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Picking up the Pieces

Rosalie's life seems to be falling down all around her. Can Emmett help her learn that life is worth living? This story follows the characters through hardships as they learn the importance of love and friendship. All human

Story Disclaimer: I do not own. Stephanie Meyer created the amazing world of Twilight that seems to be slowly taking over our own world.

2. Dare You to Move

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My phone vibrated in my pocket. I answered, still staring off into the distance. I was met with Jaspers voice; panicked and slightly shaky.

“Rose? It’s….. well, you better come home” The hesitation in the voice I knew so well made fear trickle down my spine as the phone clicked off.


I watched as Rosalie's face drastically changed from the serene expression she had acquired at the beach to one of sheer panic. There was a slight tugging in my gut as I was filled with the desire for that expression to disappear. I would do anything to restore the twinkle to her eyes. I hugged her waist and pulled her close to me, playing with a strand of her hair and waiting for her to finish with the call.

It didn't take long. She snapped the phone shut, returning it to her pocket, and pushed away from me in one fluid motion. Her blue eyes were ablaze with a determination that made me want to kiss her.... Her hand entwining with mine and pulling me away broke me from the daydream. She was tugging me back to the car at a pace that was worrying me about what the phone call was about.


"We have to go back." Her voice was crisp and pointed. Experience told me that this meant she was struggling to pull herself together. Something had her so worried, so panicked, that her voice shook and her hand was shaking as it held mine in a death grip. I gently pried her fingers off mine long enough so that I could start the car. Her small fingers found mine again as soon as we started moving. I squeezed her hand gently and our interconnected hands rested on the center console. My thumb drew soothing circles on the back of her hand and I waited impatiently for her to speak. That was the thing with Rosalie. You can't push her into telling you anything. Letting her know you are there for her and waiting for her to open up is the only way that ever works. This always proved to be a trial for me as I am not a patient man. Over the years, though I have learned to deal with the impatience when it came to Rosalie.

"It was Jasper," Her voice finally broke the silence and I urged her on in my mind as we sped towards her house. "I don't know what's wrong- he just said to come home, but he sounded so upset..." Her voice broke and I'm sure she was replaying everything that happened before she had left the house that afternoon, trying in vain to figure out what was wrong. Her last comment worried me. Jasper was even more introverted than his twin and he was always scarily talented at controlling his emotions. If the worry in his voice was evident over the phone, something really had him worked up.


My foot bounced up and down as we pulled up to my house. I released my grip on Emmett's hand, vaguely taking in the white shade on my knuckles from clenching his hand so tight. I practically flew from the car, telling Emmett he didn't have to stay and promising I would call him tonight. I knew he was worried but all I could think about was getting inside and figuring out what was wrong. The suspense was killing me and I tried not to let my mind wander over the possibilities...

No. I couldn't handle the things my imagination would come up with on top of these torrent of emotions. Spotting Jasper in the living room, I ran at him and collided with him, nearly knocking us both over as my arms shot around his neck. I felt his lean, strong arms steadying me and pulling me closer into his tight embrace.

After minuted disguised as hours of holding each other, Jasper pulled back so I was at arm's length and looked me in the eye. I could see that his were bright with sadness, with the appearance of one about to cry. I sucked in a breath. Jasper NEVER cried. The worry was eating away at me.

He opened his mouth and closed it, and the look on his face told me he was searching for the right way to say something.

"Jazz, spit it out." I couldn't take this any longer. I had to know and I had to know NOW.

"Rose-" His voice was gentle as he began, but he was interrupted my my mother flying into the room. Her arms were filled with mismatched items and her hair was falling out of her loose bun as she ran about, ripping open drawers and tearing up the house. Her eyes skimmed over us briefly before she glanced back again and seemed to realize our presence for the first time.

"Are you packed?" She was looking at Jasper. Panic flooded my senses and it took me a moment to find my voice. When I did, it was small, quiet and squeaky.

"Packed?" My eyes searched my brother's, desperately searching for something I would never mind. Sure enough confirmation of my fear lied in his irises. All the clues were there, practically slapping me in the face, but I would not, could not believe it.

"Let's go!" My mom was practically shouting by this point, apparently having tried to get Jasper's attention for a while. Our eyes were locked together, communicating what our words could never convey.

"Mom," Jasper's voice was hard and cold, "You agreed to wait, to think about this."

Her reply was just as sharp and bitter. "Tomorrow morning. 9 am Sharp. We're out of here"

Tears were starting to fill my eyes and Jasper grabbed my wrist, dragging me up to his bedroom. He sat me on the bed and leaned on the headboard next to me.

"They've finally done it. Driven each other mad enough to really split. They were screaming when I got home and about twenty minutes later mom decided she was leaving. That got them into an argument about what to do with us. Neither wanted to give up custody to the other. Strange seeing as how the argument started out as whose fault our existence was" He was trying to make me smile, but I was miserable. I gave him a weak excuse for a smile and he continued on.

"Well I couldn't really here the whole thing. But the next thing I knew, Mom was up here, telling me to pack my bags. We, Rose, she's making me leave too. They're splitting us apart." My eyes widened at the confirmation of the fear that had been building inside me.

"NO!" It took a moment to realize that the shriek had come from me. The look of resignation in Jasper's eyes infuriated me. How could he just go along with this like a sheep willingly herded? I was sick of my parents ruining my life and this was one thing I could not take. Jasper and I had never been apart for longer than a couple days. We relied on each other, especially when our parents were establishing war zones through our home.

"Rose I've tried everything. They won't budge and the most I could get from them was until tomorrow to say goodbye." His voice broke and sapped the fight right out of me. I sighed and leaned against my brother, letting the sobs rip from my chest. I wanted to do something, to stop them, to run away, but I knew that it was pointless. We had nowhere near enough money and nowhere to go. I hated the feeling of being trapped, with no way out of the situation, no say in my own life. Jasper stroked my hair as I let out all my frustrations and anguish through my tears. All I could do was hold Jasper close as my world was yanked out from under me. Tomorrow, I would lose a best friend, a brother, my other half, and I didn't know how I was going to handle life without him.