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Picking up the Pieces

Rosalie's life seems to be falling down all around her. Can Emmett help her learn that life is worth living? This story follows the characters through hardships as they learn the importance of love and friendship. All human

Story Disclaimer: I do not own. Stephanie Meyer created the amazing world of Twilight that seems to be slowly taking over our own world.

4. Let the Flames Begin

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Recap: With that, she gave me a peck on the cheek and took off, half running half skipping in the grass with the rain pouring down all around her. I took off after her, relishing in the sound of her laughter accented by the steady beat of rain.


"Don't look at me like that." Jasper addressed the torn expression that was sure to be on my face, no doubt wishing it would disappear. Jasper always hated dwelling on things.

"I don't know what to say..." This is usually something one would never hear me utter, but this was a special case. My mother was rocketing off to who-knows-where and dragging my brother with her. It was so typical of my mother that I would have laughed if I hadn't been so completely pissed off at her and Dad. I had never been more angry before in my life- and that is saying something.

How was I supposed to say goodbye to Jasper, who i had never been apart from for more than a day or too. It was bad enough that I would have no idea where he was and how I could contact him... My emotions were overwhelming and I tried to force them back, only half succeeding. The last thing I needed to do was make this harder on Jasper.

"Then don't say anything"

It came out as a whisper with a half smile that didn't reach his eyes. His voice was so calm, so matter of fact that it pushed me over the edge. I launched myself at him, hugging him in what was sure to be a death grip, but I couldn't care just then. The only things that mattered were that Jasper was leaving, I had no idea when I would be able to see him again, and my whole life felt like it was teetering on the edge of a cliff. And I don't have a parachute.


Rose took me by surprise when she suddenly shot into my arms with a force that would have sent us both falling backwards if I had reacted any slower. She seemed oblivious to my initial shock as she wrapped her arm around me as if she could keep me here if she held on tight enough. I wanted to get this over with. Not because I was anxious to leave, far from it actually, but because I couldn't stand the anticipation. I hated saying goodbyes and seeing the look of hurt on the faces of the people I love. It was heart wrenching and it killed me to know I could do nothing about it. For these reasons, I did most of my farewells before, leaving only the hardest and most important to the last minute. My mom was tapping her foot by the car and she waved her watch at me over Rose's shoulder. I bit back the retort that came flying up through my chest like acid, slowly eating away at my insides, begging to be let out. I held Rose to me for another minute before gently prying her off.

"I'll have my cell. You know you can call me anytime. And I'll come visit as soon as mom gets her act together." My words were meant to be a comfort, but my sister blanched on the word "visit". The silent tears that she had been so desperately holding back came spilling down. I ignored the slight tugging in my heart and forced my feet to move on after giving her one more squeeze.

Next I came to Emmett. He was my best friend and I would have preferred to say goodbye to him before the departure as well as my other friends, but I had a feeling Rose would need him here. His giant shoulders were hunched and his face looked out of place without his signature goofy grin.

"I'll miss you man" His usually booming voice was somehow quieter.

"Yea, same here" We did the handshake-pat-on-back thing and I said quieter, "take care of her" His eyes flickered over to Rosalie, who looked like she was on the brink of falling apart.

"You know I will." I smiled gratefully at him and moved on.

Alice too seemed lost without her usually bubbly disposition. Instead of the lighted up eyes and bouncing nonstop energy that had some people in our grade convinced she was always high, there was a quiet, sadder side to my girlfriend that I had never seen before. She stepped up to me, standing on her tiptoes and angling her head up to reach my own. I brought my face down close to hers and she whispered, "you're coming back. Soon." I wasn't sure if it was an order or another one of my pixie's 'feelings' but at the moment, i couldn't care less. I pulled her to me and crushed our lips together. Her body molded into mine as she instantly responded, our lips moving together desperately. when we kissed, the rest of the world disappeared and I knew that there was no where else I would rather be. I could stand here forever, the feel of her lips on mine, our fingers intertwined and her body pressed up against mine...

We were interrupted by the obnoxious beeping of the horn as my mom pressed against it. Wow, she really couldn't wait to get out of here. I groaned and broke apart from Alice, giving her one last tight hug and a peck on the cheek before walking up to the car. Hard as I tried, I could not ignore the sobs that were breaking free from Alice. I had to force myself not to run back to her and take her in my arms again. I was filled with the desire to kiss every one of those tears away and bring back a smile to her face.

My fists clenched and I crawled in the passenger seat, turning back to stare at what I was leaving behind. My Dad was standing in the doorway, looking indifferent. I knew that he wasn't bothered with my departure-maybe mom's but not mine. He never had much time for his children. Still, there was something in his eyes, in the set of his jaw...Rosalie and Alice were both crying steadily by now, with Emmett looking helpless between them, an arm around both of the most important girls in my life. I was leaving everything I knew and loved and I couldn't help but wonder when I would see them again.


I stared after the car long after it had faded from sight feeling somehow detached, numb. It was as if this wasn't my life. I was a mere bystander watching as all this played out. I was barely conscious of the tears streaming down my cheeks, of Emmett's arm around my shoulders. Alice came up to me and pulled me into a hug, which I mechanically returned. She spoke to me and I was aware of the words drifting out of her mouth, but my mind could not piece together what she said. I watched as she walked away, shoulders hunched uncharacteristically. A pair of strong, wiry arms wrapped around me and I was vaguely aware of Emmett turning me around in his arms. I buried my face in his chest, breathing in his scent.

He was rubbing soothing circles on my back and I just lost it. My sobs came pouring out. I clenched my fists in Emmett's shirt and just gave in. I don't know how long I cried for. Emmett never broke the silence. Instead he held me and comforted me while I let out all of my emotions. I cried for myself, for the changes that were sure to hit my life. I cried for Alice, who had lost the chance to kiss her boyfriend everyday, to look into his eyes, to tell him she loved him... Mostly I cried for my brother. For the life he was being forced to leave behind. I cried for the connection we had always shared and my unspoken fear that the separation would leave it shattered beyond repair.