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My dear, My love, my life

Edward confessing

I Don't own any of the charicters, but I hope you enjoy it.

1. Chapter 1

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My dear, my love, my life.

You smile and the heavens part their stars. You cry and the clouds weep with you.

A deep flush, a bitter sweet grin.

My dear, my love, my life.

Where would I be without the smell to catch me? Where would I stand without your grounding eyes to hold me?

The tears I need to cry, the tears I can not. You deserve all of them, every drop that puors from the dizzy spell that blows me to the mountains.

My dear, my love, my life.

Complete with words my mouth fails to say.

Completing me, the one who will live forever.

But my living would not be alive without you.

My dear, my love, my life.