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Picking up the Pieces

Rosalie's life seems to be falling down all around her. Can Emmett help her learn that life is worth living? This story follows the characters through hardships as they learn the importance of love and friendship. All human

Story Disclaimer: I do not own. Stephanie Meyer created the amazing world of Twilight that seems to be slowly taking over our own world.

1. Tied Together with a Smile

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I lied down on my bed, staring at the ceiling and trying to block out the screams wafting into my room from downstairs. Like smoke, the insults and accusations rose to find me, swirling around and taking away my breath, leaving me suffocating on my own emotions.

I wondered how long this would last; how much of this I could take. I could only drown out the words for so long until it all became too much. No matter how familiar this scene has become over the past month, it never fails to leave me close to exploding with the desire; the need to scream.

“I can’t take this anymore!” As usual, mom went straight to the heart of the problem. Yea right… Sometimes I think that my family could be the selling point of counselors and therapists everywhere. We really were a perfect example for the need of all of that communication and calm discussion stuff they always tried to sell. If we ever had a rational ‘discussion’ (therapy code word for an argument minus the yelling) in my house, I would probably faint from surprise. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t always like this. But lately, I’ve taken to wondering where that smiling family from the photographs on our wall has been.

“Can’t take what? You’re home all day anyways! What could you possibly be doing all day that you can’t even keep the house clean?” I grimaced. This had been Dad’s secret weapon for a while now. If there was one thing that drove my mom up the wall- well farther up the wall I guess- it was being taken for granted. My heart pounded in my chest and I willed with all of my heart and mind for an end to the fighting.

“What could I be doing? WHAT COULD I BE DOING? Oh I don’t know Frank, all I ever do is cook your meals and clean up and do the laundry and keep this household running! Or, if that isn’t enough for you, how about taking care of our children?”

My heart sank down to my toes the minute she said ‘children’. I could not be dragged into this argument. I rolled over on my head and squished my face into the pillow wanting nothing more than to escape. Still, the words continued to invade my mind.

“Well you’re the one who wanted children, so you better be taking care of your kids!”

“My kids? Last time I checked, it takes two…”

I gasped and tears dripped down my face as I shook from anger and intense desolation. Never had the arguments been this bad before, never had they gone so far. I did not want to believe that Jasper and I could be the reason behind all of the fighting and screaming. I don’t think I could handle that particular truth. Fuming, I raced over and slammed the door, hoping my parents would somehow wake up and realize I could hear every word. Every single agonizingly accusing word. I was filled with a sudden desire for Jasper to be home. The arguments were always easier to survive in my twin’s presence. Without him, I don’t know how I would have made it through the endless fights.

Downstairs the chiming sound of breaking class echoed as someone threw what I could only assume was a vase. I gulped and reached out for my phone, automatically dialing Emmett’s number. I didn’t usually like to bother him with my problems, but I could not handle this alone any longer.

“Hello?” His carefree voice was music to my ears. That simple word from my best friend and boyfriend sent me over the edge. The hysteria that I had been forcing back rushed upon me. That was the problem with holding things in- they have a tendency to sneak up on you and escape all at once.

“Emmett,” I managed to choke out between my sobs.

“Rose, what’s wrong?” His voice had gone tense after hearing my strangled reply. I struggled to calm down but the flood gates were open. I hardly ever cried, but when I did, I couldn’t stop. “Rosalie? Are they fighting again?”

“Yes” I whispered, hugging my knees to my chest desperately.

“Is Jasper there?” I could tell that I had caught him by surprise with my hysterics and I felt a rush of guilt for forcing this on him. Nevertheless, his voice was soothing, like he was talking to an injured animal, as he tried to asses the situation.

“No. He’s with Alice” Jasper never seemed to leave the side of his bubbly pixie of a girlfriend. They were so cute together.

“You want me to come get you?” Just what I wanted to hear.


I pulled myself together and quietly snuck towards the front door so as to leave without causing any further upheaval. Turned out it was pointless seeing as my parents were too busy screaming at each other to notice me. I wasn’t sure if that should make me grateful or even more hopeless.

I met up with Emmett at the end of the street as usual and smiled as I took in his giant form in the front seat of his car. He was incredibly muscular and looked intimidating, but he was really just a bit teddy bear who could always make me laugh. He pulled me to him in a tight embrace, as usual knowing just what I needed. We sat in companionable silence while I controlled my breathing. As I started to calm down and wipe the tears from my eyes, Emmett gently kissed my forehead and started the car. He took my hand in his as he drove, occasionally glancing over at me to make sure my emotional breakdown was complete. I smiled at him, embarrassed after my hysteria.

“Was it bad?” His voice was gentle and soothing. His brows furrowed together in concentration.

“Yea. It’s never been that bad before.” He didn’t ask for details and I absolutely loved him for it. The thing about Emmett was that he was always there for you, but he never pressured you into anything. I don’t know what I would do without him.

We ended up driving to the beach, walking along the sand hand in hand as we talked about various things. My previous worries were washed away along with the waves as I enjoyed the moment of bliss. If only I knew what was to come so that I could have relished it even more. If only I had known that this would be one of my last moments feeling safe and calm. In hind sight, I wonder if it would have been different if I had known that my world was about to turn upside down and go spinning out of control. I guess I will never know. Nothing will ever change the fact that I spent these lovely moments at the beach with no idea how drastically my life would change from there.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. I answered, still staring off into the distance. I was met with Jaspers voice; panicked and slightly shaky.

“Rose? It’s….. well, you better come home” The hesitation in the voice I knew so well made fear trickle down my spine as the phone clicked off.