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Midnight Dreams

Ever wonder what Jake and Nessie's kid would be like? Meet Aiyana Black, the half-human, half-shifter/vampire daughter of Jacob and Renesmee. Family life, venturing out into the human world, going to high school, meeting new people and trying to be normal. All Cullens, Jacob, Seth, Leah and new characters!! AU- about 40 years after BD


2. Chapter 2

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Human and vampire relationships never end well. Or so says grandpa, but it worked out well for him. But, until my grandmother became a vampire, their relationship was constantly being tested, filled with danger and heartache.

Dad was in love with Grams, too, before my mom was born. Dad and Grandpa battled each other over her constantly. Weird I know, but there’s nothing normal about my family.

Anyways, Grams and Grandpa were married shortly after her high school graduation. She was pregnant with my mom when she was still human. She was one mean fetus from what I’ve been told. She practically killed Grams during childbirth. Obviously, it’s a sore subject, so no one really talks about it. Grams was changed into a vampire as soon as she gave birth. My dad, confused, saddened and filled with rage over the transformation he allowed, had every intention of killing the “Thing” that killed his beloved Bella--my mom. He went to find my aunt Rosie who took care of her during Grams change and something he never expected happened. The moment he looked at my mom, he was a goner. The Quileute legend says it’s possible for tribes’ members to “imprint” on another person. In layman’s terms, you’ll know instantly when you’ve found the person you’re destined to be with-- your soul mate.

I know what it sounds like. Eww, right? But, It's not what you think. Yes, my mom was just a baby when my dad knew he was going to spend eternity with her but, it wasn't like love at first sight. It was something else, something that I can't really explain. Imprinting is a strange thing to understand. Dad was fiercely loyal and protective of my mom while he waited for her to grow up. He didn’t have the lovey-dovey feelings he has for her now until she became an adult. In her case, that was six years after she was born. Mom was no regular baby. She grew daily, at an alarming rate both physically and mentally. At three months, she was far more intelligent than a human at ten. Mom has a gift too. When she touches someone, she can show them a collection of her memories and thoughts. It’s like being shown a movie. That’s how I know all this. No one wanted to tell me so mom showed me when she thought the time was right.

Once dad imprinted on mom, the treaty between the Quiletes and the Cullens was replaced with something even stronger than an agreement- allegiance and devotion to each other’s families. No member of dad’s pack was to harm my mom. If anything had happened to her, it would have been so devastating and painful for my dad, he’d have to fight his own brothers.

The unity between the two families was strengthened even more when the vampire royal family-the Volturi- came to Forks to kill my mom and her family. There are laws very few laws in our world, but they are absolute. First and most important is that humans cannot know we exist. Second, children are forbidden from being changed. Uncle Jazz told me that long ago, the "Immortal Children" as they were called, ran wild all over the South. The Volturi, who Interfere only when the situation absolutely calls for it, came in and killed all of them. To create an Immortal Child guarantees you a death sentence.

A vampire who held a grudge against Grandpa's family saw my mom and dad hunting in the woods with my grandparents when she was very young. The vampire, Irina, mistook her for an Immortal Child and went to Italy to Inform the Volturi of her existence. Aunt Alice had a vision and saw them coming to Forks with an entire army of gifted and extremely skilled fighters. Their intention was to destroy the "abomination" and the family harboring it. Little did they know, my family gathered an army as well but, only to witness mom's growth and testify on their behalf that no crime was committed.

Any vampire could tell instantly that mom wasn't an Immortal Child. Her heartbeat proved it the moment they saw her. She even showed Aro, the head family member, her birth and her life up to that point. She had him convinced but not the rest of his family. The other Volturi weren't satisfied. Mom's family amassed over 30 vampires to witness, a large majority had extraordinary gifts the Volturi had never seen. Not only were there vampires, but my dad's pack of 16 wolves joined as well. He had to protect my mom. The Volturi were determined to find some reason to attack so that after the battle, the survivors with gifts would join the Volturi Instead of facing execution. They thought they had the war won, but they had no Idea how vulnerable they would be after Grams unleashed her power.

Grams is a shield. Meaning, she can block the attacks and powers of others. What makes her even more powerful is that she is able to shield anyone around her as well, which is exactly what she did when the Volturi guard started to make their move. They were stunned. They had never been at a disadvantage. The fight was stopped immediately, the Volturi were not prepared to have to fight fair. They left Forks, never to return or bother my family.


Over the next six years, mom grew up quickly, in peace, surrounded by love and happiness and always under the watchful eye of my dad. At six, she was like a fully matured 15-year old. My grandparents made them wait another three years before getting married. They looked so happy and gorgeous in their wedding photos. They moved out of the Cullen mansion and onto the La Push reservation, where lived there until my mom got pregnant. They moved back in with my grandparent’s family fearful that the Volturi would somehow find out and return. They never did.

My brothers and I had a great childhood. You might say we were sheltered but our family was very close and not one of us felt like we were missing anything. Our family is rich. Really, really rich. We lived on a 1,000-acre estate with six massive houses and woods as far as the eye could see. It was stocked with plenty of wildlife to satiate the thirsts of hungry wolves and vampires. I didn’t hunt unless I was absolutely craving blood-which wasn’t often- and the only other times I spend in the woods are when I would go to my favorite tree to read in peace.

We couldn’t go to school like regular humans so we were home schooled which was perfectly fine with me. My knucklehead brothers never took their studies seriously. Mom says they’re the same as dad- not very big fans of school. They were always watching the clock, counting down to the time when they could get out of the library and go play with Uncle Seth and Aunt Leah.

I on the other hand was an extremely bright and eager student. I had one-on-one lessons, eight hours a day with each member of my mom’s family tutoring me in various subjects. Grams taught English and though most of my family were big readers, her choices influenced me the most. I loved the classics just like her. I was an accomplished pianist thanks to Grandpa. I don’t think I could ever be as good as him seeing as how he’s playing for almost 160 years. Chopin is my favorite composer but I also love his compositions. The lullaby he wrote from Grams is one of my favorites to play.

I learned history with uncle Jazz, world languages with Aunt Alice, Art with my great-grandmother Esme, Science with granddad Carlisle and math with Aunt Rosie. On Saturdays, I played baseball with Uncle Em and on Sundays we lazed around the house watching football.

Uncle Seth, dad’s best friend and most loyal pack member, and his sister, my aunt Leah, taught us Quilete history. It was the only subject that held my brothers’ attentions. We all flew back to Forks with my brothers when they first started phasing. The tribe elders held a naming ceremony for Bryce and Aiden. Aiden was given the name Hakan, the fire dancer and Bryce was Hania, the spirit warrior.

Uncle Seth was perfectly at ease with the vampire side of my family. He and Grandpa were the closest of friends. Aunt Leah was still a bit apprehensive even after all these years but she loved me to death. It’s probably because of my Quilete blood. She kept to herself most of the time unless she was out in the woods with the boys.

I loved school but my favorite times were the ones I got to spend with my dad. Sometimes, I wish I were as close to my mom as she was to Grams but, I’m a total daddy’s girl. I could suck a human dry and he’d probably say “S’okay, sweetheart, just don’t do it again.” I was his “little bloodsucker.” Once a derogatory word now a term of endearment between dad and me. He was the coolest person I knew. It was mostly because he was so different from the rest of my family. In dad’s words, everyone in our house spoke like stuffy, upper-crust, Victorian aristocrats. They were too proper and far too boring. He talked like the people on TV. He cursed and sometimes murdered the English language, but that was what was so endearing about him. He grew up a normal, human teenager with the exception of the shape shifting. Grandpa isn’t very happy with some of the more colorful language I picked up from dad but, as long as I don’t curse, he’s cool with our “silly and ridiculous” slang and street jargon.


Tomorrow is my 25th birthday. Mom and dad promised that when I turned 25, I could go to high school and see what it’s like in the human world. My brothers and I weren’t aging anymore, so there was no risk of exposure. Unfortunately, Aiden and Bryce would be coming too, posing as juniors since they were so gigantic. But, that’s better than the alternative- the entire Cullen, Black and Clearwater family attending school all together. No thanks. It would be horrible to go to school with my mind-reading grandpa, intimidating and sometimes scary uncles and dad and devastatingly gorgeous mom, aunts and grandmother. I’d much rather put up with my brothers antics for two years than with 13 members of my family for four. Ugh.

My aunts are throwing me a quarter-of-a-century birthday party tomorrow night. They throw the best parties and I always get awesome gifts. That was definitely one of the plus sides of being in this family. Tomorrow’s going to be amazing, I just know it.