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Blue Moon

18 years after Breaking Dawn, Renesmee's not the only special one.... Bethany's life has never been exactly what she wanted. But when she goes off looking for a change, she meets up with a group of people she never expected, and things turn for the worst. Can Bethany learn to cope with who she is and accept what she has? Or will her search for something better lead her farther from what she truly wanted the whole time? BannerFans.com CHAPTER 4 IS UP!!! We've reached over 500 views! Yo Ho!!


2. Chapter 2: Eat My Dust!

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Chapter 2: Eat My Dust!

Emmett and I raced through the forest, trees whizzing by and fallen leaves fluttering behind us. It was pretty fair match, we stayed practically even for the first leg of the run. We entered a wide field where we use to play baseball, and sprinted across to the woods on the other side. I let out a low rumble of a laugh… I couldn’t help it, running just made me feel so… free.

Feeling the wind brush against my fur, hearing the sticks snap under my paws, I felt like I was flying over the ground at the speed of light or something. It’s like my way to escape what ever I want to leave behind. When everything else seems so dull, running is my adventure. To me running is just like….

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Emmett’s mocking tone beside me.

“You’re keeping up nicely… so far.”

I pulled the sides of my mouth up, smiling the best I could with my wolf muzzle.

“But not for long!” Emmett shouted and sprinted forward, faster than before. He was quickly gaining ground ahead of me.

I growled. So! He decided to kick it up a notch did he? That’s fine with me!

I charged in a burst of energy, shortening the gap between us. When I was only a few yards away, I leaped up as hard as I could, landing on Emmett’s shoulders and pushing myself off of his large build, I launched myself a good twenty-five yards in front.

“Hey!” Emmett shouted in both shock and irritation. I also heard his stride break for just a moment, but quickly regained. I thought to myself, Ha Ha… did the “Big Bad Wolf” make the great Emmett stumble? That’s a first. I haven’t been able to tackle him… yet anyway.

The river was coming up, which meant so was the house, which meant so was the finish line, which meant that Emmett was going to have to pick up the pace if he was going to even so much as tie.

I propelled myself through the air, over the water, and added a flip just to get on Emmett’s nerves. I dashed for the house and skidded to a stop in front of the back door steps where Edward was standing, a smirk on his face. Bella stepped through the door.

“Glad you’re back,” She said, reaching over to ruffle the fur on top of my head, and laughed. “You too, Emmett.”

I glanced over my shoulder to see him stomping up to us. His face had an expression of annoyance… he didn’t like loosing. When he finally stood next to me I nudged him in the rib with my nose.

“She says, ‘Pay up.’” Edward smirked. Okay, dose anyone else think it’s really creepy that he can read minds? I do, that’s for sure!

“No way!” Emmett replied, “You cheated!”

I just glared at him.

“Okay, okay… five bucks,” he scowled. “But you still cheated.”

“No, she’s just fast...” Bella smiled and gazed up at Edward. “Just like her grandfather.” Edward bent down and kissed her.

“You’re sweet,” he muttered and kissed her again.


Oh, and one more thing that I think is really creepy… it’s the whole age thing. I mean, I’m in the body of a 15 year-old, but I’m actually nine. Strange. My parents are in the bodies of a couple of 20-some year-olds, but my mom’s really only 17. Odd. And then my grandparents are weirdest of all…. My granddad’s in the body of a 17 year-old, but is really over 100. Then my grandma’s in the body of a 18 year-old, but is actually 35. Creepy.

Boy, is that confusing or what? That’s a lot of math, more than I want to deal with at the moment. Plus, the whole thing kinda weirds me out. One of these days I’m gonna have to make a time line of it all.

So you’re finally home. Great! Now time for bed.” I heard my dad’s voice in my brain. He was a werewolf and we were sharing thoughts again. Ugh! You have no idea how disturbing it is to have your father in your head.

Hey, I’ll get out of your head when you get to the cottage.”

My parents and I were staying in a little fairy-tale type cottage that belongs to my grandparents. We were just visiting Forks for a family reunion type thing. The rest of the Cullens were staying in the old mansion while Dad, Mom and I borrow Bella and Edward’s cottage. Jacob also wanted to visit the La Push reservation while we were here. I had already been given a strict lecture on not being seen. If anyone saw us that’d mean disaster because if any humans remember what we use to look like before we moved, they’d see that nobody got any older (except for me of course, but nobody knows me who isn’t a werewolf or a vampire, so it doesn’t matter anyway.)

Then I heard Dad’s voice in my head again, “You need to get ready for bed.”

“But, Dad! It’s only twelve forty!”

“Cottage. Bed. Now.”

Ugh! Why was I the only one in the entire family to have a bedtime? (Despite the fact that hardly any of them slept anyway.) They treat me like I’m five years old.

No, you’re nine. And normal nine year-olds have a bedtime.”

“Hey, I thought we agreed that I was fifteen.”

“Sure, sure. You’re fifteen years-old, but you still have to sleep, so quit the whining and vamoose!


I started padding away. Then I paused to turn and gave a meaningful look in Edward’s direction intending for him to read my mind.

“She says, ‘Good-night.’ ” Edward grinned, “ ‘And, Emmett, you better hand over five bucks tomorrow.’ ”

Emmett rolled his eyes.

I buried a laugh and bounded back towards the woods.