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Blue Moon

18 years after Breaking Dawn, Renesmee's not the only special one.... Bethany's life has never been exactly what she wanted. But when she goes off looking for a change, she meets up with a group of people she never expected, and things turn for the worst. Can Bethany learn to cope with who she is and accept what she has? Or will her search for something better lead her farther from what she truly wanted the whole time? BannerFans.com CHAPTER 4 IS UP!!! We've reached over 500 views! Yo Ho!!


3. Chapter 3: Waves, Waffles, and Werewolves

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Chapter 3: Waves, Waffles, and Werewolves (try saying that ten-times-fast).

I woke up to the sound of playful barking outside. I propped myself up with my elbow on my pillow and glanced at the clock. 5:21. I leaped out of bed and quickly began pulling off of my pajamas before I felt the familiar tremble of phasing and ran out the front door. Outside was still plenty dark, but I could see perfectly fine. (You know, both werewolves and vampires have great night vision, so I pretty much have amazing night vision. Not to brag or anything.) Then I spotted them…

A large reddish-brown wolf (Dad) was growling at a smaller sandy-brown wolf bent over in a playful pose, his tail waving excitedly.

“SETH!! What in the world are you doing here?!?” I heard my dad’s angry thoughts in my head. “Do you have any idea what time it is?”

“I don’t know, six-something-or-another?… Leah told me you were visiting! I just wanted to say ‘hi’! How long are you staying? It’s been like, what?... three years since last time?” Like I told you before, my family’s here for a visit. We normally live in Nevada with a fresh water stream and timber with an “abundance of wildlife” as any real estate agent would tell you. And there’s not a single human being within a thirty-seven mile radius. Talk about a real bore! Because of my fast-paced growing speed I can’t got to school, so that deprives me of what ever friends there are that aren’t werewolves or vampires. Oh, and incase you were wondering… Edward, Bella and the rest of the Cullens moved up to Alaska.

“Go home, Seth!” I heard Dad order.

“But, Jake!” Seth whined, his tail drooping, “I just-- Oh, hey, Bethany!” His tail resumed it’s vigorous wagging as soon as he noticed me standing by the house watching.

“Hey, Seth!” I smiled (sort of) and began swinging my own tail. I liked talking to Seth. He’s just one of those people who are just plain fun to be around. And best of all… he doesn’t hear every single one of my thoughts! You know how, Dad and Sam can communicate in wolf form, but it’s like a normal conversation where they only hear what the other wants to tell them? That’s what it’s like with Seth and me… and all the other werewolves. Dad’s the only one who can hear everything in my head, and it’s really disturbing.

“Hey, you guys want to go down to the beach?” Seth offered. “The water’s great at this time of day! Nobody’ll see you, except for the rest of the pack (if they’re awake) ‘cause nobody’s up at this time.”

“ Nobody’s up ‘cause it’s FIVE IN THE MORNING!” Dad growled.

“Sooooo… are you coming? We could have the whole beach to ourselves for like… an hour!”

“YES!!” I shouted (in my head of course) “I mean… uhhh… can we? Pleeease?!” I gave my Dad the cute puppy-eye look. (Get it? Puppy-eye look? Wolves? Oh, forget it…)

“Sure, sure… YOU can go. I’M going back to bed.”

“Thanks, Dad!” I leaped forward, landing next to Seth and we both started bounding through the trees towards La Push. Dad turned back to the cottage shaking his head.

“You two are giving me a headache,” I heard him mutter before he phased and I felt him exit my head.

A few moments later Seth and I were racing up and down the beach, dodging in and out of the waves that lapped at the sand. It didn’t take long for us to both be completely soaked, our fur dripping with salt water. To anybody else it would have felt freezing, but to those of us with abnormally high body temperatures, it doesn’t bother one bit.

I let out a howl of laughter and dashed out of the water shaking droplets off my head. I trotted around the beach with my nose to the ground, taking in the rich smells of seaweed, sand, and ocean.

“Hey, Snowball!” I heard Seth call in my head. I pretended to ignore him, acting like I was deep into concentration on the scent of a piece of driftwood.

Seth had recently taken a liking to calling me “snowball” due to my stark white fur. At first it sorta bugged me, but I got use to it after a while. Now I kinda like the nickname. I think what irritated me at first was the fact that my fur made me stick out too much from the rest of the pack. But I’ve gotten to just not care any more.

“Snowball!” I heard him again. This time I glanced up. Seth was standing about ten yards out.

“Check this out!” He crouched down and sprinted toward a large bolder which he took a flying leap off of. In mid air he flipped twice then, bunching his haunches underneath himself, he did the closest thing to a cannon ball a wolf can get. Water splashed clear out of the ocean and came raining down in huge drops.

“Show off,” I rolled my eyes.

Seth came paddling to shore barking his head off with laughter. When he stood just a few feet away, his paws still in the water, Seth suddenly stopped, his tail lowered. “Oh, great!” I heard his groan in my head.

I glanced over my shoulder to see a light gray wolf with an exceedingly bad mood, making it’s way towards us.


Leah and I had never really gotten along. At first she was sorta happy about not being the only girl werewolf anymore, but then when I ended up being faster than her, she got cold shouldered fast. My dad says that Leah would always brag about being the fastest one in the pack, because she felt like she had to prove herself to everyone else. Then I came around, and took away her pride and glory. I feel kinda bad for that, but then again, Leah dose act smug about not being the smallest anymore. You see, the other werewolves are like the size of a horse! But me on the other hand, I could probably pass for a large, yet normal, artic wolf. I’m a half-pint compared to everyone else.

When Leah was only a yard away, Seth began to shake violently, sending water drops flying.

“Seth! You moron!” I heard Leah shout as she got splattered with seawater.

Seth stopped and chuckled to himself. “What are you doing here, Leah?”

“Nothing…. What are you doing?” She retorted, glowering at me.

What is that girl’s problem? I thought to myself, hoping they didn’t accidentally hear that.

Leaving now that you’re here.” Seth said sarcastically. “Come on, Bethany, let’s get some breakfast or something. I’m starving!”

“Ditto!” I replied and bounded after him as he dashed back to the forest.

Just fifteen minutes later we were sitting around the table of Sam and Emily Uley. My parents were there (on account of bringing me a set of clothes since I was stupid and didn’t bring them my self) and so was Quil, Embry, Leah, Jared, Collin, Bradly, and blah, blah, blah, the list goes on.

“Breakfast is served!” Emily exclaimed, placing an oversized plate of waffles in the center.

All at once, everybody lunged at the pile of steaming goodness. Quil and Embry knocked heads as they dove from opposite ends of the table. Collin and Bradly managed to grab the same three, and in the process, all three waffles broke apart, scattering crumbs across the table.

“Yeesh… I know you are all part wolf, but do you necessarily have to eat like them?” Mom smirked as she caught a waffle that had accidentally been sent sailing. Alice giggled at this remark.

In case you were wondering… yes, the Cullens had gotten an invitation. Ever since Dad imprinted on Mom, the vampires and the wolves have slowly, but steadily gotten more and more like family to each other. Even though none of the Cullens ate anything (obvious reasons why) they still came for the nice little get-together.

Mom set the waffle she was holding onto Dad’s plate. “Sure you don’t want any, Nessie?” Dad asked.

Mom crinkled her face in a look of distaste. “I think I’d prefer to just go hunting later this afternoon.”

Yeah, having a mother that usually drinks blood, but can have human food, and a father that normally eats human food, but can eat an entire deer when in wolf form, I sorta have a funky diet.

When I’m a wolf I can tear a deer apart, eat the pieces raw, and drink the blood (like you really wanted to know all that). But let’s just say that it’s not the most delightful taste ever and it leaves your mouth all sticky. So I prefer to stick with the good old-fashioned food pyramid.

“Hey, can somebody pass the syrup?” I asked.

“Sure, Snowball,” Emmett tossed me the bottle.

I caught it, “I see Seth’s spreading the nickname around… great.” I heard Seth snicker as I dribbled syrup over my waffles. “You still have to give me that five bucks.” I reminded Emmett.

“Five bucks? For what?” Seth asked. “I want five bucks.”

I shoved half waffle in my mouth. “I kicked Emmett’s butt in a race yesterday.” I said between chews, trying not to brag… too much, anyway.

“Yeah,” Emmett groaned, “I guess I’ll admit, Bethany’s a speedster for being so puny.”

“Hey, If you want another race I’d be glad to go easy on you and--”

“That’s it!” Leah shouted suddenly standing up. “Just stop it! Stop talking about how fast you are! We get it!”

“Hey!” Seth butted in, “What’s you’re problem?”

“ ‘What’s my problem’?!?” Leah exploded, “Everything! I spent my entire werewolf life trying to fit into the pack! Trying to be the best at something! Trying to not feel like the lesser individual because I’m a girl! Then ‘Miss Perfect’ here comes along and everyone treats her like the greatest thing ever to walk the planet!”

What? I never even thought that.

“Hey, chill, Leah,” Seth began to say.

“NO!!” Leah slammed her fork down. “I’m finally sick of it! For once I’m going to speak my mind. I’ve been holding it back for too long!” Leah glared at me with such a hatred I’ve never seen before. Her entire body was shaking violently. If she hadn’t had so many years of controlling her phasing ability, I’m sure she would have gone wolf right there and then.

“You’ve ruined my life!” Leah continued to scream, “First you take away my being the fastest! Then you take away my position in the pack! Then you go and take away my own brother!”

“She’s not taking your position in the pack, and she’s not taking me away from you. I’m still your brother.” Seth stated.

“Yeah?!” Leah challenged, “Then what’s with blowing me off to go flirt with her down on the beach?!”

“Shut up!!” Seth sprang out of his chair.

Leah turned her death stare back on me. “You’re just a freak of nature!” Dad stood up, growling furiously, but Leah continued. “Part werewolf, part vampire? How’s that even possible? YOU’RE A FREAK!!!” She screamed and flung herself out the door, tears running down her cheeks, phasing the moment she set foot outside. Over half a dozen werewolves dashed after her, leaving the once crowed room nearly empty.

So the truth was out.

And trust me… the truth hurts.

A lot.