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I Am Angel

This is a story about when Edward loses control and changes Bella, against her will. R&R please!

Read and enjoy yall!

2. Chapter 2

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I ran. I could hear his footsteps behind me, brushing against the mossy earth. It was easy to run, too avoid the trees and animals in my way. I knew that this could buy me some time to get away from him, but he would catch me eventually.

I never got to say goodbye to Charlie, I thought, making me more and more angry with him. I felt his hand clutch my shoulder and I stopped.

“Bella, please. Let me explain!” He said, not even out of breath from the long run. I pulled my arm back to sock him in the nose, but he put his hand over mine and lowered them together. “You had just asked everyone to turn you into a vampire, and I lost control. I didn’t know you would be that angry with me. At the time I thought this was what you wanted…” He trailed off with desperation and sorrow in his eyes.

“I didn’t even get to say goodbye!” I hissed.

“Bella there is no goodbye in this life. You never get a goodbye. Bella, no matter what time it happened, or if it did happen at all, you won’t ever get a goodbye.” He said. He took a small step towards me, reaching for my hand. I yanked it away, but he grabbed it first. He looked very sad, almost like a puppy dog.

I couldn’t take it anymore. A scream bubbled inside of me and poured out of my mouth.

I guess that was my power, because as soon as I screamed, Edward stopped breathing and he fell over backwards. He didn’t move, and his eyes rolled around aimlessly. I had paralyzed him. He shut his eyes and squeezed them closed.

“Edward!” I yelled. Seeing him hurt washed away all of my anger. I didn’t want to see him like this. “Edward, I’m going to see Charlie. I’m so sorry that this happened. I did this to you didn’t I?” Tears welled up and spilled over, blood red and leaving stains in their paths. Why was I crying? Vampires couldn’t cry. I guess since they were blood that would make a tiny bit of sense… but not enough to explain it completely. Maybe it was my power, though it wouldn’t make a very exciting power. Anyways, I thought that paralyzing people was my power.

I stood up, avoiding Edwards pained gaze. I picked him up in my arms, noticing that It wasn’t hard to do this. I would have thought that being a vampire would be so much different than this. The experience is so much greater.

I took off into the forest, avoiding trees with ease, and pressing my feet into the wet grass. Mud and debris flew behind me. Finally I emerged from the trees right in front of Charlie’s old house.

Suddenly it all hit me. The knowledge of being a vampire. I finally saw everything. The light bouncing of the wet leaves, the dents in the road, and the wearing of the house. It was beautiful! But I couldn’t look at things with my new eyes for long. I had to see Charlie to tell him what was happening.

I set Edward on the grass right behind a tree, and he glared at me. I knew how he felt.

I turned around and darted into our house.