was much smaller. I looked – roughly – like a twelve year old might. I was wearing a gauzy white dress and standing bare foot in the grassy lawn. I stared at Jacob, who looked torn. Billy was in his wheel chair, coughing over dramatically, hoping to get Jake to make his mind up. “Jacob,” he said, his deep voice vibrating through his throat. Jacob’s eyes hesitated between me and his father. I felt the fear in my chest, but also something else – I needed Jacob to go. He needed to go. I was fine and safe, and I shouldn’t hog him and keep him from a life.

I forced a smile. “Go, Jacob. You need college – just come back.” I swallowed hard, knowing that my lie would seem completely realistic, believable. In theory, I should have no problem with letting Jake go and take a few college classes. I took up most of his time, and he needed to get some sort of education… but like I said, in theory. In reality, the thought of him leaving for a while was enough to send my heart into a frenzy. I smiled softly, knowing that it would relax him – I was right. Jacob’s muscles automatically loosened in defeat, and Billy shot me a thankful smile.

“So,” I hedged softly. “How long will you be gone?” My worst fear was a month or two. Billy coughed again, and Jacob looked irritated. “Actually, Nessie… To get enough, I’ll be gone for a few years. Four?”

I froze; a habit I had developed from my parents. My chocolate eyes scanned his face, feeling the need to grab him and not let go.

“Nessie?” Jacob looked nervously at me. “That’s it, I’m not going.”

I shook my self out of my panic, and said, “Of course you’re going Jacob. I was just caught off guard, that’s all. You’ll miss so much…” Jacob swooped down and pulled me into a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around him and breathed in his warm, woodsy scent, trying to commit it to memory. “What do you want?” he whispered into my ear. I knew that if I asked him to stay, he would do it, and wouldn’t ever hold that grudge against me… but I would.

“Go,” I told him, pulling away reluctantly. “Go and get smart, but be safe and come back.” My high pitched tinkling voice was careful and steady – I couldn’t let a single crack slip through. He felt guilty enough. After helping Billy in, he climbed into his car, and all I could think about was that my big brother was leaving me. It wasn’t fair!

He shut his door, but stared out the window at me. His huge eyes were filled with sadness that were mirrored in my own. He mouthed the silent words he knew I would get – ‘Love you, Nessie.’ My throat felt swollen, though I was sure to him, I looked the picture of perfection, smiling, confident in my decision that he should go… Sometimes being such a good actress was no fun at all. “Love you too, Jake,” I whispered softly as he began to drive out.


My mom blinked, and I hadn’t realized my hands had found her face. She had shared the memory with me, and she smiled. “Well, I talked with Billy, and Jake should be heading over soon – you should get dressed.” I nodded quickly, my eyes sparkling. My mother kissed my cheek and swiftly left my room, closing the door. I skipped happily to my closet, opening it and trying to find a decent outfit. My eyes swiftly singled out a cream colored long sleeved top, and a khaki skirt that would reach my knees. I tugged them off of their hangers and slipped into them quickly. I ran to my mirror, grabbing a brush off of my dresser. I pulled it through my long curls, watching them bounce right back into their ringlets, though the pieces of hair were more smooth and in place. I ran out of my room, my bare feet padding against the cool stone floor. My mother and father had left with out me.

I opened the door and ran quickly, my heart fluttering with unbelievable happiness. I nearly danced as I ran, as happy as I could get. Of course, I felt guilty that I had forgotten my wolfy brother, but all that mattered was that he was about to be within arm’s reach. The thought motivated me to run even faster. I jumped and twisted and turned through trees with graceful ease, my mind wondering how he would react to me. My body would be entirely different since he left – I was almost completely done maturing. Would he still be my brother? My friend? Or would we be colds strangers… No, I didn’t believe we could be strangers.

I skidded to a brisk walk as my family’s other house came into view. I could hear soft murmurs, and then one single heart beat. I could hear Jacob’s soft voice, saying something about the weather – I didn’t really catch what he said. I walked inside, suddenly feeling a nervous feeling in my stomach – what if he didn’t like me anymore? What if he had only wanted a little sister, and once she grew up, he wouldn’t need her anymore?

“That’s absurd, Nessie,” a cool voice cut through the silence. I stopped and turned to the couch to see my father, Edward, sitting on the couch. He was waiting for me. I smiled and walked towards him, sitting down and hugging him. He kissed the top of my head. “Jacob Black has been crazy about you since you were born – he will always be your friend, your brother… perhaps even more one day.” His voice sounded like he was amused by some hidden joke, but I didn’t understand. He stood up and grabbed my hand, leading me to the door. “You look beautiful,” he said seriously, smiling sadly. Of course, my father had always seemed to be sad that I grew so quickly, unlike human children that grew so slowly

He pulled the front door open and walked out. I followed behind him, my heart pounding. My heart was unusually fast, so no one would really notice the difference. “Hello, Jacob,” my father said, nodding his head, a smile in his voice. He stepped out of the way, and I made eye contact with Jacob.

His image hit me hard; of course, he was a wolf, so he hadn’t actually changed all that much. I saw his familiar shaggy hair, his warm eyes, his smooth russet colored skin, and his monstrous height; everything the same, yet something was different. His eyes, usually filled with an amused compassion for me, were filled with shock, and something else I couldn’t place. His mouth fell open slightly as we stared at one another in silence. I smiled softly, blushing as I looked down. Of course, everyone knew only Jacob could get to me like this – even as a tiny baby.

“Jacob,” I whispered, trying to mimic my father as I nodded his way. I blinked, and once my eyes opened again, I barely had enough time to see Jacob charging me. I felt his strong, muscled arms wrap around me and spin me in the air, holding me close as he spun around. I felt the pressure of his hug, and I let out a tinkling laugh that I heard was very much like my mother’s, or Alice’s. He set me down, and I heard a slight growl from my father.

“Nessie!” he gasped, looking shocked. I nodded. “Told you that you’d miss a lot, Jake…” He nodded, still looking awed. I met his eyes, still smiling. “I missed you,” I hedged, wishing he would stop staring at me in that… way.

I wasn’t sure what was with Jacob. Of course, I loved him, but there was something else there. Whenever I asked of our connection, my family simply chuckled and mumbled something along the lines of, ‘Someday, Nessie, someday.’ There were times that I could remember that he would look at me, with a starved look in his eyes. Ever since I was small, it was almost like he had been made to serve me, made to make me happy. Of course, I couldn’t not be happy whenever my Jacob was around. It was just confusing – I didn’t like to be out of the loop.

I watched him closely, not oblivious to his eyes tracing my form once again. I heard my father growl once more in the background, and the dust in the air parting as my mother tried to place a comforting hand on his leg. I ignored it.

“So… how was college?” I hedged, standing up… well, it didn’t feel physically uncomfortable, but I still felt awkward. My eyes followed him slowly, watching his every movement.

He coughed and looked at my mother. “Uhm, Bells… do you think we could be alone?”

The wood in the chair my father was sitting in splintered in five different places.

I could hear my mother breathing, thinking about it. She sighed, and apparently agreed. I never took my eyes off of Jacob.

“Sure Jake…” After a few long, tense seconds, the room emptied out. The privacy honestly wasn’t much improved, considering the hearing we all had, but we could pretend.

Jake smiled softly, and I felt my chest turn to goo. I giggled, glancing shyly at the floor. “You seem… different,” I murmured.

He walked towards me and placed two fingers beneath my chin. He lifted my head up, forcing me to look him in the eyes. My heart fluttered faster than usual, and an odd feeling danced around in my stomach. He suddenly flicked my nose and laughed. “C’mon Nessie, lighten up.” He grinned, and I finally broke. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him once more, laughing with much more enthusiasm. My Jacob was home.

He let me go, and then looked hesitant. “I was thinking, since I just got back… Well, we’re holding a… thing down in La Push. The council gathers to tell the legends of our people. I was thinking that you might want to come…” He ran his fingers through his dark hair and looked down at me. He smiled softly. “Please? Everyone will be there.”

I nodded immediately. “Of course. Whenever you want to go.” I couldn’t help myself. Making Jacob happy was just something I wanted to do. His eyes twinkled brightly, each new sparkle setting of pangs of happiness in my heart. I was so happy to have him back. I had been so lost without my best friend.

The only thing was that… it felt like something was different. Like something new was happening to me, like my heart was starting to change. When I looked at Jacob, I loved him. But it felt… new. Different. I ignored those thoughts.

“Nessie, you’ll love it! The stories are so good, and there’s tons of food, and everyone’s going to be there to see us.” I laughed as he spoke in a plural. See us? No, I saw my friends every now and then. They wanted to see him. But he seemed blissfully unaware of this. His warm hands grasped mine and gently rubbed them. He paused, and then sighed. “I need to go, help everyone get ready.” I could tell he didn’t want to leave me. We were on the same page then – he just got here too soon to leave.

He chuckled then. “Besides, I think Edw- your father is about to have a stroke.”

I furrowed my eyebrows at this. “Why?” His thoughts intrigued me.

He just shook his head, and then made eye contact with me again. “But I’ll be back by tonight.” He smiled, and then leaned down. His lips went forward and gently brushed my cheek. His lips were soft, but I could feel cracks and small crevices. He smiled, and began laughing again.

I could hear my father growling a stream of curse words outside.

“I better go…” Jake walked backwards slowly. “I’ve really missed you Ness.” He winked at me, and then slipped out the front door. I stood in place, ignoring everyone as they piled back into the room. My eyes were staring blankly at the door. My mind was in another place. A place with him. My father’s voice broke me out of my reverie.

“I'll kill him.”

What was that about?