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Blue Moon

18 years after Breaking Dawn, Renesmee's not the only special one.... Bethany's life has never been exactly what she wanted. But when she goes off looking for a change, she meets up with a group of people she never expected, and things turn for the worst. Can Bethany learn to cope with who she is and accept what she has? Or will her search for something better lead her farther from what she truly wanted the whole time? BannerFans.com CHAPTER 4 IS UP!!! We've reached over 500 views! Yo Ho!!


1. Chapter 1: Welcome to My Life

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Am I different? … Yep. Unique? … I’d say. One-of-a-kind? … You bet. Happy about it? … Not in the least.

My name’s Bethany, and I’m the world’s weirdest teenager. Can you guess why?

Am I new type of vampire? … Not quite. Werewolf? … Not really.

Why am I the world’s weirdest teenager? … Try combining the two above.

Creepy? … Oh, yeah.

My name’s Bethany, and this is my story.

* * * * *

Chapter One: Welcome to My Life

I sat on a large boulder, watching the sunset over the tops of the trees. The sky had turned from a brilliant shade of crimson red to a deep blue. The first signs of stars were just peeking out, and the moon was beginning to show. The cool fall breeze blew across my face, bringing with it the scent of leaves and moss. I inhaled and sighed. This was my favorite place on earth… by myself and out of the way.

I had been sitting on this rock for nearly two hours, just to get away. You see, it’s my parent’s tenth anniversary and they’ve been acting like lovesick puppies all day… not like they don’t act like that anyway. I already spent a huge chunk of my day with them, so I came out here so they can have dinner and be all romantic and love sick alone. Again, not like they don’t act like that anyway. They’ve practically been engaged since my mom was born. In fact, my dad did help give birth to my mom. Yep, she was only a few minutes old when my dad imprinted on her. I personally think that’s sortta creepy, but hey, what would I know?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, my parents are Renesmee and Jacob Black. I’m sure you’ve read about them. I think it’s in that one book called “Breaking Dawn” by a lady named Stephenie Meyer. Read it? ‘Cuz I still have to. Anyway, you may be thinking something along the lines of, “I didn’t know they had a kid. Is that even possible?” Well, to be perfectly honest…. No, it’s not suppose to be possible, but as you can tell I don’t exactly come from a normal family…

My mom’s part vampire part human. That’s weird if you ask me. My dad’s a werewolf who imprinted on a part vampire part human. I think that’s weird, too. Add “weird” and “weird” together and you get, me… a very weird kid. Just so you know, since I’m not really a werewolf or a vampire, I’m sortta both, I like to squish the two together and call myself a “werepire”. Or a mistake, take your pick.

Now that that’s established, let’s get back to me sitting on the rock, shall we?

So, yeah… I came out to my boulder so I could think and get away from everybody else. My family’s so loving it can almost be too much at times… like now. It’s not really a bad thing, it’s just sometimes my life seems too perfect. I’m fifteen, so every once and a while I have to escape the fairy tale and enter my own world.

And incase you were wondering, “How can you be fifteen if your parents are just having their tenth anniversary?” Simple answer is I grow abnormally fast. Technically I’m nine, but I have the body and mind of a fifteen year old. I don’t grow as fast as my mom did of course, but still.

I stared up at what was now a dark, star filled sky. Somebody will be coming to get me pretty soon. They don’t like it if I stay out too long by myself, though I couldn’t see why because, around here, nothing bad ever happens. Actually, nothing happens at all.

I heard the sound of footsteps climbing the side of the mountain. My nose twitched as I smelt a cool familiar scent. Quickly I leaped off the rock, phasing in mid air. I grabbed my shirt and yanked it over my head then pushed my legs through a pair of jean shorts just in time for Uncle Emmett to poke his head around the corner.

“Hey, you! Ready to come home? Bella’s worried,” He rolled his eyes and smiled.

“Who would have guessed?” I asked sarcastically, joking like we always do.

“Hey, bet you ten bucks you can’t beat me home.” Emmett grinned.

“You’re on!” I jumped, feeling my body shake, my skin bursting into fur. I landed on all fours, shreds of what had been my clothes fluttered to the ground. Oops…

“You know Alice’s gonna have a fit when she sees you’ve ruined another one of her designer shirts.”

I just barked a laugh.


I crouched down, ready for launch.


My muscles tensed.


Blast off!