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How I Became

I heard yells and cries from the street below and a loud pounding on our wooden front door. Alec’s breathing suddenly ceased, his eyes darting everywhere before finally settling on mine. I looked at him and shuffled nearer, wondering what would happen when they finally caught us. A fanfiction about Alec and Jane set in Volturra in the year 1607. i always wondered how Alec and Jane hadbecome Vampires and after reading their bios on Lexicon, i came up with this.... plz R&R!!! i have also posted this on FanFiction.net under Crimson_Snow96

Hi, Please read the COMPLETE VERSION of this sory on faniction.net @ http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4701444/1/How_I_Became love you guysxxx

2. Capture

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We sat there hand in hand, listening to the soldiers savage the house below us. Anna, our older sister of fifteen had come up about five minuets previous to tell us that the soldiers were demanding to search the house. “Be quiet,” she had whispered to us, “and they may not find you.”

Then she had disappeared down the small square trap door in the floor from which she had come.

Anna was tall and slender; with long hair so dark it was almost black. It fell to below her waist and was usually wound into a thick plait that hung down her back. She was beautiful, with deep, black, understanding eyes that saw into your soul and a rich olive pallor. She was the only creature in the whole of this unforgiving world that cared for us.

Our own parents had died three years previous along with our baby brother, Domenico in the last great plague.

We and our sister had only just escaped with our lives.

So now we lived with Anna, she cared for us and looked after us, defending us from the horrible comments, never giving up hope.

All of a sudden the floor on which we were sitting shook and trembled. A loud muffled sound, like men shouting rose through the floor boards.

They had found us.

Panic started rising through me, paralyzing me with fear and alarm.

No. the couldn’t find us.

They can’t.


I looked at Alec, his face mirroring how it felt, sick with fright.

I felt dizzy, the room was spinning.

I heard a loud crack of splintering wood, the sound of triumphant voices and suddenly the trap door burst open revealing the great ugly head of a soldier, his black, crewel, beetle-like eyes scanning the murky room for any sign of life. I pulled Alec back behind one of the boxes of stuff that crowded the small room , shrinking into the shadows, trying to blend in with the dark wall behind us. I held my breath hoping and praying that he would not spy us.

I twisted my head towards my brother, however in doing so; brushed against the small pottery vase Alec had been playing with only moments before. It wobbled then teetered on one edge before toppling over. The thin, cheap pottery smashed the instant it touched the floor, shattering into a thousand pieces.

The soldier who had just been about to head back down the hole, looked sharply up towards the place we were sitting. With a loud, victorious cry he jumped out of the hole and charged towards us. The rest happened to fast to comprehend. I heard a cry of despair from below us-Anna- and what seemed like a thousand big, burly men in crimson uniforms, come rushing towards us. They dug us out, brutally lifting us up and tying together our hands and feet. Struggling and kicking they carried us back down the hole. I yelled and screamed so much they resorted to tying a piece of dirty green cloth around my head, gagging me.


I tried to scream through the piece of dirty fabric. I saw her, tears streaming down her near perfect face, pleading what looked like the General to let us go. When he shook his head Anna started to scream in anguish, demanding and begging for us to be released.

Suddenly the General turned and slapped her sharply on the cheek, leaving a great red mark. I felt the anger and rage boiling inside me until I found myself wishing with all my might that I could hurt the horrible man as much as possible. I glared at him, wishing and yearning. Suddenly, he dropped Alec and started shaking and rocking forward and back uncontrollably, as if in a trance, a look of both pain and fear written across his face. What was happening? Gradually he started to calm down, then taking several deep breaths, he collapsed.

I stared at him in wonder. Had I done that? I saw Alec lying on the looking at me with such awe and wonder. I had done that. But instead of feeling guilty and shocked at having done such a terrible thing to a fellow human, I felt as if I was flying. A great wave of relief came over me, like a great weight being lifted from my shoulders.

A loud thunder clap sounded above us and the rain started. It thundered down like stones immediately covering everything and pooling in the ditches, leaking through the roof.

All at once, the soldiers started yelling, screaming about witchcraft and sorcery. None of them would go near me, but instead held me at knife point, trying to force me out into the stormy night. I protested, screaming and yelling for my brother and sister. There was a loud thunking noise, the smash of glass and the warm trickle of blood flowing from my temples.

I passed out.